Review – Loss is Guaranteed With This Fraud Review – Loss is Guaranteed With This Fraud

Trading on suspicious crypto platforms just because they offer attractive conditions is extremely risky. Their deceptive propaganda and alluring promises can only cause financial catastrophe. That doesn’t quite fit into the picture of a bright investment future these con artists like to guarantee.

Please pay attention to the following review as we unravel a swindler in disguise. Keep reading to see what crypto recovery options we can offer you.

Regulated by: Unregulated Exchange
Is This Company Safe? No, this crypto provider is an unlawful platform that operates without a license!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2019
Trading Platforms: Web trader
Maximum Leverage: 1:10
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Available
Trading Assets: Crypto – BTC, ETH, XRP
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Since payouts are being denied, you should contact our recovery professionals for advice.

Dangerous Site Ahead!

The first notification you will get once you attempt to open the exchange site is a warning from your web browser not to proceed. Flagged for phishing and scamming by Microsoft, this shady domain doesn’t reveal anything concerning their legal incorporation and potential licenses. 

Legal documents suggest the company name to be Finance LLP which is strange and doesn’t make sense. Since the Terms and Conditions document also implies the firm to be operating under the UK financial directives, we checked the FCA database of regulated entities. Search results provided no data.

Non-transparent and dishonest, firms like CryptoFXPro and this one can’t be labeled as anything else but scam.

Victims Found all Over EEA

Digital currencies fraudsters like the crypto scam usually follow similar patterns. Besides promising guaranteed profit and high returns for mining and staking, they usually provide high leverage for trading crypto coins. That is known to attract novice investors despite being illegal where these miscreants promote their services. These countries are:

  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Germany

Although strict regulatory standards are forced in these nations, con artists have found a way to stay under the radar and defraud many. They’ve been doing it since the website was first initiated in 2019 when not all of today’s crypto regulations were in place just yet.

Traders Are Starting to Suspect

Don’t expect to be able to find many reviews, regardless of the fact that the firm has been in the business for five years now. Their unclaimed Trustpilot page sports a miserable 2.8 rating from 3 reviews in total. 

Be aware that all of them have marked the company for fraud because they make deposits vanish and ask for high fees before allowing customers to request withdrawals. 

The situation is the same with the feedback found on Reddit and Quora. Do not panic if you find yourself in a similar situation. Simply contact our blockchain specialists and we’ll do our best to track down your crypto assets and help you recover them.

Maker/Taker Fees and Other Charges

There’s not much clarity when it comes to how much the portal charges for transactions and trading. Maker/Taker fees are revealed to be 0.20% for regular users and 0.14% for premium ones with the maximum leverage being 1:10. Now, there’s several other fees which make the affordability of investing here quite questionable.

For example, the platform takes a 5% fee from the deposit you make. For alleged tax payment, the site also charges a 3.5% per each payment, with an additional 5% for something called “insurance premium”. Lastly, the exchange also says it takes a default 1% fee from every deposit without any explanation and just because they can. 

Welcome Bonus and Affiliate Rewards

All claims about the alleged legit operations can be debunked once you realize they’re nothing but a Ponzi scheme. 

The portal baits the existing customers with referral rewards in order to encourage them to promote the company and get more people to sign up. In addition, the app includes tasks you can complete for additional bonus.

Think Twice Before Investing!

The scam has nothing particularly majestic to offer, like they claim. Entire trading environment is just another one of the disappointments as it lacks flexibility. Registration is overly demanding for a non-transparent platform and nothing is cheap.

Crooked Platform isn’t Reliable

Whether you want to trade on spot or margin markets, you’re forced to use a rudimentary and not at all trustworthy app for web trading. 

Despite close resemblance to other popular web traders, this crypto portal presents false market data and is controlled by fraudsters behind the site. In addition, it doesn’t provide users with advanced analytics and research options to help them make educated decisions on markets.

Limited Assets Available

While we’re all used to being able to choose from thousands of coins available on premium platforms, this one doesn’t offer that much. 

In actuality, the total number of available tokens on this portal is around 30. Such a narrow choice of products can’t compete with what big firms offer, even though it includes popular coins, such as BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, SOL, DOT, SHIB, and ADA. 

What Registrants are Forced to

If you, for whatever reason, still decide to try and register for a new login, be aware that you will be immediately asked to invest real cash. However, that can only be done by users that have completed the KYC. 

Trust us when we say it’s in your best interest not to share ID details and other personal information with these cybercriminals. All of the data collected through the user verification system is used for identity stealing and robbing.

Payouts Involve High Fees

Any financial swindler will have you believe that your assets are safe and protected, while your transactions are swift and safe. To make you believe such claims these crooks state to accept various deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit cards and wire transfers.

Unfortunately, it appears that all that’s accepted are cryptocurrencies. This makes sense, because the criminals wish to remain anonymous yet be able to misappropriate your funds.

Help Center: Only FAQs

There is no phone number on the site to use to get in touch with the customer service. Also, no email addresses or online forms are available for you to submit your questions and inquiries.

All clients are supposed to do is rely on the help desk that contains the most frequently asked questions and simplified answers to them.

Crypto Stolen! What To Do?

Offshore schemes and Pyramid scams are known to target beginner investors. PredCoin is another similar website that aims to steal crypto deposits. If your assets have been misappropriated by financial frauds, we suggest you react quickly and report the crime to the local authorities.

In addition, you can submit your report to us, as well, and our legal specialists can help you with recovery solutions. For free consultation, book a meeting via our online chat agents.

FAQ Section

What is

This is a fraudulent exchange that presents false legal information and operates without supervision.

Is a Legit Exchange?

Most definitely fake. The website is full of opposing claims about their legitimacy yet none is credible.

Where is Based?

This is not known. Legal papers suggest the UK, but this remains unconfirmed. For solving withdrawal problems caused by these charlatans, contact our legal advisors.


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