Gexchain Review – Fake Regulations Of A Crypto Ponzi Scheme
Gexchain Review – Fake Regulations Of A Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Gexchain likes their potential victims to think that they were the ones that have transformed the crypto exchange concept into a sophisticated system functioning at today. It’s as if the crypto market would be in a standstill if it wasn’t for them. 

To encourage their brand new targets to invest as soon as possible, Gexchain makes ridiculous claims about numerous licenses they have supposedly attained. Truth be told, we almost believed them. That is, until we started checking and saw none of them were real. 

Read our thorough explanation on how this devious crypto ponzi scheme works in the following Gexchain review.

Regulated by: Not regulated
Is This Company Safe? This firm is absolutely not safe!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: Australia (alleged)
Operating since: 3rd May 2023
Trading Platforms: Web
Maximum Leverage: No leveraged trading available
Minimum Deposit: Depends on the currency
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Crypto (BTC, BNB, DOGE, DOT, ADA, XRP, EOS, ZEC…)
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Withdrawals without legal help from experts are hardly doable!

Gexchain Lies About Licenses

Any decent crypto investor would be appalled by this amount of lies. Gexchain, supposedly a reputable crypto exchange, has not been operating since 2018, as the website claims. The domain is actually two months old and without licenses. 

The Gexchain website doesn’t put it that way. The scam perpetrators behind the site have published a bunch of false license numbers and claims about being regulated by BaFin, FCA, Central Bank of Ireland, and several other reputable authorities. None of that stands. We went through each and every of these registers and the search returned no results for these license numbers of companies named Gexchain.

There’s no gentler way to say this except that Gexchain is a lying Ponzi scheme that pushes investors into risk just to steal their investments while providing zero security and protection of funds. The same danger imposes Beurax, as an unregulated brokerage.

Hunting Grounds for Gexchain

Since the false crypto exchange lies about the EEA and UK licenses, you can already assume what their favorite markets are. Gexchain has a special orientation towards scamming the investors from these countries:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands

To motivate the victims to use their services, they promise the best exchange conditions and prices on the market. All fake and artificial, the service itself doesn’t even virtually exist, it’s just an investment trap to snatch payments. On top of that, there’s allegedly even a chance for a passive income.

Unfortunately, the crypto craze leads to investments without thinking through it first, which results in loss. Do not despair just yet, in case you find yourself scammed by this fraud. Our team of legal experts has the knowledge and experience to help you get your cash back!

What Victims Have to Say About Gexchain

Gexchain is present on TrustPilot as a claimed profile. The first detail to notice is the disclaimer from the TrustPilot staff about detecting and removing a number of fake reviews for this company. That automatically makes all the feedback not trustworthy. There’s honest ones among them, and naturally, they’re all negative:

“ I have still not received any funds up until today despite their promises. Traders beware, this broker is not processing withdrawals. I have submitted withdraw request severally did not receive fund in my account. Other clients are complaining same thing that withdrawal is not comming.”

“This is ponzi! Stay away, you will lose your money with no getting it back, I had so much interest before I backed out, I didn’t put too much in it, it was not worth the risk, they have everything planned and waht they are going to tell you, it’s just lies, I left them.”

Charges and Costs at Gexchain

So they do not look completely untransparent, Gexchain posts several obscure info about fees they charge. Wherever you buy or sell a crypto currency, you pay a commission that depends on your monthly turnover. Maker and Taker fees on Gexchain are 0.20% for regular users and 0.14% for Premium users.

Another form of taxes you pay is upon withdrawing cash, but the swindler will not reveal how much that is. Furthermore, Gexchain declares itself free to charge these costs at any given moment and without prior notice by simply deducting funds from your account. This utterly opposes the AML rules and segregation of funds through separate bank accounts.

Passive Income Promise

Every Ponzi scheme works on several levels at least: A, B, and C. At Gexchain, you are promised to have 50% commissions from your direct referrals. Category B or the referrals of your direct referrals get you 10% commission, while the level C referrals bring you 2.5% of the commission. This is a typical Ponzi deal that Gexchain uses to bring in victims just by lying to customers and without moving a finger to recruit them themselves.

Gexchain Tools and Platforms

Gexchain doesn’t offer anything of practical value. The terminal used to buy and sell crypto tokens is nothing but a rudimentary software that packs zero advanced analytical tools. The two simplest functions available are buy and sell. 

Besides that you should also be able to swap crypto coins between different crypto currencies or USDT. Staking is done for a period between 3 and 31 days. No particular website sections or legal docs explain the profit, fees and other elements of these actions. Makes them no different from just any other offshore scheme, like Axiom Trade, for example. 

Crypto Coins Available

Gexchain makes a bold claim about supporting all crypto coins out there. Not only is this not true, but the platform lacks a number of popular and more exotic currencies alike. Major crypto tokens used on Gexchain are BTC, EHT, LTC, BNB, DOGE, BCH, TRX, MATIC, EOS, XRP, etc. 

Single Account Type Available

Until you open an account with Gexchain you can’t even preview the markets and trading options. Opening one gives you access to the client area, where you can buy/sell crypto, stake and swap. Besides the transaction history, not a single other function exists. 

There’s no customized and carefully designed account types to suit the needs of every particular trader. Demo account is not available either, as all your activity depends on the investment. 

Gexchain Withdrawal Difficulties

Clients that have accumulated more than 0.06BTC on their Trading Account are not eligible for a withdrawal unless they activate the Premium subscription. With this clause of Terms and Conditions, the frauds have effectively blocked payouts from anybody with more than $1 800 on their account without paying for additional services.

Any client may encounter difficulties with Gexchain Withdrawal. If you have deposited money with the Gexchain Scam, contact our legal professionals for aid in recovering your money. You may contact us for a free consultation via the Live Chat.

Customer Support at Gexchain

The Customer Support at Gexchain can be accessed via email on the website, or Live Chat in the trading floor. Knowing how Gexchain operates, this does not instill much confidence.

On the other side of the Customer Service line are the same solicitors that have attracted the client to the platform in the first place. Their only job is to squeeze more money from the victim, and all their alleged support will inevitably lead down this path.

What Is The Final Opinion On Gexchain?

Gexchain has no license or authorization for the service they provide to their clients. The Trading Platform is flimsy, and their Terms and Conditions are quite muddy and contradictory. Customer support is borderline non-existent and instead of helping clients resolve problems, they solicit more purchases instead.

We have received numerous complaints about Gexchain’s foul play. If you have invested with this bogus Crypto Exchange, you may contact our recovery experts for help in charging back your funds. We are available through the Live Chat, where you may book a first consultation absolutely free!

FAQ Section

What Is Gexchain?

Gexchain is an illicit, fraudulent Cryptocurrency Exchange. The company does not conduct their business with good intentions, and defrauds their clients for money instead.

Who Is The CEO of Gexchain?

The CEO of Gexchain is one Xu Jian, a placeholder name with a Stock Photo for a profile picture. This person has an unknown portfolio, and only serves as a poster child for the fraud.

Is Gexchain Safe to Trade?

Gexchain is a dangerous unregulated entity that steals their clients’ money! If you have troubles withdrawing money from Gexchain, contact our chargeback professionals for help in resolving your issues.

Does Gexchain Have License?

No, Gexchain is an unlicensed company that does not have proper authorization to provide their services.


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