Beapay Review – Unmasking the Devious Investment Plot
Beapay Review – Unmasking the Devious Investment Plot

Beapay purports to be a legitimate investment opportunity with solid plans promising considerable returns and profits. In reality, it’s an anonymous website looking to rob unwary investors of their funds.

Just look at it – it appears horrendous, all fumbled and messy. A shady firm dealing with money lacks vital documents such as legal statements, contact info, a license, and transparency. Keep reading our Beapay review to learn the truth about this platform and how to recover your funds.  

Regulated by: Unregulated Investment Firm
Is This Company Safe? No, the platform is fraudulent
Known Websites: 
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2022-11-04
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Cryptocurrencies
Free Demo Account: Unavailable
How to Withdraw from This Company? Since this company is unlikely to return your money, contact your bank, financial regulator, or us for professional assistance in recovering your funds.

Legal Info: Is Beapay Regulated?

To reiterate, this bogus website failed to provide legal documentation, contact info, phone number, email, physical address, etc. There is no evidence that it’s a legitimate legal entity operating under a specific jurisdiction. As things stand, it’s nothing more than an anonymous website.

We did some more research but are still waiting to receive the results. This platform is a relatively fresh investment scheme promoting digital assets. It is not a transparent financial provider, so we urge you to avoid using Beapay crypto plans.

Ignore anonymous imposters sending you unsolicited offers. Instead, opt for reputable companies that are supervised by leading financial authorities like the FCA (UK), CFTC (US), ASIC (Australia), IIROC (Canada), MAS (Singapore), BaFin (Germany), etc.

Who Are Beapay’s Targets?

WHOIS states the website domain was created on November 4, 2022. Since then, the financial swindlers behind the platform have been targeting primarily unsuspecting traders and investors who reside in the following countries:

  • United States;
  • Spain
  • Cameron
  • Algeria

All these countries have financial market regulations in force to prevent illicit entities like Loyal Primus from entering their markets; some, such as the U.S., are tighter and more demanding. Imagine the procedures for firms seeking to operate in the financial sector in the world’s largest financial hub.

One common rule in all these jurisdictions stipulates that each market participant must obtain a permit to operate. As mentioned, Beapay has no authorization, meaning its whole modus operandi can be summed up as monkey business. 

Trader Reviews – Sharing Experiences

When it comes to Beapay reviews, we found scarce comments on You’ll notice that the positive ones were written by the same user. Others accuse the platform of fraudulent practices and caution against Beapay investing. 

An evaluation check of the website on showed a disturbingly low trust index of 6.5%, while says the site has poor traffic and risky content.   

We recommend you always check what individuals say about a particular platform before investing your money. Negative reviews may save you from getting scammed by the likes of QxBroker. Make sure the company you are interested in doesn’t appear on regulatory warning lists.

How the Investment Scheme Works

Digital scammers running investment scams love using dirty tactics to rip off traders and investors. For example, Beapay investment plans are a total scam riding on the popularity of quick profits to sucker in potential victims.

One of the classic moves these fraudsters make is using the Ponzi scheme model. In this shady setup, the early investors get paid using money from recruits, making it seem legitimate and profitable.

But these operations eventually collapse, with the scammers disappearing with the cash while leaving the poor users duped in financial havoc. If a company seems too focused on recruiting new members, it’s running a Ponzi.

Online crooks dangle the promise of crazy high returns with little risk to tempt greedy folks chasing a get-rich-quick dream. They promote fake or imaginary products and services, using slick marketing to pull off their shady schemes.

Beapay Plans

Cyber tricksters promote plans that promise significantly high returns on investments (ROI) in short periods. The plans outlined on the website are simply implausible. No company with no track record can generate such insane ROI so quickly and guarantee clients they will profit in advance. 

As soon as you stumble upon promises like that, know you are communicating with a dodger rather than a serious, honest, and transparent firm. There is no doubt that these plans are fake. If you buy them, you’ll experience Beapay login issues.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

The website doesn’t state how users should fund a Beapay account. Nevertheless, the three standard payment methods include credit/debit cards, wires, and cryptocurrencies. If you notice Beapay withdrawal issues, consider one of the following refund methods:

  • Chargeback – If you deposited funds via MasterCard or VISA credit/debit cards, you can request a chargeback at the issuing bank within 540 days and reverse the transaction. 
  • Recall – Wires can be reversed via a recall, but this action can only work for transactions that have yet to be completed.
  • CipherTrace – Scammers prefer crypto payments because they are extremely hard to trace and reverse, allowing them to remain anonymous and continue running their schemes. Reversing cryptocurrency transactions demands professional effort and advanced software. 

Fortunately, our team of experts is available to help you recover your funds using any method that is required. Contact us using the form at the bottom.

Key Facts To Consider About Beapay

We shall summarize our review with the main points outlined – Beapay is an investment scam targeting U.S., Spain, Algeria, and Cameron users. This duplicitous website does not belong to a real company; it’s a hoax designed to fool investors.

Since the platform is out to rob you of your funds, we advise you to stay away. Please do not risk your money here. If you have fallen victim to the Beapay scam and cannot withdraw your funds, please contact us. We offer professional help to retrieve your funds!

Use the form below to book your free consultation with Scam Brokers Reviews and tell us more about your case. Our team will gladly guide you through the fund recovery process and assist you every step of the way.

Book your free consultation here and start the chargeback process.

FAQ Section

What is Beapay?

It is an anonymous website offering illegal investment services. It is not a legitimate company.

Is Beapay Legit?

No, this platform is nowhere near being a legitimate entity. Please refrain from sending them money.

Is Beapay Token Worth It?

No, the token is part of the scheme. It has no value, so please do not buy or invest.


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