BinBotPro Review – Teamed Up With Binary Options Trading Scams
BinBotPro Review – Teamed Up With Binary Options Trading Scams

BinBotPro is marketed as a premium website for binary options auto trading with a crypto robot that provides returns up to 94%. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast without much experience or a professional investor, you’re probably aware of how dangerous fake websites offering crypto trading bots are. 

Not only because they do not provide the promised services and lie to your face, but also because they are just the first level of the scam scheme. BinBotPro is actually an affiliate campaign that promotes these unrealistic trading tools and profits by connecting you with the actual scam platforms. 

Read this BinBotPro review to learn all about the role that promoters play in the grand swindling scheme and how you can protect yourself from their toxic influence.

Type of Company: Affiliate Campaign Scam
Regulated by: No regulation expected
Is This Company Safe? No, this site will bring you huge losses and is not at all safe!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2016-07-07
Trading Platforms: Crypto ADX 2.0, RSIMA Cross, Ichimoku Crypto v2, Rising East v1.2, HP cycles
Maximum Leverage: 1:200
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: Hinted but undisclosed
Trading Assets: Binary Options
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Scammers do not allow withdrawals! Contact our legal service for support in fund recovery.

How BinBotPro Operates

Crypto market has been an inexhaustible source of potential income, loss and motivation for the cyber criminals to earn a quick buck. BinBotPro is one of them and they operate seamlessly, while connecting victims to the actual scam websites that deal in binary options trading on crypto. 

BinBotPro has the role to collect victims and get their personal information. After that, the site can either sell your contact details to the other scammers or connect you directly to con sites. In this case, making a BinBotPro account actually means signing up with one of the fake crypto platforms that BinBotPro promotes.

After checking their background we’ve determined that all these firms located in Marshall Islands are either unregulated or have a worthless offshore regulation. These are Binarycent, Videforex, Raceoption, and Iqcent. All of them offer questionable services pertaining to crypto binary options auto trading. 

No One Is Safe

Because BinBotPro is an affiliate campaign employed by scammers, they do not actually offer trading services, just advertise other platforms. For that reason, they do not need regulation by law. That doesn’t, however, make them any less dangerous or suspicious. They’re just one step towards the masterminds behind the scheme and those that do the robbing. Axiom Trade is one example of a fraudulent brokerage.

Despite the claims about not serving the US citizens, the statistics show the majority of the victims are from this exact country. Here’s the full list:

  • United States
  • India
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • Nigeria

As you can see, not a single country is safe or out of access for BinBotPro. Boiler room agents stalk potential victims on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and lure them to invest by promising easy earning through an AI-powered trading software. None of that is real and the only outcome is you leaving empty-handed.

Traders Seeing Through The Lies

This anonymous firm has claimed their Trustpilot page and is there advertised as “the robot designed to trade for you”. Unfortunately for this bunch of fraudsters, many traders are starting to realize they’re just a bunch of thieves that are less than worthy of any investments. 

With an average rating of 2.3 out of 5, BinBotPro makes for a terrible service provider and an exposed liar. 

“Not to be trusted. Created an account and made a deposit of 1000$ and lost all the money in 5 days. Then again i made a deposit of 1000$, watched the youtube videos of the reviewers and placed the trade using only the specific broker again lost 950$ in less than a week. Better to stay away from this software, it make you feel you are winning the trades in the beginning and then it will make you lose all the money in a matter of time.”

“SCAM! Deposited around $1.300 and all was lost within a matter of days! Their response: ‘You activated robot Crypto ADX 2.0. Apparently, it traded all your investment. You can login to your account and check your trading history. Please find it on the top-right corner at binbopro.’ IT IS A SCAM!!”

Unknown Fees and Expenses

Signing up with these miscreants leads to potential devastating losses. Completely anonymous and untransparent about anything, BinBotPro reveals none of the prices related to their glorified AI trader. 

Besides knowing the initial investment is $250, you’re stepping into the unknown here. Other fraudulent websites for binary trading that this scam directs you to are just as secretive.  

Trading Features – None

BinBotPro is a one-page-website that only serves as a medium that leads you into the trap laid out for you by the fraudulent websites we’ve mentioned in the beginning. For that reason, you will find no trading options and features on

After the BinBotPro sign up process, we’ve found ourselves on a page that lists available crypto trading bots. After that, we were moved to the trading area of the fake binary options trading platform controlled by other scammers that BinBotPro collaborates with.

Defunct AI trader

Some of the available robot trading platforms advertised on BinBotPro are Crypto ADX 2.0, RSIMA Cross, Ichimoku Crypto v2, Rising East v1.2, HP cycles and similarly named anonymous bogus tools. Some of them are found on the unscrupulous binary options trading platforms that you can choose upon registering. 

All of them are completely useless and controlled by the scammers to make you think you’re profiting just so you’d lose everything in a matter of seconds.

Trading Assets

As clarified, BinBotPro instruments don’t exist, even though the site claims they offer the most popular crypto currencies to trade. All of the instruments you trade on are those provided by the scam sites that BinBotPro is working with. As mentioned, Binarycent, Videforex and other participants in the sham deal only in binary options trading and without a license.

Account Types

Signing up for a BinBotPro account costs $250 and that is all you can dig up on this subject. Not what the account features or what benefits it brings you. Completely useless and just another extension of the scam, this account is not recommended to anyone and not at all worth the price!

Scammers Don’t Allow Withdrawals

Its common for the con artists to display winnings through the platform to motivate you to invest further. After a while, your robot trader will fail and your profits will evaporate in a second. After all, swindlers need excuses to pocket your money. 

Other times they can simply start ignoring your appeals and tickets as soon as you request your first withdrawal. It is then the fraudsters show their true face and reveal their actual intentions. 

Please consider seeking legal help as soon as you find out you’ve been scammed. Our team of recovery experts can help you regain control over your locked funds.

Rude Customer Support

While seeking help from the BinBotPro staff, we attempted contact via Online chat available on the site. After waiting an eternity for someone to answer, the agent was avoiding being straightforward and even had an attitude. The email request we sent never got a reply, so our overall experience with the BinBotPro support was more than underwhelming.

Keep In Mind These Facts

Crypto trading has been a reason for many to invest and try their luck on the market. In the process many traders got burned and had unpleasant experiences with so-called unmistakable trading robots. BinBotPro offers these attractive services but fails to deliver in every aspect.

Please consider contacting us right away if you’ve already deposited with any of the fraudulent websites that BinBotPro propagates. Our legal experts can help you combat this crime and restore what you’ve originally lost to cyber criminals. We’ve already helped victims of RealFXPro, we can help you as well!

FAQ Section

What is BinBotPro?

BinBotPro is an affiliate of a group of scammers that offer binary options trading services. The purpose that BinBotPro plays is client recruitment.

Is BinBotPro Legit?

As an affiliate campaign, this site doesn’t need regulation by law. However, the fact that they’re collaborating with criminals makes them dangerous and untrustworthy.

Is BinBotPro free?

No, signing up with this site costs $250. Please contact us for quick fund recovery if you’ve invested a single penny here.


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