Kockcom.cc Review – Limited Transparency Clear Sign Of A Scam
Kockcom.cc Review – Limited Transparency Clear Sign Of A Scam

The first problem anyone can recognize is that the company’s website is not optimized for any desktop device. This tells you about the level of professionalism in this firm. With such bad web-design knowledge, somebody should trust them about security skills. Sure!

Don’t make silly mistakes based on some shady social media advertisement. Make sure to check everything first before you deposit any money. Also, follow our advice in this Kockcom.cc review if you want your funds protected.

Regulated by: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: Kockcom.cc
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2023
Trading Platforms: Web trader
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Cryptocurrencies
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? With an absolutely anonymous approach and zero credible information available, it’s hard to believe this firm is legit. To learn how to protect yourself from crypto swindlers and get your stolen crypto back, contact our specialists today.

Legal info: Is Kockcom.cc Legit or a Scam?

Generally, at first glance, we can see this firm is undoubtedly a scam. Firstly, they don’t reveal any relevant legal information. Secondly, the company doesn’t reveal any contact details. But lastly and most importantly, they are not licensed by any top-tier regulator. Starting with the FCA, BaFin, ASIC, or CFTC.

Who are Kockcom.cc’s Victims?

In addition to the missing regulatory oversight, the company’s domain was just recently registered, in November 2023. This is not enough for any crypto exchange to build a reputation. At least not the good one. 

Anyway, due to the absence of Kockcom.cc reviews, we’ll have to rely on website traffic. It mainly comes from:

  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden

But anyone with any experience with this firm should share their opinion about them. Feel free to do so in the comments below. Also, you can contact us directly and get quick feedback about refund options.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

Another huge warning sign is that the Kockcom.cc crypto exchange doesn’t reveal any investment costs. Primarily not the maker and taker fees, which are essential. 

Unfortunately, a lack of transparency about fees leaves a lot of room for manipulation. But to learn how to avoid that, check our tips from the ECforex review.


Without transparent legal documents, we were not able to check if the company has bonus policies. Still, transparently, there are no such deals available. But if you get any, make sure to read the small print. Otherwise, you might get tricked and unable to withdraw any funds.

Kockcom.cc Trading Features

Another disadvantage of Kockcom.cc platform is that they don’t offer any analytical tools. Instead, they just reveal the listing of a few cryptocurrencies, their list prices, and changes in the last 24 hours. If that’s all that’s needed for success, all exchanges would offer the same.

Trading Platforms Available

Generally, trusted crypto exchanges develop proprietary apps and wallets. But with scamming ones, that’s hardly possible because they know they won’t be around for a long time. 

Instead, they offer traders web-based platforms with fictive crypto purchasing services. Yet, all the purchases go straight into their pockets.

Available Trading Assets

In general, if the company is not licensed, its instrument offers are quite meaningless. But even without it, Kockcom.cc exchange doesn’t have an admirable offer. Instead, traders can only choose between the most popular options like:

  • DOGE/USDT and a few more.

Account Types

Usually, companies find different ways to motivate investors to deposit more money. That’s a logical thing when it comes to investments because both sides potentially win. 

With crypto exchanges, traders often get better fees if they have a higher trading volume. Sadly, such an option is not available with Kockcom.cc scam exchange.

Mobile Trading App

One of the best ways to see if you can trust crypto exchange is to check their mobile app. If there’s any, of course. In the case of this company, such advanced features are a pure imagination. 

But to see why you need such apps, read our OneCryp.to review.

Demo Account

Another way to explore the company’s features would be a demo account. Still, we rarely see that with exchanges that only offer crypto-purchasing features. Yet, ones offering leveraged or spot trading of cryptos should have it in the offer. But that’s not the case with this company.


We would always suggest investors learn about investing to avoid any irregularities and misunderstandings. Once you know all the tricks, it’s quite hard to get you into something ingenuine. Thus, that’s the exact reason why Kockcom.cc company doesn’t offer any educational program.

Kockcom.cc Withdrawal

Another key fact is that the company is missing all withdrawal conditions. Starting with methods, fees, and processing time. With this in mind, traders can only expect the trouble along the way.

Primarily with some shady excuses scam firms are using to either extort more money or freeze clients’ accounts. Some of the most popular ones are KYC and AML Laws, verification issues, and non-existent taxes or fees.

Customer Support

Another major red flag for this firm is that they don’t offer any transparent contact options. Neither does the company’s “so-called” customer service work. Regardless of the option they provide. But most likely, it’s an encrypted one like Telegram.

Key Information To Consider About Kockcom.cc

Even at first glance, we can easily recognize this company’s unprofessionalism. Starting with their design, security, legal information transparency, and platform. Practically, there’s not a single reason available to believe they are legitimate, especially once you search for the company’s license information.

All in all, numerous problems are expected, primarily during the withdrawal procedure. Therefore, if you experience any issue, we suggest you report it immediately. Firstly, to local authorities. But also, you can do that with our refund team as well. Meanwhile, we can analyze your case and provide you with adequate refund steps advice. Most importantly, the first meeting is free. Contact us and book yours now!

FAQ Section

What is Kockcom.cc?

Kockcom.cc is an anonymous crypto exchange with very poor instruments offer and zero credibility.

Is Kockcom.cc a Legit Crypto Exchange?

No. The company shows zero interest in overall development and on top of that they are not licensed.

What is CipherTrace?

A tool that helps institutions track crypto exchanges and prevent illegal activities, but also helps with crypto refunds. Contact us to find out more.


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