Liffecoin review

Without any regulation, warranty and identity of the website owners presented, Liffecoin asks you to deposit and trust them to make you rich overnight. With bold claims about making the crypto mining process easier and money making faster, Liffecoin earns your trust just to stab you in the back later. 

This fully anonymous crypto mining platform and online trading services provider doesn’t reveal their true location, their parent company and their leadership team. As a matter of fact, some links to the legal docs seem to be published, but they’re out of reach until you sign up. However, that’s where the problems start. 

Joining the Liffecoin website seems to be unavailable at the current time. The reason for that remains hidden, but our Liffecoin review uncovers all the facts and brings you nothing but the truth about this dubious scheme. 

Regulated by: Not regulated
Is This Company Safe? Unregulated companies are thieving websites that are not safe!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2022-07-13
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Crypto
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Withdrawals are next to impossible without legal help!

How is Liffecoin Governed?

The Liffecoin login is necessary to access any of the features advertised on the website. That right there is the first red flag. By forcing you to join, Liffecoin conceals the real face of the scam. In difference to that, regulated brokers have their legal docs and company information public and available for everyone. 

Liffecoin further doesn’t reveal anything about their ownership or location. The company you’re about to entrust your crypto capital is an incognito scam. Since we didn’t have any starting point from the broker to conduct a proper research, we had to do what our practice requires when we deal with such cases. 

Going through the registers of Tier 1 regulators like FCA, CySEC, ASIC and NFA showed us that the leading world regulators are unfamiliar with Liffecoin. Not having a Tier 1 license suggests that this broker is a fake firm or a one-man-company that hardly has any knowledge of Forex or crypto mining at all. 

The biggest concern that arises from this is the security problem that Liffecoin neglects to cover. Although the homepage of the fraudulent broker does mention security, nothing can guarantee your funds are stored in segregated bank accounts. Furthermore, the broker doesn’t implement the compensation funds and negative balance protection as a risk reducing measure. 

The crypto market is strictly regulated everywhere where the most influencing financial institutions oversee the markets. Maximum leverage for crypto in the UK and EU is 1:2, while it goes up to 1:5 in the US. None of the fake crypto platforms and brokers respect it. Due to its high volatility, the market is too unstable to predict, so the risks in regulated environments had to be lowered as much as possible. 

Crypto scams like Liffecoin and Cryptorichs purposely push you into risky investments without knowing what is really at stake. So keep reading this review to get fully familiar with their devious methods of scam and manipulations. 

Where do Liffecoin Victims Live?

Ever-rising popularity of digital coins has caused an expected increase in the number of scam platforms, fake mining services and various other shams. We could call Liffecoin an opportunist for ceasing the chance to earn. However, they’ve done it in the worst possible way. The financial catastrophes their behavior leads to isn’t justified by absolutely anything. 

Soon it will be almost a year since the domain was established, and still they haven’t been stopped from financially ruining traders worldwide. Liffecoin focuses their fraudulent conduct on these areas:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom

By promising exceptional, AI powered tools and other advanced technologies that bring stable daily income is one of the promises that Liffecoin fabricates. However, there’s a palette of other lies present on the website: guaranteed returns, fast-mining, earning based on the effort of the AI or a dedicated account manager/professional trader. All that, paired up with the false claims about the highest security levels and insurance service to prevent you from any possible loss or safety breach.

Traders that are not sufficiently familiar with the scam tactics could easily loosen up and start trusting the boiler room agent that is playing with their naiveness and optimism. Using their lack of experience against the newbie investors, scam agents are quick to convince them to invest and then steal their entire life-savings. LC Markets manifests the same red flags, so watch out for their attempts to scam you, as well.

Preventing this from happening to you isn’t impossible. By contacting our customer service, you can connect to a legal expert that can advise you and offer you the necessary support in recovering your funds. 

What Products are Available at Liffecoin? is advertised as a premium crypto mining solution, but also a trading platform with advanced security and trading conditions. However, you can’t get any additional information about the concrete products without becoming their customer first. Opening an account, however, turned out to be impossible for us. 

Every time we were instructed to input the verification code sent to us via email, the page kept rejecting us with two recurring messages. One said that the code was expired and the other that the code was incorrect. This has prevented every and all our tries to get more intel on what particularly Liffecoin has to offer. 

There are several sections on the website, like Trading, Mining and New Coin, but we couldn’t access them and judge the quality and the variety of the offers. We could only guess that trading refers to price speculating on various markets and buying and selling of financial products. Mining would imply the techniques and software available for mining crypto coins. New coin is a mysterious feature. We can’t even guess what it could mean.

Does Liffecoin Provide a Demo Account? 

From what the website doesn’t explicitly publish, it doesn’t seem like Demo account opening is an option at As already elaborated in the previous section, new account opening is probably reserved for the handpicked victims. It isn’t available for everyone, or it could just be that Liffecoin has decided to remove that option from their site at the time being. Logically, there’s no option for the Demo account, just like there’s none for the real trading account registration.

Customer Support

Every swindler wants to make you feel safe using their shady services. Some achieve that by promising the existence of diligent and helpful customer support. Liffecoin claims their customer service is available for everyone 24/7. However, communication channels are not revealed. This is yet another aspect of the website that was off limits for visitors without an Liffecoin account. 

The Opinion Of Our Experts On The Account Of This Broker

Liffecoin is a crypto mining service and a brokerage platform for crypto trading that’s been actively scamming traders since July, 2022. Nothing that this dubious website displays is new or never seen before. As a matter of fact, all of the warning signs and red flags are there:

  • Anonymous, unnamed company behind the website
  • Severe lack of transparency
  • Issues while registering an account
  • Absence of permissions and regulations
  • Questionable software and trading tools 
  • No legal docs and omitted withdrawal policy

If you’re a Liffecoin customer and consider your capital and privacy to be jeopardized, you should contact us immediately. Not only can we help you resolve the persisting issues with Liffecoin, but we can also advise and support you in starting a chargeback and getting your funds back. 

So, contact us today, and allow us to help. You can help us in return by providing us with sufficient info about this sham that would help us alert the authorities and bring the swindler to justice! 

FAQ Section

Is Liffecoin Safe?

No, this website has questionable ownership and policies governing its conduct. The regulation is missing too, so we cannot recommend them to anyone.

Can I Trade On A Mobile Device?

Liffecoin doesn’t advertise a proprietary mobile app and it is not verifiable if the trading platform could be accessed from the mobile browser.

Is Liffecoin A Secure Place For My Money?

Without a confirmation from a financial authority, Liffecoin isn’t considered to be safe. Having issues with this scam is expectable, so contact us promptly if you’d like support in resolving those issues.

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