Enduring Markets Review – Main Reasons To Keep Your Funds Safe
Enduring Markets Review – Main Reasons To Keep Your Funds Safe

With unknown legal information and addresses presented in top-tier regulated countries, it’s hard to believe this company is legit. Even at first glance, you can smell something wrong about it.

But reading this Enduring Markets review will help you unveil all the company’s dirty secrets. If you want to keep your funds safe, you better watch out for our tips.

Regulated By: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: http://enduringmarkets.com/; (inactive), https://enduringsmarkets.com/ (active); https://enduring-markets.com/ (inactive)
Have Warnings From: FSMA, CNMV
Registered In: UK/Singapore (allegedly)
Operating Since: 2022
Trading Platforms: WebTrader
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: Available
Trading Assets: Cryptos, forex, indices, shares, commodities
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? Withdrawing your money from anonymous firms like Enduring Markets is most likely impossible. Especially because of missing regulations. So, if you have funds stuck with them, our refund experts are there to assist you with funds recovery. Get in touch for a free first consultation.

Legal Info: Is Enduring Markets Legit Or A Scam?

The first sign this company is an absolute scam can be found in the FCA’s registers. To be precise, if you look for their license you’ll find there is none. Neither does the company have a license of Singaporean MAS.

In addition to that, you can find one of the previous company’s domains on a warning list of Spanish CNMV and Belgian FSMA. Consequently, all the company’s fairy tales about the safety of the funds fall down the pipe.

Who Are Enduring Markets’s Victims?

For a couple of years that this company has been operating, they were mainly targeting European countries. So, lads from Europe, make sure your wallets are kept tight and crypto wallets secure. Especially if you come from: 

  • Slovakia
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Spain

If this broker somehow didn’t reach your pockets, be aware others might also do. Such as Reltex Group or MyContainer. All in all, if you have funds stuck with any of these firms, our refund experts are available for consultation about refund options. Feel free to send us a message any time.

Traders Reviews

Generally, there are a lot of Enduring Markets reviews available. In most cases, those are frankly positive. At least the ones on Reviews.io. However, we all know such reviews can be quite fake. So, take it all with reserve. But if you become one of their victims, you know where to knock for assistance.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

When it comes to trading conditions with Enduring Markets broker, that’s another mystery. In the first place, trading costs are unknown. So, you can only hope there will be something left for withdrawal. On top of that, the company doesn’t reveal the offered leverage. Thus, if they offer you anything higher than 1:30, you have another proof it’s all a fraud.


One key detail when opening the Enduring Markets account is the bonus offer. Of course, such an offer includes malicious clauses that can easily prevent you from withdrawing your funds. In this case, you have to reach minimum trading volume in standard lots of bonus amount multiplied by seven. So, for a $200 bonus, that’s 1400 lots and one lot is $100.000. So, that’s 140.000.000.

Enduring Markets Trading Features

Generally speaking, with a hidden trading platform it’s hard to predict what features the company offers. Yet, the account type offers reveal what you can expect after completing the Enduring Markets login procedure. Those are options like trading signals, mutual investment programs, advanced strategies, company financing, etc. All in all, too many fake options.

Trading Platforms Available

The problem with Enduring Markets trading firm is also unknown trading software offered. In most cases, with shady firms like this one, traders get only web-based solutions. Instead, you should look for advanced and trusted tools like cTrader or MetaTrader.

Available Trading Assets

One of quite shocking details about this company is a lack of transparency about tradeable assets. Thus, when they are keeping such details hidden, you know what’s the time. Instead, we recommend you choose a top-tier licensed broker and enjoy maximum transparency and safety.

Account Types

As can be seen from the company’s presentation there are different investment plans and account types offered. When it comes to regular account types, you can expect a load of benefits if you deposit more money. But if the company will deliver any of those promised features, we highly doubt it. Anyway, the options are: 

  • Standard – $250
  • Bronze – $3.500
  • Silver – $10.000
  • Gold – $25.000
  • Platinum – $50.000
  • Pro – $100.000
  • VIP – $250.000

Mobile Trading App

Another key thing in trading nowadays is the availability of trusted iOS and Android apps. Usually, these come together with trusted desktop versions of the app. Such as MetaTrader. However, such options are not in the offer with this investment firm.

Demo Account

If you want to test the company’s features and trading conditions, there’s only one way to do so. It’s by making the initial deposit. Sadly, a demo account is not an option but you can’t expect anything more from a scam broker fairly.


Apparently, this trading firm offers some poor education about analytics and general trading terms. However, if you are looking for 1-on-1 sessions, webinars, or some advanced programs, you better look elsewhere.

Enduring Markets Withdrawal

Hoping to complete the Enduring Markets withdrawal is a waste of time. Without regulations and a precise withdrawal policy, it’s hard to believe you’ll get any of your money back that way. Firstly, the company doesn’t reveal any fees related to withdrawals.

Secondly, it takes up to 5 business days to complete it in the best-case scenario. However, before it gets approved you need to verify your account. That’s the trick they will use to prolong the process and in the end, it will all be the same.

Customer Support

Even though the company provides traders with a phone line and e-mail, that doesn’t mean their support is reliable. Especially without working hours, you could be waiting for days for their response. Especially if you are looking for withdrawal assistance.

Key Information To Consider About Enduring Markets?

In general, every detail about Enduring Markets scam broker is questionable. Starting with all the features, conditions, and contact options. After all, the warnings were not published without a reason.

The frustration when you get involved with such a broker can’t be measured. We know the pain of knowing the fact you are getting scammed but you are powerless. Unless you know some tricks for refund options. To find out what solutions you have to get your money back, book a free consultation with our experts right away.

FAQ Section

What is Enduring Markets?

Enduring Markets is an anonymous FX and CFD brokerage that has been operating since 2022 without any regulatory oversight.

Is Enduring Markets Legit?

Not at all. Besides missing regulations, the company is found on warning lists of CNMV and FSMA. If you were one of their victims, contact us for refund options.

Who is the Owner of Enduring Markets Broker?

The ownership of this trading brand is unknown. That’s the first sign you should avoid them, but also some warnings expose their frequent domain changes.


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