Luxpoll Review – How Users Describe the LFEX Scam Website
Luxpoll Review – How Users Describe the LFEX Scam Website

Hiding behind a green, low-carbon agenda lies a ruthless fraudulent business, ready to pounce on the first sign of interest. The website of this self-proclaimed cryptocurrency exchange has very little to offer besides the empty promises of grandeur.

Don’t fall for the trap! See the remainder of our Luxpoll review to learn more about crypto frauds and how to recover assets lost on one.

Regulated by: Unregulated Crypto Exchange
Is This Company Safe? Without proper licenses, this firm is just another fraudster in the sea of them!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: Singapore (alleged)
Operating since: 2023
Trading Platforms: Web Trader
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: No
Trading Assets: Crypto
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Your withdrawal attempts will most likely be sabotaged – get help with cash recovery from our legal experts!

Unlicensed Exchange

To learn where the firm is allegedly operating from, you’ll need to consult the User Agreement. The document states that in case of any dispute, the legal precedent goes to the jurisdiction of Singapore.

Singapore is considered a developed financial center, and their main financial regulator, MAS, has a reputation for being strict. The trouble is, Luxpoll exchange doesn’t appear in the MAS register of licensed entities. This is a solid proof that the firm is not regulated by this authority, which debunks any of the fraudsters’ claims of legitimacy.

We strongly advise investing with any unregulated exchange. Many of them, including this one and Tokencan, exist solely to steal the invested crypto assets.

Users Share Their Opinions

While there are currently no Luxpoll reviews on popular platforms, the company is not exactly completely unknown with the trading public. Victims of this fraud have posted numerous Reddit articles and forum posts which reveal the site for what it truly is.

If you’re one of thousands that have been swindled by these con artists, the last thing you should do is keep quiet! Contact our legal experts today in order to start a recovery procedure for the money you lost.

How Online Frauds Work

The domain was created in 2010, but did not host any crypto related business until 2023. Majority of site visitors are from these countries:

  • United States
  • China
  • Brazil

The scheme functions via various dating apps and online chat services. The strategy is known as “pig butchering” in the scam circles, and involves a faked romance where one of the partners is in on the strategy.

They use their charms to introduce a hapless victim into the world of online trading. Slowly, the mark would get dragged into these chat rooms where users discuss alleged unrealistically high profitability by other members. The mark will be urged to invest, only for their money to be stolen by the charlatans.

Service Fees Unrevealed

Anonymous crypto providers usually tend to market their costs and fees as low and affordable. The same practice is detected on this portal, as well. However, such claims have little to do with reality. Just because the Luxpoll spot trading fees are not revealed, doesn’t mean they are not charged.

True costs of services are only seen when it’s already late, unfortunately, and usually when you complete the transaction and want to withdraw cash. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the leverage, for example, being exaggerated like what the 4xAi con offers.

Poorly Designed Tools Keep Failing

This crypto trading firm has apparently never heard of transparency and fair play. All this company practices is false advertising in order to attract clients, while all of their services seriously disappoint. From faulty software to unreliable registration service, everything seems to be falling apart.

You Can’t Trust This Terminal

Although the Luxpoll crypto web trader seems up to date with the latest market information and price changes, don’t let that fool you. The graph remains inactive and is basically just an image, so it can’t be used until you commit real cash. 

Several columns cover the majority of layout and offer mostly useless information when it comes to educated decision making. The only active buttons are buy and sell.

Mobile App Downloaded From Site

Say you’re trying to download a trading app from a well-known crypto trading platform. Naturally, you can find it in popular app stores like Google and Apple. 

In this case, the only way to download the Luxpoll app is to scan a QR code on the site and download it directly from their own server. This is extremely risky to say the least, so we recommend avoiding such actions.

Spot, Futures and Options Offered

At first, it may seem like the offer of digital assets and pairs is quite rich on this site. Unfortunately, that is not the case. What is certain and apparent from examining the trader is that there’s several groups of pairs to trade:


Besides these, the exchange has an offer of Luxpoll NFT products sold at 0.5 USDT per unit and with the option to lock the assets for up to 120 days.

Account Creation Blocked

Registration for a Luxpoll login is only allowed to those that own an Invitation Code. This unique numeric combination is only given to handpicked victims, probably previously contacted by boiler room operators. 

Without it, we weren’t able to register for an account. Such a turn of events has altogether prevented us from even accessing the user panel and examining other aspects of the service.

Why Don’t Payouts Work?

Since our chance to examine the client zone ended in failure, we had to rely on the scarce information in legal documents. There, a range of payment methods is listed, including:

  • Apple Pay
  • Visa and Mastercard
  • MoonPay
  • Bank transfer
  • Crypto – Tether (USDT) , Polygon (MATIC), Dogecoin (DOGE)

As many of the defrauded clients have reported, withdrawals are denied without any reason. Those who have attempted to cash in their profits had to face the fact that all their alleged profits were purely fictitious. Others have struggled with astronomical costs upon withdrawal requests. That’s more than enough reasons to avoid this portal entirely.

No Support for Non-Clients

Assessing the client help desk is only available to those that are already members. New users or potential future clients who are struggling with account creation can’t request assistance from the support office without an account. 

Considering the aforementioned difficulties, we couldn’t determine if there’s any way possible to reach out to customer service.

Cryptos Stolen? We Can Help!

This exchange is a fraudulent business that exists to steal the invested crypto coins. While the situation may seem bleak, there is a way to recover the stolen assets. Book a free consultation with our team via the live chat in order to begin a recovery procedure.

FAQ Section

What is Luxpoll?

It is a bogus crypto exchange that steals the coins from their investors. If you’ve fallen a victim to this scam, contact our experts for help.

Is Luxpoll Exchange Legit?

No, the company is neither registered nor authorized by any regulatory authority.

How Does Luxpoll Lure Victims Into a Scheme?

This con scheme uses the so-called “pig butchering” strategy to defraud victims. It involves a faked romance to lure an unsuspecting mark into a trap.


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