Immediate Code 360 Review – AI Empowered Data Theft Company
Immediate Code 360 Review – AI Empowered Data Theft Company

The website advertising this company keeps bragging about incredible deals and passive income opportunities. Investing in crypto has never been easier, apparently, and all you need in order to become the next Jeff Bezos is to sign up and invest $250 with this shady company.

Let’s find out how this platform managed to become a menace for honest people in our Immediate Code 360 review.

Type of Company: Affiliated Campaign
Is This Company Safe? No, this is a promoter of fraudulent schemes so they cannot be trusted!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: Singapore (alleged)
Operating since: 2023-09-30
Trading Platforms: Immediate Definity 7.0 App
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: No
Trading Assets: Crypto 
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Payouts aren’t available! Contact our legal experts for help with money recovery. 

Confusing Legal Information

It was difficult to ascertain the actual name of the company in question. The site mentions multiple entities, named Immediate Code 360, Immediate 7.0 Code, Immediate 1A Definity, BTC Code 360 Bot, Bit Evex Ai, and Pro Trade Capex. This is done to increase the chances of successful hits on Google and other search engines.

The “contact” page mentions another firm altogether, that being Immediate Code XP PTE. LTD., allegedly operating out of Singapore. When we inquired with ACRA, we did not find any Singaporean entity registered under this name, however.

The company seems to provide widely disparate services, such as automated trading solutions, market analysis, and advanced trading software. All of these would require separate licenses, which this firm does not have.

Instead, they provide a disclaimer, stating that the job of the company is linking traders to brokers, which makes them an affiliate campaign of sorts. It’s true that affiliate campaigns do not require regulation, but this one is not transparent in regard to which broker the clients end up dealing with, something you’ll see with Immediate Alpha as well.

Malicious Modus Operandi

The mechanisms behind the fraudulent schemes such as this one are built on the connections with illicit brokerage portals. Immediate Matrix, for instance, displays the same pattern and engages boiler room agents to pester victims into signing up for the sites known as the “Immediate” scam family. 

All of the participants in the said group lead victims into the trap by feeding them lies about unmistakable automated trading software available after signing up. 

The single purpose of such schemes is to collect personal information that is sold to unlawful trading platforms, usually run by offshore con artists. 

It is no secret that these websites are appearing overnight, and the one we’re reviewing is a proof of that, considering that it’s only been operational since September, 2023. It’s also apparent that their main focus are developed countries, such as:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Ecuador

No Hidden Fees? 

An online trading platform, whatever markets it focused on, wouldn’t survive by never charging for their services and by offering everything for free. So any claims about using a trading portal without paying for it are complete and utter lies. 

For this concrete fraudster, it is easy to claim there’s no fees because they do not provide any of the claimed services. All they do is gather the contact information and sell it to other scammers or simply redirect the new users to their affiliate fraudsters.

Claims Of Incredible Features

Everything on the site is just empty bragging with no substance. The con artists say that they have the most advanced solutions, the best platform, the greatest in AI software, and so forth. In reality, it’s all done just to get people to invest without making an educated decision.

What Kind Of a Platform Is It?

The scammers are trying to push their product, software named Immediate 1A 7.0 Definity XP Version. They never say what it does, however, and constantly dance around the subject. In one part of the site, it’s an auto trading robot, and in another it’s a GPT derived matchmaking software.

Either way, the accuracy rate of their program is said to be 99.4%, which is practically impossible for current technology, no matter how advanced it may be.

Alleged Crypto Assets

The platform is said to include some trading amenities as well, yet we’ve already seen that the software doesn’t actually exist. Some claims about cryptocurrency assets are thrown about haphazardly, but as you might have noticed, there’s no real concrete information.

Every seasoned trader will tell you that the selection of trading instruments is something that makes or breaks the deal when choosing a broker. It’s ill advised to invest with any firm that hides their trading information.

Don’t Enter Your Credentials!

The account creation form with this website is a phishing scam, plain and simple. The purpose of the site is to gather potential traders’ information and sell it to the highest bidder. The collected information includes a name, surname, email and a phone number.

Getting that $250 minimum deposit value is a side hustle for these fraudsters. The amount of minimum investment is shown just to maintain appearances of some service to their clients.

No Profit – No Payouts!

The company selling bogus services doesn’t exist and it was never meant to provide any real trading services. So, in accordance with our findings, we cannot say that anything you encounter on this site has anything to do with genuine trading and money making. Rational thinking would produce a conclusion that, therefore, no withdrawals happen, either. 

Crypto being their main focus justifies the swindlers urging clients to deposit in digital currencies. The clients quickly lose control over their capital and cyber criminals remain anonymous thanks to these transactions being hardly traceable. 

Contact Can’t Be Established

At a glance, it may seem like the firm is dedicated to supporting customers on their trading journey. For that purpose, an email address, physical location and an online form are offered as communication methods. 

However, don’t let that fool you – no information you attempt to send ever gets to the portal owners. All of the contact details may as well be fake or simply fictitious. 

How To Recover Your Funds

It’s important to do a thorough background check before sharing your sensitive data with any company. Victims of this dangerous phishing scam report that they are getting harassed by tireless boiler room agents, and that they receive numerous threats by phone often in the middle of the night.

The danger doesn’t end there, as these cybercriminals also require a minimum deposit of $250 for their make-believe service. Recovering the lost money is possible, so contact our chargeback experts for more details.

FAQ Section

What is Immediate Code 360?

This is a website that promotes automated trading bots but is nothing more than an affiliate scam.

Is Immediate Code 360 a Legit Trading Bot?

No. The miraculous robot doesn’t exist and is just a bait serving the purpose of attracting victims.

Can I Recover Money From a Trading Scammer?

Yes, with enough proof and needed documentation, our legal experts can help you take your case to the courts.


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