IS6 com Review – Scam Reaching All Corners Of The World
IS6 com Review – Scam Reaching All Corners Of The World

IS6 com is a scam brokerage website with default language being Japanese, registration in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and their physical office in the Philippines and Vietnam! Such diversity is nothing new for companies who try to keep their anonymity at any cost. When it comes to licenses, on the other hand, they own none. 

What is the most disturbing is their world-wide coverage and the ability to reach just about any victim they set their sights on. So read the following IS6 com review carefully, so you can learn how to detect this sort of scam and protect your funds in time.

Regulated by: Unregulated Offshore Broker
Is This Company Safe? No regulation means the company is unsafe!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Operating since: 2000
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5
Maximum Leverage: 1:6000
Minimum Deposit: 5,000 YEN (~35 USD)
Deposit Bonus: Hinted but undisclosed
Trading Assets: Forex, Crypto, Indices, Metals, Energies, Stocks
Free Demo Account: Available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Withdrawals may appear difficult – contact us promptly in case of issues!

Lacking Licenses

The search for the IS6 com license had to start where the headquarters of the firm are. SVGFSA doesn’t regulate brokers, but IS6 Technologies Ltd is incorporated in the SVG under the company number of 26536, since 2021. That still doesn’t mean they’re licensed. INVcenter is another firm that is based on the same pattern. 

Next, the location of their official office is said to be in the Philippines. The financial institution regulating the securities markets participants there is The Securities and Exchange Commission, which doesn’t have IS6 com as a regulated entity listed in their register. 

Next to search was the database of SBV – the financial regulator of the Vietnamese jurisdiction. Alas, IS6 wasn’t licensed by them either! 

Finally, we also searched the JFSA register since the site’s default language is Japanese, but the search yielded no results. Not a single financial entity has regulated this scam company you should definitely be careful of!

Victims’ Locations

As hinted in the introduction, one of the most terrifying aspects of IS6 com is their effectiveness. The worldwide coverage is indisputable and the victims are many. Take a look at the countries where most of the victims live:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Nigeria 

The ability to reach so many diverse potential clients is ensured through beating the language barrier and then by employing the most talented, talkative and charming boiler room agents. These are so skilled in convincing people to invest that there’s hardly a way to get past them. 

Key to avoiding being scammed is rejecting any offers that sound particularly good and lucrative – especially if they require little to no effort. However, even in case of getting scammed, a solution exists – contact our legal support team for advice and help on the matter.

Trading Costs and Other Taxes

Let’s start with the hallmarks of scam – the leverage offered at IS6 com goes up to 1:1000, which is absolutely insane. The spreads didn’t leave us amazed either – the starting cost for EUR/USD is 1.6 pips. The website gives different costs than the platforms. These values are higher than what most regulated brokers offer nowadays anyway. 

However, the software keeps changing the parameters randomly, until at some point it shows spreads of up to 30 pips on EUR/USD! This suggests the broker messing with the values and prices to purposely make clients lose, so do not invest here.

Bonuses As Secrets

Bonus amounts are rewarded according to the account type you choose. The shady brokerage, however, doesn’t reveal what those amounts are. Also, they force you to accept their Bonus Terms and Conditions, without even letting you get familiar with the particularities first! 

Very characteristic for offshore brokers – PrimoTrade being another one of them. 

Trading Tools and Options

The IS6 com scam is well thought-through. Trading platforms available are the unquestionably leading software in the industry – MT4 and MT5. As an addition, account types are many and they vary in offer, however fictive it is, it is still made fairly rich. 

Lastly, the broker has made several groups of the most popular financial instruments groups available for trading. But let’s explore each aspect of the offer separately.  

Trading Platforms – MT4 and MT5

There’s hardly anything left to say about these remarkable platforms that we’ve not mentioned in the previous reviews. The reliability, comprehensiveness but also complexity and customizability they offer is limitless. The unfortunate circumstance is that they’re provided by an unlicensed broker, so their original purpose is defeated. 

Mobile Apps Present

It was quite smart for the IS6 com platform to also have MT4 and MT5 as mobile apps. Boosting their credibility and professionalism significantly, these apps are customized for the Apple and Android users. Clever way to make unsuspecting victims interested even more.

Tradable Asset Groups

Conveniently enough, the broker enables you to buy and sell all of the most popular financial products on the market. Take a look:

  • Precious Metals (Silver, Gold)
  • Indexes (DAX, HK50, JP225, NASDAQ, SP500)
  • Energies (Brent and WITI)
  • Stocks (Baidu, Coca-Cola, Google, GameStop, XPeng, Zoom)

Many Account Options

IS6 com account types differ in the amount of cash they require, and some particular options like maximum leverage and bonuses. The confusing element considering investing is that all the account prices are given in Japanese Yen:

  • Micro Account – ¥5,000 (~$35)
  • Standard account – ¥5,000
  • pro zero account – ¥20,000
  • 6,000:1 leverage account – ¥5,000
  • EX account – ¥5,000
  • Kureptor account – ¥5,000

Risk-Free Trading

Unlicensed companies are known for not allowing traders to explore the trading circumstances and environment as a whole. It was quite surprising that IS6 com allows trial trading with a virtual margin of up to $500 000. Don’t rush into believing their artificial conditions, though- they’re designed to attract you to invest!

IS6 com Withdrawals

Withdrawal methods the broker enables are bank transfers and several crypto currencies. The minimum IS6 com withdrawal amount for bank transfer is 50 USD or 0.001 BTC. Processing time is claimed to be only 1 to 3 business days, which is a bit unrealistic. Especially for illicit brokers that are prone to postponing, delaying and completely rejecting requests. 

If that happens to you as well, please make haste and contact our legal team instantaneously!

Customer Support – Anyone There?

We can’t tell if communication with the IS6 com support is plausible at all. The automated emails upon signing up came immediately, but that is all we ever got from the broker. It seems like the fill-in form is the only way to directly address the customer service. Naturally, as any other clever fraudster does, IS6 enables Telegram and LINE communication. 

IS6 cm Review – Summary

Although offshore located and completely illicit, this brokerage brand has invested a lot into designing their offer to seem rich and credible. That shouldn’t convince you to invest with them – they still lack regulations. 

Troubles with dealing with unregulated platforms come in many forms. Luckily for you, we’re able to address them all and offer you the proper legal support you need in solving them. On top of that, we do not charge the first consultation – contact us today!

FAQ Section

What Is IS6 com?

IS6 com is an illicit offshore broker without a proper license or regulation.

What Is The Maximum Leverage Of IS6 com?

The maximum leverage with IS6 com is astonishing 1:6000!

Where Is IS6 com Located?

Company itself is registered in SVG, while the company’s physical address is claimed to be in the Philippines and Vietnam.


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