Alterspots Review – Fictive Platform, Fake Signals, and Much More
Alterspots Review – Fictive Platform, Fake Signals, and Much More

Alterspots brokerage is apparently operating under the laws of the United Kingdom. That’s at least what they claim in T&Cs. Yet, they don’t reveal any specific details about ownership or address. In fact, that’s a very quick reminder not to trust this company.

Anyway, they manage to trick some inexperienced traders. There will always be someone who doesn’t know how to avoid the hit. Luckily, our Alterspots review reveals all of the risks and flaws of this company.

Regulated By: No Regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings From: CSA, MSC
Registered In: N/A
Operating Since: 2023
Trading Platforms: Web trader
Maximum Leverage: Flexible unknown
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: Available
Trading Assets: Cryptos, forex, indices, shares, commodities
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? With unknown withdrawal policies and unregulated services withdrawal issues are inevitable. But definitely won’t be provided in regular channels.  If you experience any irregularity, our team is at your disposal for a refund consultation.

Legal Info: Is Alterspots Legit Or A Scam?

With unknown headquarters and legal names, it’s hard to know if they are registered at all. But if they are any close to legitimate, they would have some Tier 1 licenses. For instance, FCA, ASIC, or BaFin. With those, traders can feel a certain level of comfort and security.

However, digging through many Tier 1 regulatory databases didn’t bring up any positive results. Instead, this company appeared on one warning list. The Canadian Manitoba Securities Commission exposed this investment scam. The warning was later reposted by the CSA, also from Canada.

Who Are Alterspots’s Victims?

As it seems, this company was registered in August 2023. Or at least its domain was, according to Generally, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been in the business. On the contrary, it looks like they are experienced in what they are doing. But they do that through different brands. This one, in particular, is mainly targeting traders from:

  • Canada
  • Italy
  • United States

Luckily for traders, they are targeting some strictly regulated countries. That means they won’t last long. But you are the only one who can help. Therefore, we encourage you to share your opinion about this company in the comments. Also, you can reach out to our refund specialists for refund assistance if needed.

Traders Reviews

Even though there are not many, Alterspots reviews can reveal what this company is all about. Generally, everything goes around manipulation. They are getting clients through shady auto-trading software campaigns such as Quantum AI.

Once traders build some fictive profits, boiler room agents make them deposit more. Yet, greediness always costs. In the end, once traders see insane profits, they want to withdraw it. Understandably. However, agents will use different tricks to prevent that from happening. If that’s your case as well, get in touch with our chargeback team as soon as possible.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

Generally, the company has quite unclear trading conditions. The only cost known with this firm is the commission, which starts at 6%. Other fees, spreads, and overnight swaps remain unknown. Another big thing you have to worry about is the unknown leverage.

Even though they claim to offer negative balance protection, that doesn’t need to be true. But that feature is available after you deposit more than $50.000.


Generally, the company doesn’t transparently reveal any bonus offers. Yet, their T&Cs reveal that all the bonuses are subject to those terms. Anyway, keep an eye on bonus policies and conditions. Very often, you will see clauses requiring traders to reach insane turnovers to be able to withdraw anything.

Alterspots Trading Features

Alterspots crypto investment firm doesn’t offer any advanced features. Their best deal is related to unique trading signals and educational courses. 

But without regulations, all these features are very questionable. In any case, traders can’t use advanced trading tools like copy trading and social trading. Not to mention regular strategies like scalping and hedging.

Trading Platform Available

Another key fact about this firm is its trading platform. Unfortunately, all of the company’s accounts offer only web-based platform access. In general, these platforms can’t be compared to cTrader or MetaTrader, which are known for reliability and security. But that’s exactly what Alterspots broker wants to avoid.

Available Trading Assets

Overall, the tradeable instruments with this company look quite attractive. However, without any regulations, it’s hard to trust any detail regarding those assets. Especially its prices. 

For instance, their BTC price is currently $43k while the real price is $34k. Therefore, you can just imagine what else they can modify on their shady platform.

Account Types

Most of the services in the account types offer are fictive. Starting with negative balance protection and inclusive service features. Even though the minimum requirement appears to be quite high, this broker will accept anything above $250. But if you want to upgrade your account, you have to choose between:

  • Basic – $9.999
  • Silver – $19.999
  • Gold – $49.999
  • Platinum – $99.999
  • Diamond – $199.999

Mobile Trading App

Mobile apps with Alterspots scam brokerage are another huge disadvantage. Simple because there are none. Instead, traders have to access their accounts through the browser. But if you check our Elmercado FNX review, you’ll see why that could cause problems.

Demo Account

Another key missing detail about this brokerage is a demo account. With their high deposit requirements, it’s obvious they are not fooling around. They go straight to the point, and the company believes someone will fall for their tricks. Hopefully, after our honest Atlerspots review, everyone gets properly warned.


When you say Academy, you would expect something extraordinary, such as webinars, live sessions, and much more. Instead, this company considers only video materials and glossaries in its academy. To be fair, it’s quite a poor choice. To learn more about trusted educational programs, check our Ausprime review.

Alterspots Withdrawal

In general, the company presents on its website deposit and withdrawal methods. Yet, only depositing steps are revealed.

When it comes to withdrawals, the instructions are not necessary. Because you won’t have anything to withdraw. Especially when you realize the company doesn’t have a transparent withdrawal policy and fees. So, you can expect a lot of manipulation there.

Customer Support

Another poor thing about this firm is its customer service. With only the e-mail option available, you can only hope and pray for a response. Especially if you are looking for a withdrawal. Which is as well seen in the company’s reviews.

Key Information To Consider About Alterspots

A freshly registered investment firm without regulations is not a good sign. On top of that, they have shady conditions, unknown ownership, and negative reviews. All in all, not a single reason to trust them. But if you did, we suggest you contact us immediately.

After all, our refund team can guide you through the refund procedure step-by-step. But primarily, book your first consultation for free!

FAQ Section

What is Alterspots?

An anonymous brokerage without credibility, operating without regulations. That’s what Alterspots is all about.

Is Alterspots a Legit Broker?

Absolutely not. The company is not licensed by any regulatory body. On top of that, there are warnings issued against the company already.

How Can I Withdraw Profit From My Alterspots Account?

Withdrawing procedure with this brokerage is unknown. But if you can’t withdraw in a regular way, contact our refund team for alternative options.


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