IB Platform Review – Almost Believable But A Clone Nonetheless
IB Platform Review – Almost Believable But A Clone Nonetheless

IB Platform presents its services as digital investment banking. Professional traders and account managers employed at this platform have the goal to deliver the best account solutions, investment management, and a trading platform in addition. What’s more, this firm claims to be fully licensed by FCA, but sadly, that is not the case. 

Read this IB Platform review thoroughly if you wish to learn the truth as we uncover bit by bit of the complex scam behind this site.

Regulated by:  Unregulated Investment Firm
Is This Company Safe?  Unlicensed companies are not safe for investing!
Known Websites: https://ibplatform.info/


Have Warnings from: FCA, CIRO, OSC
Registered in: UK
Operating since: 2023-05-29
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5 (advertised), Web Trader (available)
Maximum Leverage: 1:100
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Not available 
Trading Assets: Forex, Crypto, Equities, Indices, Commodities, Metals
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Withdrawing from unregulated firms may not be plausible without legal help, so contact us promptly.

Public Warnings On IB Platform

IB Platform, also known as IBANK PLATFORM LTD, registered with the UK Companies House with registration number 08474022 and owned by Narayn, Siva, Dr is known to operate a fraudulent website ibplatform.info.

This company is trying to push the idea that they are an “official branch” of CMC Markets, an FCA authorized forex broker. This is an outright fabrication.

IB Platform is not regulated by the FCA, and this sort of a firm is known as a clone company scam. This unlicensed entity has been placed on the blacklists of other regulators as well, including CIRO and OSC.

Where Is IB Platform Most Active?

IB Platform was only launched in mid-2023 and not 2013 as the fraudsters claim. These nations have been especially impacted by their schemes:

  • Canada 
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Italy 

IB Platform uses paid online reviews, as well as activity from boiler room agents. If you are unfamiliar with the term, they are the people who keep pestering you over the phone with their “deal of a lifetime” investment ideas.

There’s also a myriad of fake awards and achievements on ibplatform.info , as well as a falsified connection to a reputable brokerage company. Every other swindler forces the same tactics – Aitech Markets is another one.

IB Platform Uses Paid Reviews

Many companies today try to boost their reputation through paid reviews, and other content. Con artists ramp this up to the max, and when you visit Trustpilot you will see great disparity between different testimonials. Morris Capitals employs the same technique.

It is through the activity of these so-called review seller networks that IB Platform manages to keep their reputation afloat somehow. We know the real story, though, and we’d like to hear about your experience with IB Platform. Contact us today, and start your chargeback process.

Trading Costs and Commissions

The trading parameters presented on the site do not match the values shown inside the platform. While the maximum leverage ratio is only revealed in the terminal (1:100), the site doesn’t refer to it. 

Trading costs like commissions and spreads are far lower on the site than in the trading area, where the starting spreads on EUR/USD are 4 pips with $7 commission per turn. 

Discreditable Trading Features

IB Platform is as dishonest about the trading tools as they are about the trading costs. Instead of actually providing the remarkable MT4 and MT5, only the unreliable web trader is present. IB Platform accounts don’t even exist – the swindlers clearly didn’t bother with creating separate packages. 

Finally, the offer of assets available for trading is just as boring as it is with any other fraudulent platform – ITBFX being one example. 

Basic Web Terminal

The rudimentary and barely responsive web trader is where all the trading is conducted. There’s no download links or web distribution for MT4 or MT5, as was first promised. You cannot rely on overly simplified and easily manipulated software for best trading results.

Average Assets Offer

Several groups of tradable instruments at IB Platform make for an average and underwhelming offer:

  • Crypto (BTC, BNB, SOL, LUNA)
  • Equities (Amana, Bjaz, Cencosud, Dlf-Nse)
  • Indices (AEX, BVSP, DAX40, FTSE)
  • Commodities (Brent, Cocoa, Corn, Lead)
  • Metals (Silver and Gold)

One Account For All Traders

Only a single master account is available for IB Platform login. Although clients can create any number of sub-accounts, no demo is available.

The trading accounts are only available with USD as a base currency. 

Substandard Education

The education materials found at IB Platform are limited in both diversity and content. Only very basic and short articles are available.

IB Platform education articles heavily simplify and downplay the inherent risks of trading on the global market. They only serve to nudge new victims into depositing new assets.

Problematic Withdrawals

On the client dashboard, we can see multiple IB Platform withdrawal options. These allegedly include bank cards, cryptocurrency transfers and bank wire transfers.

We say allegedly, because a large number of IB Platform traders complain about not being able to withdraw. If IB Platform starts giving you any headaches with their withdrawals, contact our legal experts.

Badly Implemented Customer Support

The sole way to reach out to IB Platform customer service is via email. While there is a separate “Write to your manager” tab in the dashboard, this can still only be done by mail.

IB Platform features a phone number as well, +442030973955. Nobody seemed to bother to answer it when we called, though.

I Was Scammed By IB Platform, What Now?

IB Platform is a known financial fraud, and many regulators have already blacklisted this company. The firm uses paid reviews, fake advertisements, and falsely implies a licensed brokerage as their business partner. All of the trading features found at ibplatform.info are a bait to lure new investors.

We have ample experience dealing with such faux investment firms. You may book a free consultation with our chargeback agents any time of the day or night through the live chat on this website.

FAQ Section

What is an IB platform?

IB Platform is a known clone company. This bogus firm tries to present themselves as an affiliate of an FCA regulated brokerage.

Is IB Platform Regulated?

No, IB Platform is listed as providing “Information technology consultancy activities”, and is not regulated in any jurisdiction.

Should I Invest In IB Platform?

It is better to stay clear from IB Platform. The company does not have a license necessary to provide their services.

How Long Does It Take To Withdraw Money From ibplatform.info?

While IB Platform claims to allow instant withdrawals, in truth they do not allow any payouts. Contact our legal professionals in order to start a chargeback.


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