Dcoin Review – All The Key Features, Ranking and Disadvantages
Dcoin Review – All The Key Features, Ranking and Disadvantages

In the first place, Dcoin company doesn’t reveal ownership details transparently. Neither do they have transparent Terms&Conditions. With this in mind, it’s not surprising they are ranked #470 on the CoinMarketCap list.

Also, their 24h trading volume tells you a lot about their trustworthiness. Anyway, we will cover in-detail their offer through this Dcoin Review.

Regulated by: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: Dcoin.com
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2018
Trading Platforms: Proprietary app
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Cryptocurrencies
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company?
For a company established in 2018, they have quite a few reviews. But all of those are negative ones pointing out withdrawal issues. If you had the same experience you can contact our team for refund assistance.

Legal info: Is Dcoin Legit?

Dcoin.com was established in 2018 as a digital asset service provider. As such, the company should obtain a dedicated license. Thus, there are none. Especially not the ones from trusted entities like FCA, BaFin or ASIC.

With this in mind, you know that the company can, but might not comply with all their statements. Instead, you can choose more reliable companies with transparent licenses and ownership details.

Who are Dcoin clients?

Dcoin exchange without regulation doesn’t have any restrictions. Therefore, it’s not strange they are spread all over the world. But mainly in countries like:

  • Vietnam
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • South Korea
  • India

Wherever you are coming from, you have most probably far more reliable domestic exchanges. In case you experience any trouble with this one, feel free to contact us for withdrawal or refund assistance.

Traders Reviews

One of the key signs that some company is not legit is their reviews. For this particular company, there are very few available on Trustpilot. Which is strange for a company that exists for more than 5 years. Anyway, all 3 of those available are rated with 1 star and point out withdrawal problems.

Let us know what’s your Dcoin trading experience. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if you need a refund. In the end, it’s your money.

Investment Costs with Dcoin Exchange

There are more than 400 assets available. For every and each of them, the company transparently presented the minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal fees. Currently, all the taker and maker fees are fixed at 0.2%. Which is an industry average.

Dcoin Trading Features

The company primarily promotes cryptocurrency investment services. With more than 400 options, they are quite a popular option. But don’t let that trick you. Because some traders reported customer support issues that can play a key role here.

Is Dcoin legit?

In the end, it’s not. The company operates completely anonymously. They don’t reveal ownership details or a valid license. On top of that, some customers point out potential troubles that you might experience as well.

Available Trading Assets

Surprisingly, the company has a wide range of tradeable instruments. Those are mainly cryptocurrencies. Some of the most popular are:

  • BTC
  • XMR
  • OP
  • HIC
  • MPX

Account Types

Compared to some other exchanges, Dcoin lacks motivation for its traders. Generally, it’s obtained through different investment levels and lower fees. However, account type separation is not available with the Dcoin exchange.

Mobile Trading App

On the positive side, the company offers a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android users. Thus, the app has only 100K+ downloads on PlayStore. Compared to some others with 10M+ it’s not something astonishing.

Demo Account

One of the good sides of the Dcoin exchange is that they offer insight into the software. Thus it’s only a web-based one with basic functions. However, you can’t use virtual funds and test the platform. Even some scam brokers offer it. But never let that trick you. To learn all the tactics brokers are using, read our ChaseTrades Review.


Important to realize is that the company doesn’t offer any kind of regulations. Their help center offers basic information about the company. Yet, there’s no trace of webinars, live sessions or anything trading related.

Dcoin Withdrawal

A huge warning sign about this company is the missing withdrawal policy. The company doesn’t reveal processing time for withdrawal requests. Neither specific conditions. Except for minimum withdrawal and fees. Yet, without regulations those can change at any time and you won’t be able to withdraw your money.

As for the transfer methods, you can only use cryptos. Therefore, you need to have another wallet that you can use to transfer money to your bank account. Quite a trouble considering the company claims to be secure and fast.

Customer Support

As mentioned earlier, some clients reported support issues. It’s not rare that crypto exchanges are mysterious. This one also. The only way to contact them is through the live chat. Also, the company uses a Telegram group. Which is known for end-to-end encryption leaving no traces.

Key Information To Consider About Dcoin?

Primarily, the company doesn’t reveal much about its ownership or team. Not even the registration address. Yet, they expect you to trust them. But what to expect if they are hiding basic information? The only positive thing is that they offer a mobile app. Yet, not tested and without any reviews. Or maybe it had, but they removed it.

In any case, there are far more transparent and reliable companies. If you can’t make a withdrawal with Dcoin, don’t hesitate to contact our experts. If you are wondering how our team can help you to get your funds back, book a consultation today. It’s free of charge and without any obligations.

FAQ Section

What Is Dcoin?

Dcoin is a crypto exchange established in 2018, thus without transparent headquarters and valid license.

Is Dcoin Legit?

So far, they are operating legitimately but some of their actions might be questionable. In case you experienced any, let us know and contact us if you need refund assistance.

Who is the founder of Dcoin?

The company claims to be created by a team of enthusiasts coming from companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. Thus, none of the names are revealed.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
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