Bitcode Prime Review – Just A Cog In A Violent Scam Machinery
Bitcode Prime Review – Just A Cog In A Violent Scam Machinery

Bitcode Prime is allegedly a crypto trading provider, while in actuality it is just a scam of an affiliate campaign. This shady website doesn’t just try to rob customers directly, but it also sends them straight up the scam chain. 

Meaning, that signing up with this company is very specific and points to affiliate activities of this platform. Opening an account takes you to the trading area of a broker called Professor Pips – an illicit UK brokerage. What happens from that point on and how the scam unfolds is the major element this Bitcode Prime review investigates. 

Type of Company Affiliate Campaign Scam
Regulated by:  No regulation expected
Is This Company Safe? No, this company deals in shady activities and is not safe at all!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2022-05-17
Trading Platforms: None
Maximum Leverage: Not available
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: None
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? There’s no other way to withdraw from scammers except by using legal help!

What is Bitcode Prime?

Bitcode Prime is, first of all, an unsafe site often reported for scam and phishing attempts. That’s why, right after clicking their website link, your browser will warn you about the security risks and advise you not to proceed. 

For the purpose of completing our investigation and putting together this company review, we still made a visit to the website. Let us tell you immediately – the website itself is a cheap attempt of a legitimate-looking crypto platform. 

Bitcode Prime insists that you immediately join, or else you will miss a chance to get rich if the timer is up before you become their client. Right after you sign up, you will end up in the client zone of an illicit broker that this company is connected to. 

In essence, this company is just a front for a large-scale scam. They have nothing to do with crypto trading. All the website is designed to do is get you to sign up, so they can pass on your contact to the real scammer they’re connected to. 

In this case, that’s a broker called Professor Pips. The illicit website operates the same as any other financial con – FCF Markets being also one of the examples.

Main Hunting Grounds and Tactics

The website statistics show that the majority of Bitcode Prime victims come from these countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Italy

Bitcode Prime has their victims believe how crypto trading could never be so easy and profitable if it wasn’t for their automated trading system. Led by dreams and hopes of riches, victims are easy to sign up, especially considering the promising image of crypto investing. 

However, the promises immediately turn into rough reality – Bitcode Prime doesn’t virtually exist as a platform at all. You get directed to the trading terminal of a random illicit brokerage that company has a deal with. That’s who you’re actually investing with! 

How does Bitcode Prime mainly profit? By referring customers and selling victims’ contacts (emails and phone numbers) to the investment scams and other financial swindlers. 

Where Your Data Ends Up

As just a single link in the grand scam scheme, Bitcode Prime serves as a collector of information. This sham is but a single screw in a great scam machinery that runs on many levels.

Their single purpose is to establish an image of a trustworthy crypto trading platform so the victims will be willing to sign up. That’s why you will see company trying to sound professional, knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to crypto investing. 

After giving them your sensitive information, Bitcode Prime immediately sends you to the website of a broker they share profit with. In our case, we ended up on a website called Professor Pips. 

This completely anonymous and above all illicit brokerage business employs a rudimentary web platform and a typical scam approach. Vaguely familiar to another scam you can read a review on – FXFair.

No Trading Tools Exist

As we’ve previously explained, this company doesn’t actually utilize any crypto trading software. Their site is completely empty! In the same manner, their entire story is based on lies. Lies about the customized account types, specially designed trading tools, education, account managers and innovative strategies that will facilitate your crypto experience. 

Moreover, this company also claims they implement the best security measures for keeping your investments safe. That is just another fabrication. Entire array of false claims is a bait that will ultimately take you further into the bottomless pit of scam and cyber theft. 

The sole point of opening a Bitcode Prime account is to be tricked into depositing with a scam broker operating behind the curtains and doing the actual defrauding. 

Withdrawing Cash

Bitcode Prime withdrawals are nothing short of impossible. Requesting a payout from scam schemes just can’t work the same way it does with reputable service providers. Especially when it comes to a scam that is this complex. Our advice to you is to get in touch with our legal team before doing anything on your own.

Bitcode Prime Customer Service

Properly functioning customer support is crucial for keeping your clients satisfied. If that sphere of a business is non-functional, like it is with this company, the customers can’t communicate their inquiries and they become overall discontent. 

Bitcode Prime communication is only enabled through a single channel- online form. When attempting to get in touch with the platform, we received no response, whatsoever. 

Conclusion – Stay Away!

Bitcode Prime has nothing of value to offer to anyone. There’s no automated crypto trading bot with a success rate of 84%, as the website claims. The only thing that awaits the unsuspecting targets is the shortcut to bankruptcy. Your financial downfall is how these dastardly schemes grow. 

If you find yourself in a seemingly unsolvable crysis, contact our legal team for proper support. And do not forget – you can book your free consultation at any point!

FAQ Section

What Is Bitcode Prime?

Bitcode Prime is a part of a scam scheme through an affiliate program. The platform refers customers to illegal brokerage sites that rob them.

Is Bitcode Prime Legitimate?

As a crypto trading platform they claim to be, Bitcode Prime doesn’t have a license for such activities and services.

How Do I Use Bitcode Prime?

In order to join, you have to share your contact info, which we do not recommend at all. But if you’ve already invested into the campaign, please call us for legal aid.


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