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Fortexo Broker Review

Fortexo Detailed Review

While unregulated, Fortexo presents itself as the future of trading. Since we cannot say we trust those allegations without any evidence, we advise you to read our Fortexo review and...
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Crystalead Broker Review

Crystalead Detailed Review

Since the broker’s website is offline and many clients are trying to gather information for a successful dispute, we’ve decided to put it all in one place. Read our Crystalead...
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Nash Markets Broker Review

Nash Markets Detailed Review

From everything we’ve seen, Nash Markets may go on the list of the most anonymous brokerages out there. It has no information disclosed yet expects clients to hand over the...
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Expert Financial Solutions Limited Review

Expert Financial Solutions Limited Detailed Review

At first glance, Expert Financial Solutions Limited seems like an ideal brokerage. With the FCA regulation and UK headquarters, anyone involved would be fully protected. Yet, once we checked out...
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AssetShot Broker Review

AssetShot Detailed Review

AssetShot seems to be a relatively new broker on the market, established this year. However, it already has a regulatory warning and many negative reviews. It all gives us enough...
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OnyxProfit Broker Review

OnyxProfit Detailed Review

Once we saw who the OnyxProfit broker belonged to, we already knew what to expect. However, we decided not to judge too soon and did the entire OnyxProfit review with...
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Elcomercio24 Broker Review

Elcomercio24 Detailed Review

Elcomercio24 seems to be one of the brokers with the most regulatory warnings against the brand in 2021. Therefore, we’ve decided to warn you about this trading fraud and bring...
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ProAktivMarket Broker Review

ProAktivMarket Detailed Review

After some investigation into this matter, our conclusion is to stay away from this firm and those alike. On the ProaktivMarket website, you can’t find even the most basic information...
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CrypNetEasy Scam Broker Review

CrypNetEasy Detailed Review

Not far from other dodgy websites, CrypNetEasy gave us the alleged owner and the country of residence. However, everything regarding this online trading broker is suspicious, and we want to...
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Crypto Trade Corp Broker Review

Crypto Trade Corp Detailed Review

Awarding it for one of the worst websites we’ve seen, Crypto Trade Corp dragged our attention as potential fraud. Those companies who just show up out of nowhere, with a...
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