HaeCrypt.com Review – Risky Crypto Services and Too Many Lies
HaeCrypt.com Review – Risky Crypto Services and Too Many Lies

Allegedly, the ownership of this exchange belongs to HaeCrypto Global. But, the company doesn’t reveal any headquarters details. Therefore, you can’t search any of the official registers for their registration.

Yet, there are things you can do to determine if the company is legit. For instance, check their licensing for the services. All that and many more can be found in this detailed HaeCrypto.com review.

Regulated By: No Regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: https://www.haecrypt.com/
Have Warnings From: N/A
Registered In: N/A
Operating Since: 2023
Trading Platforms: Web-based
Maximum Leverage: 1:125
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Cryptos
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? Considering their misleading information about the registration date, you can’t expect anything honest from this company. Especially not withdrawals. Therefore, if you have any problems getting your money back, contact our specialists for assistance.

Legal Info: Is HaeCrypt.com Legit Or A Scam?

Important to realize is that the company claims to be registered in 2018. However, who.is reveals that their domain is registered in 2023. Secondly, the company is lying about getting an award in Dubai Expo 2021. You can see who won it here.

Lastly, but most importantly, the company doesn’t have any Digital Asset Service Provider license, unlike many other legitimate exchanges. Therefore, you don’t have any guarantees here that you will get any of your money back.

Who Are HaeCrypt.com’s Clients?

What tells you enough about HaeCrypt’s activities is the lack of reviews. Nobody is speaking about an award-winning company. Anyway, analysis shows they are mainly targeting traders from: 

  • United Kingdom
  • United States

In fact, two of the strictest countries when it comes to finances and regulations. Yet, HaeCrypt Global doesn’t have any. Therefore, if you experience any problems, reach out to our experts immediately. Getting your money back should be your priority.

Investment Costs With HaeCrypt.com

The company claims to have fixed trading fees. Whether you are a taker or maker, you have a 0.2% fee. Even though recharge fees are set to zero, withdrawals are not. Depending on the transfer method, you have a minimum withdrawal amount and fee set. Note that this can be changed periodically.  

Generally speaking, some exchanges have way better offers and numerous promotions. So, why risk it with an unregulated company? Also, the company offers you a leverage of 1:125 for crypto trading. It can wipe your balance in seconds if you are not cautious.


Overall, bonuses are very rare with crypto exchanges. But if you get any with a licensed exchange it will be small. Just be careful if the company is doubling your money or giving anything unrealistic. In the case of HaeCrypt, you can get future bonuses, but keep in mind those are not withdrawable.

HaeCrypt.com Trading Features

Practically, the company offers trading and staking services. Even though these are quite popular and attractive, you need to know who you are trading with. Here, that’s a mystery.

Also, on a web-based platform, all the data can be easily changed.  To understand the importance of reliable software read our Limeberg review.

Is HaeCrypt.com Legit?

There are many facts pointing out that the company is far from legitimate, starting with missing license and software transparency. Not to mention they don’t have a dedicated mobile app. After all, the company is misleading about its founding date and awards.

Available Trading Assets

All the tradeable assets with HaeCrypt are in relation to USDT. Some of those are highly popular, but in general not something you are looking for. Especially due to weak security within the company. Anyway, some of the popular options are: 


Account Types

Important to realize is that this crypto exchange doesn’t have any promotions. Neither do they reveal the minimum deposit requirement.

But there is a VIP account available for those registered in less than a month and transaction of 0.05 BTC or equivalent. But also for ones that reached a balance of 0.1 BTC or equivalent. Only then you deserve their VIP treatment.

Mobile Trading App

The mobile app with this exchange is a science fiction. Everything is run on a web-based platform without any credibility. Therefore, we suggest you stick with licensed exchanges with trusted technology. At least the ones that have multi-million users.

Demo Account

Of course, a demo account is not a part of the offer. Otherwise, the company would expose its poorly designed trading platform. Generally speaking, just one more reason to avoid this company.


Overall, the company doesn’t mention any educational packages. Even though they might offer it once you join. But be aware that all their education might have one goal. To extort more money from you and not to help you learn about crypto.

HaeCrypt.com Withdrawal

In fact, the company doesn’t have a very detailed withdrawal policy. Sadly, fast withdrawals are only available for VIP members. Nevertheless, all withdrawals will be charged with a 1% commission.

But once you realize there are many more exchanges with way better and safer conditions, you will forget about HaeCrypt. But there is one more you should check if you want your funds safe. More details can be found in our Exobit review.

Customer Support

If you didn’t get all the warnings so far, here is another one. Allegedly, the company provides 24/7 support. However, on their website none of the options are transparent. It seems they are only available to the registered clients on some encrypted platforms. Like Telegram or WhatsApp.

Key Information To Consider About HaeCrypt.com?

You should primarily consider investing with a regulated and transparent company. Especially with the one that has a dedicated app or offers you more reliable investment options. Also, the costs of investing with the HaeCrypt.com exchange can be different from day to day. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be hiding their headquarters and contact options.

In any case, if you have trouble recovering your crypto from this company, contact our experts. With our CipherTrace technology, you can track your crypto transfer and start the refund process. Get in touch now to find out more!

FAQ Section

What Is HaeCrypt.com?

HaeCrypt is an anonymous crypto exchange offering services since 2023 and mainly targeting investors from the UK and the US.

Is HaeCrypt.com Regulated?

No. The company is not regulated anywhere. Therefore, you can expect withdrawal problems. If you do so, don’t hesitate to contact us for funds recovery options.

Can I Delete My HaeCrypt.com?

This option is not available. You can freeze only the account. Yet, this is not a sign of a legitimate company.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

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