Bsetcoinss Review – Crypto Fraud Leads Traders Into Poverty
Bsetcoinss Review – Crypto Fraud Leads Traders Into Poverty

The cheap and poorly designed Bsetcoinss website immediately rebukes all the claims about the organization being a prestigious US-based “alliance of technology charities”. Furthermore, we couldn’t help but notice the bad English all around the site – from slip-ups in notifications and pop-up windows to major grammatical and linguistic errors in legal documentation. 

Not a single element on the website actually supports the claim about this firm operating from a US location. However, bad grammar is the smallest concern when the website is run by an insidious group of scammers who are running an illicit conduct, ready to rob victims any time. The following Bsetcoinss review exposes all the particularities of this anonymous sham.   

Regulated by: Unregulated
Is This Company Safe? No, this anonymous scam is not safe!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: US (alleged)
Operating since: 2023-05-31
Trading Platforms: Web tarder
Maximum Leverage: 1:100
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Crypto 
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Exercise caution with unregulated crypto providers and seek legal help for withdrawals!

By All Means Unregulated

Regulated firms have nothing to hide. Their line of work is strictly defined and supervised, so there’s no room for lies and deceit. With Bsetcoinss, we just have a suspicious company that presents a bunch of claims with no solid proof for any of them. 

Operating in the US means that a crypto provider should be formally regulated by the prestigious duo – CFTC and NFA. The regulator keeping the ever updated database of regulated market participants is NFA and the search of their register returned no results.

We also had zero discoveries when looking through the databases of FCA, ASIC, BaFin, and CNMV. This firm is completely anonymous and unregulated. 

For a common trader, that means that there’s no segregation of deposits, compensation fund or properly implemented security measures. Your transactions are jeopardized, and identity info. So avoid them and FxOnUs, as another sham.

Who Are The Victims?

Supposedly being located in the US, you can already guess what nation this scam is focused on defrauding. Unfortunately, the US traders aren’t the only victims. Bsetcoinss scam often doesn’t filter victims, and just desperately pesters crypto enthusiasts into depositing until it works. So far these countries are most hit:

  • United States
  • Turkey

Crypto has been an insanely popular trading niche, ever since the prices of digital coins have sky-rocketed. It is easy to get someone optimistic about crypto earning to invest. Especially for Bsetcoinss, that promises possibilities like buying crypto, exchanging, and even learning in the process. Telegram apps is Bsetcoinss’ personal favorite for such contacts. However, the profit is fake and all deposits are pocketed by swindlers!

High Costs and Ridiculous Risks

Trading crypto pairs with the leverage of 1:100 is nothing short of insane. Just as a reminder, we’d like to mention that crypto trading in the UK is limited to 1:2 leverage, while it’s 1:5 in the US. This single evidence is a red flag that should warn off all potential investors!

Not following any of the legislation frameworks also allows Bsetcoinss to operate anonymously and not be transparent about the concrete costs and fees. Another reason to stay away!

Mysterious Offer

With Bsetcoinss, you cannot just preview the entire offer of features, tools and prices. Opening an account is impossible without a so-called serial number, and other packages do not exist. Faulty web trader is all you can rely on for trading. The range of currencies available is not in the least impressive, either. All in all, the scarce education seems to be the only positive element in the entire deal.                                          

Web Trader

Bsetcoinss platform is a slow and barely responsive web terminal that reacts some ten seconds after you try to activate a feature or open a position. It is created by putting together a simple toolbar, several buttons and a TradingView chart that doesn’t update promptly. 

Luckily, you can preview it and mess around with it a bit without having to open an account. It helps investors make sure why they should never open a Bsetcoinss account. 

Digital Assets Available 

About two dozen crypto assets are all of the available trading instruments. You can either trade them against USDT or each other and that is pretty much it. The complete list includes BTC, ETH, EOS, ETC, USDC, XTO, DEX, AGLD, SHIB, DOGE, BCH, BSV, LTC and only a few others. 

Account Types

Separate web page that elaborates on the offered packages and their prices doesn’t exist on the website. On top of the shadiness in approach, Bsetcoinss demands newcomers to provide what they call a “serial number” to be able to complete registration. Without it, you cannot proceed into the client zone. We tried to contact support and find out what that means, but no answer ever came.

Shady Mobile App

The platform offers BSET APP, which should be their version of the mobile trading terminal. When we tried to search Google Play and Apple Store for this app, we found no matches. However, Bsetcoinss provides a QR code for downloading. We were reluctant to risk downloading malware from the site’s server, so we don’t recommend our readers trying this either. 


Although the learning materials provided by the Bsetcoinss education sector, they’re quite possibly the only positive side to the entire deal. The “College” area contains the following elements to help novices start:

  • Beginners Guide
  • Trading Strategy
  • Industry Research 
  • Market News

The articles provided in these sectors are detailed and explain in-depth all the aspects of the fields they relate to. 

However, it is known that just articles themselves aren’t sufficient, and many learners prefer other forms of data, like videos, webinars, live lessons, and e-books.   

Bsetcoinss Allows No Withdrawals

All the transactions performed at the Bsetcoinss website are only crypto ones. This leaves the con with just enough space to defraud victims by making the transfers definite and irreversible. Yet they keep their anonymity and not answer for their criminal acts later.

No matter what is promised to you, the profit doesn’t exist and neither do the withdrawal possibilities. Bsetcoinss doesn’t address the payout matters in any of the website texts and docs, as if they do not exist here!

Customer Support

The unresponsive customer support should be contactable via email and online form only. There’s no online chat feature, call back or whatever other communication channels that reputable service providers have. 

This is another relieving circumstance for the fraudsters that can just ignore all the requests in their mailbox! We’ve asked for help around account opening and never got a response. 

Final Thoughts

Bsetcoinss is a scam crypto platform that is very little known and practically anonymous. This is strangely similar to GoldenrodFX or any other similar scam, so there’s no doubt what kind of endeavors Bsetcoinss engages in. 

Please contact us promptly if your capital is stuck with this sham and our legal experts will do everything in their power to give you back what was ruthlessly stolen from you.

FAQ Section

What Is Bsetcoinss?

Bsetcoinss is an unregulated exchange platform dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Is Bsetcoinss Regulated?

No, although the firm claims to be a reputable US exchange, they do not own a license by any entity. So either avoid investing here, or call us for legal support in withdrawals.

What Are Bsetcoinss’ Products And Services?

The platform offers buying crypto and exchanging them, but also offers leveraged trading on crypto.


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