Koypex Review – Pricing, Trading Features and Security
Koypex Review – Pricing, Trading Features and Security

In the first place, Koypex company doesn’t reveal its legal name. Neither do they have even fake details about the founder of the company.  

As it seems, T&Cs reveal the governing law for any disputes is one of Malta. Therefore, this company might be physically registered there. But to find out if we can trust this firm at all, we have to start with some basics. Keep reading our detailed Koypex review and find out all you need to know.

Regulated By: No Regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: Koypex.com
Have Warnings From: N/A
Registered In: N/A
Operating Since: 2023
Trading Platforms: Web-based platform
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Cryptos
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? Considering the very anonymous approach and recent joining in the market, there are indications that withdrawals won’t be as easy as you think. If you experience any issues there, feel free to contact us for refund assistance.

Legal Info: Is Koypex Legit Or A Scam?

Generally, crypto exchanges nowadays should also seek regulations. In this case, a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) license is required. If a domestic country doesn’t offer such a thing, you can always opt for Tier 1 regulations. That’s in case the company wants to operate legitimately.

On the other hand, you have a Koypex crypto exchange that doesn’t have any. Yet, you are supposed to trust them with your money. Not the best move you could make. Especially for a company that claims to be the leading exchange in Europe. Yet, they are not listed anywhere.

Keep in mind that this company is using different brands as well. But with exactly the same page layout. Take a look at Koygex.com and Jamblex.com as well. That’s more proof they are absolute scams.

Who Are Koypex’s Clients?

In general, you can recognize Koypex scam activities through false statements. The main reason they are not on top of any list is because the company is registered in September 2023. At least, that’s what who.is records show us.

Nevertheless, they are slowly expanding their activities in Europe. Primarily in Eastern and Middle European countries. Some of the most targeted countries are: 

  • Poland
  • Czechia
  • North Macedonia
  • Bosnia & Herzergovina

Keep in mind that these swindlers don’t hesitate to use celebrities in their ads. To be specific, in the case of the Koypex exchange, they are using Elon Musk and MrBeast’s name in their campaigns. If you have ever been scammed with similar tricks, know there are ways to recover even crypto transfers. You can contact our chargeback specialists any time and book a consultation.

Investment Costs With Koypex

To be fair, investment costs with the Koypex.com exchange are completely irrelevant. After all, every cent you send to their wallet will stay there. 

Anyway, the company promotes highly attractive fees below 0.1%. In addition to that, you’ll have different benefits depending on your trading volume. Of course, fees should gradually drop.

Koypex Trading Features

Generally, there’s nothing much a crypto exchange can offer. You can choose spot trading, leveraged trading, staking, and exchange services. All of these are features available with this company. Yet, there are some irregularities that will concern you.

Trading Software Available

One of the leading problems with this exchange is a lack of a trusted trading platform. The company doesn’t offer trusted desktop software or wallet. Instead, you’ll trade on their web-based terminal.

However, you should know that such platforms are often fictive. Their agents can easily present you with false information and control your emotions.

Available Trading Assets

Another fictive thing about this company is the instruments offered. When you are transferring funds, be sure you are purchasing crypto. But only for their pockets. Anyway, for trading on this platform, you can choose: 

  • LUNA/USDT and a few more

Account Types

Even though there’s no classic account type separation, there are different trading levels. To be precise, the company has 7 different levels, and their fees depend on your trading volume. Practically, that’s the only benefit. Yet, if you can’t withdraw any funds, these benefits are meaningless.

Anyway, anything below 30 BTC will include 0.075% maker and taker fees. Just for better understanding, 30 BTC is worth around $840k at the time of writing. Unless you trade that amount of money, you won’t get any specific benefits. To find out how to avoid these tricks, check our TradeSimple review.

Mobile Trading App

Another disturbing fact you’ll see in this Koypex review is that the company doesn’t have iOS or Android apps. Therefore, trading on a mobile is expected to be a nightmare. Firstly, because of manipulation issues. Secondly, due to the potential lack of optimization of their web-based platform.

Demo Account

Logically, the company that is hiding so many things won’t reveal its flaws easily. That’s why we can’t access the trading room without registration. Yet, without regulations and trusted mobile apps, you shouldn’t even consider that move.


Important to realize is that even scam companies often offer some kind of education. After all, they are trying hard to look legit. Yet, with the Koypex exchange, not even that is available. This is quite disappointing, considering that cryptos are fairly new for some traders.

Koypex Withdrawal

Overall, withdrawals are the biggest problem with shady crypto exchanges. Even though Koypex has transparent fees and processing time, that’s irrelevant. They are not regulated, and complying with their terms and conditions is optional.

Anyway, the withdrawal processing time is 24 hours upon identity verification. Which is often tricky, and you can expect surprises. The only available withdrawal method is crypto. But be careful because the company might offer you VIP packages for faster withdrawals. Yet, those might include some malicious actions that will prevent you from withdrawing anything.

Customer Support

Another disturbing fact is that this company doesn’t offer any kind of contact options. Not even an e-mail. Which is definitely a sign you should avoid them.

Apparently, there are some Telegram and WhatsApp groups where you can contact them for partnership. However, these are often used by scammers due to end-to-end encryption. Learn what contacting options to trust through our honest AF Group review.

Key Information To Consider About Koypex?

Literally, there’s not even a single positive fact about this company. Firstly, lack of transparency and regulations. Secondly, they are using web-based platforms instead of mobile apps. Lastly and most importantly, they are a freshly registered company with a highly suspicious withdrawal policy.

All in all, too many red flags. In any case, you should know that even crypto transactions are traceable nowadays with our CipherTrace tool. Yet, regardless of the funding method, you can book a consultation with our refund experts and find out your next steps. Don’t waste any time and contact us today!

FAQ Section

What is Koypex?

Koypex is an absolutely anonymous crypto exchange operating most likely under different brands from the same country.

Is Koypex a Regulated Crypto Exchange?

No. Koypex crypto exchange doesn’t have any licenses. Especially not Tier 1 such as FCA, BaFin, and ASIC.

Can I Recover Stolen Crypto?

Definitely. Every crypto transfer leads to a verified wallet and that’s the key to a refund. For assistance in getting stolen crypto, contact our crypto experts for assistance.


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