Immediate Alpha Review – Alleged Free Education Comes With Big Hustle
Immediate Alpha Review – Alleged Free Education Comes With Big Hustle

This duplicitous site and the newest member to the “Immediate” scam family is just as fake and devious when it comes to fraudulent methods and legal background details. 

The only exception is that this one couldn’t be more obvious, as they face you with a disclaimer as soon as you open the homepage for the first time. There, it says that the company only provides marketing services and none of the trading, educational or investment advising. 

So take a look at our Immediate Alpha review to get proper insight into how affiliate campaigns work, how they can damage your budget and what to do in such cases.

Company type: Affiliate Campaign
Is This Company Safe? No, and you should stay away from platforms that are after your cash and personal info
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2023
Trading Platforms: None
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: No
Trading Assets: None
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? No payouts happen here – you’ll need big legal support to take your investments back!

Advertising Portal or Something More?

The welcome page couldn’t have been designed any better. Sweet talking will quickly entice investors to feel understood and at home when the website assures them that someone cares about traders expanding their knowledge and perfecting their Forex skills. 

That’s what the anonymous site in question does – urges newcomers to sign up so they can be connected to an exceptional educational resource that is completely free!

Who is that you actually signed up with? Unregulated brokers, of course, and other illicit entities like Bitvortax. They’re the ones that do the robbing and affiliates like the Immediate Alpha scam serve to gather victims which earns them their portion of the profit. 

That’s why the firm we’re reviewing doesn’t exist anywhere and there’s no records of it online, neither can they be traced in any business register – they simply do not exist outside the said domain. 

Uninformative Legal Docs

Only two legal papers are found here: Terms and Conditions, and a Privacy Policy and they provide zero useful information about the company itself and their line of work. 

If you’ve dealt with regulated investment powerhouses before, you are probably aware how detailed, comprehensive and insightful their legal documentation is. 

License issuers pressure reputable firms to be honest, fair and transparent about all of the trading conditions, costs and corporate information. 

Although affiliates and promotional schemes do not need regulation by law, they’re obligated to transparency. One single look at the publishings on this page will help you deduce that you’re dealing with a virtually anonymous entity. 

Newbies as Sitting Ducks

As previously noted, the domain was established in the beginning of 2023 as the majority of other similar sites of the same affiliate campaign group. So, the goal of this domain isn’t any different – they target enthusiastic, first-time Forex investors that are yet inexperienced enough with the fraudulent ways present in the markets. 

The site does publish that they are meant to engage in helping traders empower their trading skills and enable themselves to make educated trading decisions. They claim to do so by connecting investors with educational agencies. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  

What is actually done is personal data and contact info being collected to later be sold to offshore trading portals that are always on the lookout for new victims, like Coindex Capital. So far, the majority of clients originates from:

  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Belgium

Nothing Comes For Free

It would have been a great proposal to get free education by just signing up with, as they claim would happen. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It will cost you a lot more if you ever get tangled up in the labyrinth of their lies and deceit. Especially if you share your personal information that can be misused as a means of forcing unwanted communication. 

Nothing is free in life, including educational resources and priceless learning materials that are not available to just anyone. Forex advisors and expert traders sharing their knowledge for free do not exist – it would defeat their life goal purpose.

Signing Up – Not Recommended

The registration form found on this domain is exactly the same as the one found on countless other similar sites. Only difference lies in what they advertise. Whether it’s a free trading robot, education, investment advice or whatever, it doesn’t matter. 

Since this webpage only acts as an intermediary between learners and educational platforms, they do not engage in any way with you except when gathering your personal information. You’re probably directly signing up with an unregulated investment portal, faux exchange or similar monetary fraud. That’s something you find out after entering your sensitive data.

No Support Office To Contact

It’s ironic to see the website owners claiming to be at every client’s disposal and whenever their users find themselves struggling with any issue. That would mean the firm employs a dedicated support team that assists users with all potential issues and misunderstandings. 

We quickly determined that these promises were just another ruthless advertising plan and that no effective help desk exists. 

Without ever revealing any of the phone numbers, emails and physical addresses, the cyber criminals only allow you to send your inquiry via an online form. That is yet another red flag and a crucial detail that suggests the people behind the project are trying to stay anonymous. 

Keep Your Funds Safe!

No matter how alluring some services advertised on these promotional sites sound, they could never be fee-free, quick, automated or lucrative. Vast majority of sites similar to the subject of our review will have you thinking that they’re genuinely interested in helping you. 

Regrettably, they are not. Acting as mediums between clients and service providers, these sites are nothing but a click-bait. 

Fraudsters use such schemes to attract attention with their powerful propaganda and have you sign up just to perform data-theft which will cost you dearly. 

If you accept to play their game you will lose more than you were ever willing to pay. So please contact our recovery experts as soon as you sense you’re being manipulated and have your deposits stolen.

FAQ Section

What is Immediate Alpha?

The page is an affiliate campaign, serving for promotional purposes for the fraudulent firms.

Is Immediate Alpha a Legit Platform?

No, there’s nothing legit about their conduct and they’re fully anonymous.

Can I Recover Lost Crypto?

With the help of the right tools, software and educated individuals we employ, yes, you can.


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