Heptagon Investments Review – Revealing All Company’s Shady Offers
Heptagon Investments Review – Revealing All Company’s Shady Offers

Heptagon Investments, or Heptagon Capital LLC, is a company that was allegedly registered in the United Kingdom. With such a short life span, they didn’t even build any client pool before their services were marked as fraudulent.

Therefore, today, we have this latest Heptagon Investments review and all the necessary details you have to know. But also advice on what to do when brokers disappear.

Regulated By: No Regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: heptagoninvestments.com
Have Warnings From: FCA, BaFin, MFSA, CONSOB, IOSCO, A-TVP
Registered In: UK (allegedly)
Operating Since: 2023
Trading Platforms: WebTrader, Desktop Trader
Maximum Leverage: 1:500
Minimum Deposit: 250€
Deposit Bonus: Available up to 100%
Trading Assets: Cryptos, forex, indices, shares, commodities
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? With non-transparent withdrawal options and policies, traders can expect a wide range of problems along the way.  If you experience any, contact our refund specialists for free first consultation.

Legal Info: Is Heptagon Investments Legit Or A Scam?

One of the biggest proofs this company is nothing but a scam is its regulatory status. Firstly, the company should have a UK FCA license, and they don’t. Secondly, they could opt for any other European license, but they didn’t. The result is that many traders ended up with funds stolen and no option available to get them out.

Naturally, they started reporting the company to trusted regulators, and voila, the results were there. Currently, we have six warnings from top-tier regulators all over Europe, starting with FCA, BaFin, CONSOB, IOSCO, MFSA, and A-TVP. To be clear, FCA reported this brokerage to be a clone of a legitimate investment firm. When you see it, you won’t be surprised this broker disappeared.

Who Are Heptagon Investments’ Victims?

In general, with the Heptagon Investments scam firm, nobody was safe. Regardless of the company’s statements, it can’t provide services in areas where specific laws and regulations would prohibit such services.  

Anyway, most of the victims come from:

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada

If you are one of those as well, let us know about your experience with this firm. Also, don’t miss out on checking our YourGlobalDeal and  Apollo Cash reviews. If any of these swindlers took your money, feel free to contact us.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

A way to recognize investment scams with alleged UK brokers is their leverage. If they offer anything above 1:30 for retail traders, they are not legit. But be careful, if they offer any lower than that without regulations, you are still not safe. In any case, with the Heptagon Investments clone firm, you can get up to 1:500.

Other costs include average spreads starting from 1.5 pips, hefty commissions of $6 per lot on higher-scaled accounts, and numerous fees. You would have to pay costs such as a monthly dormancy fee of 10%, a $50 withdrawal fee for amounts below $250, and a 10% fee for withdrawals without minimum trading volume met.


In addition to all these costs that will probably wipe off your balance, there are bonuses. Yet, with unregulated scam brokers, these funds always come with a clause. Mostly with ones preventing you from making any withdrawals. So, be careful with those.

Heptagon Investments Trading Features

All the company’s trading features were questionable from the beginning. Primarily because of the company’s software choice and lack of licenses. All these signs, when put together, give you a clear sign to avoid this firm.

Trading Platforms Available

Besides the expected web-based platform that has zero advanced features, the company was also offering a Desktop Trader. Yet, downloading the platform is quite a risk since it’s done from another scam platform, ltd-fx.com. Currently, none of these platforms are active.

Available Trading Assets

Tradeable assets with Heptagon Investments broker are something that should be your last worry. All the company’s features and offers are suspicious after the mentioned warnings. 

Anyway, they didn’t offer anything you couldn’t find with licensed brokers, like: 

  • Forex – GBP/JPY, AUD/SGD
  • Commodities – natural gas, palladium
  • Shares – Amazon, Tesla
  • Cryptos – BTC, ETH
  • Indices – NASDAQ, CAC40

Account Types

Understandably, all the company’s account types included fake offers, such as personal account manager, trading signals, promotions, and many more fictive benefits. But those fictive features were available only if you deposited more money. Otherwise, they don’t care. The available options were: 

  • Entry – 250€
  • Silver – 2.500€
  • Gold – 10.000€
  • Platinum – 50.000€

Mobile Trading App

One of the big disadvantages of this firm was a lack of trusted mobile apps as well. All iOS and Android users should go through the hell of trading on a browser. That’s generally not something you want, especially if you are using some advanced strategies and techniques.

Demo Account

Exploring trading platforms and all of their options is quite common in the trading world. Yet, scam brokers often avoid that step because they don’t want to reveal all irregularities. That’s why demo accounts were not a part of the deal with Heptagon Investments Forex broker.


Of course, like any other fraudulent investment firm, they were offering webinars, VOD materials, trading sessions with market analysts, and much more. 

Yet, none of that matters since the company was operating without a license. Instead, we suggest you opt for tier-1 licensed firms and see what education means.

Heptagon Investments Withdrawal

As can be seen, the company was offering multiple depositing options. Yet, for withdrawals, the situation might be a bit different. Anyway, possible options were e-payments, bank transfers, and card transfers.

Wire transfers included a $50 withdrawal fee, and card transfers were charged $25 plus a $10 processing fee. Thus, with shady bonus and withdrawal policies, it was clear the company was not releasing any withdrawals.

Customer Support

Despite the e-mail and phone number provided, you won’t get in touch with the broker unless they want to. Especially if you are looking to get your profits out. Nevertheless, if you experience any trouble and need the company’s assistance, make sure not to use any remote-controlling apps. Such as TeamViewer. They can swipe your bank account balance very easily without you even noticing.

Key Information To Consider About Heptagon Investments

Everything about this trading firm smelled like a scam, even before the warnings were published. Those just sped up the process. In any case, web-based platforms and lack of transparency are the main issues. Of course, missing regulation is the key thing.

In any case, getting your funds back from this broker still might be possible. We suggest you book a free first consultation with our team and explore your options. Most importantly, it’s all your call in the end. Get in touch today!

FAQ Section

What is Heptagon Investments?

Heptagon Investments is a clone of UK UK-based investment firm that was presenting itself as a reliable and trusted broker based in the UK as well.

Is Heptagon Investments Legit?

No. The company was operating without necessary licenses and also, and there were multiple warnings issued. Some of the most important ones come from the FCA and BaFin.

What is a Chargeback?

Chargeback is a reversed card transaction after the dispute is resolved. To get assistance with it and start it today, contact our chargeback team.

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