Review – Fake Details, Warnings, and Main Issues Explained Review – Fake Details, Warnings, and Main Issues Explained investment firm appears to be registered as the Merobit LTD in the UK. Even though address and legal information appear transparent, there are some key facts that could make a difference. Starting with regulatory oversight, platform transparency, and much more. 

We suggest you read our review thoroughly. Otherwise, your funds might get trapped before you even notice.

Regulated By: No Regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings From: FCA
Registered In: UK
Operating Since: 2023
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $25
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? Without the FCA warning, you could predict withdrawal problems, but with the warning, you have an absolute guarantee. In case you experience any, feel free to contact us and get a free first consultation about the refund procedure.

Legal Info: Is Legit Or A Scam?

Since this company is investing the clients’ funds in the market, they must have a license. As a UK company, the first choice should be the FCA. Consequently, they could get some other Tier 1 trusted licenses. Such as BaFin, ASIC, or CFTC, depending on the countries where they operate.

However, instead of a license number, research revealed only a warning against this firm. Nothing less but from the FCA. From the moment you realize the company is not regulated, you can forget about any protection there.

Who Are’s Clients?

Even though they don’t reveal their registration date, database shows at least some details. In fact, this firm has been active only since October 2023. Luckily, in a bit less than two months, their activities were exposed.

Hopefully, scam activities can help other traders avoid falling for the same tricks again. So far, the most targeted countries by this company are: 

  • United States
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • South Africa

Let us know more about your experience with this investment firm. Ultimately, our refund team can analyze your problem and offer you a solution.

Traders Reviews

Another big sign of a scam is the Merobit LTD reviews. Shockingly, 90% of the comments out of 38 on Trustpilot are negative. Through those reviews, you can easily recognize Ponzi scheme patterns.

All the company’s activities seem to be misleading. Therefore, we suggest you apply for a refund as soon as possible. But also, check our advice from the FinnexBot review and learn how to keep the funds safe.

Investment Costs With

With this investment firm, the only thing traders have to do is deposit the funds. The company would trade in some way on the market, gain profits, and share 5%-6% daily with a client. Yet without any fees or commissions transparently published. In addition, they don’t reveal under what conditions they are trading.

Anyway, it sounds a bit unrealistic to use such services, regardless of guarantees. Especially if those are coming from an unregulated company.


Since the company provides customers with practically free money, the plans do not include bonus offers. In general, this is a positive thing. Definitely, bonuses would be just another trick to swap the attention from a withdrawal to a deposit. Trading Features

Except for a short motivational speech and video presentation, none of the real features are revealed by the company. Magically, they appear to gain 6% daily in various markets. Of course, deposits can only be made through crypto to get there. Which leaves no trace of the company’s ownership. Smart move, but not that smart.

Trading Platform Avaialble

Generally, none of the investment plans reveal the platform the company is using. In any case, you shouldn’t hand out your money to an unknown firm. Especially not the one exposed by the regulator after two months. 

Instead, opt for Tier 1 licensed firms and choose trusted tools. For more clues, we invite you to read our honest TraderVesta review.

Available Trading Assets

Considering the company’s payment methods, don’t be surprised if they tell you to only trade with cryptos. Even though it’s the fastest-growing type of asset and quite volatile, don’t bite it. Even to trade cryptos, the company should have a license. Anyway, the fully transparent instruments are not revealed.

Account Types

In the company’s presentation, we can only see two account type options. There’s a Starter and Premium account available. The first one requires a $25 minimum deposit, and the Premium traders have to put out $2.500.

On the positive side, deposit cancelation is available on both accounts. However, that would include a 20% cancelation fee. Overall returns for a Starter account are 250% after 30 days. Magically, once you deposit more, you get higher returns of 340% in 30 days.

Mobile Trading App

Accessing your investment portfolio on a mobile device is possible thus, only through the browser and not a dedicated app. But you should keep in mind one simple fact. Web-based platforms can present fictive details.

Demo Account

Unfortunately, free access to the company’s platform and activities is not possible. Neither do they offer any trial period to see if they can match the advertised. In any case, you should keep the control of money in your hands.

Referral Program

The key detail exposing this Ponzi scheme is the referral program. With three different levels, traders can earn between 1% and 5% commission. All they have to do is bring more people in.

Ultimately, such schemes collapse, and the company disappears. Unless you are really satisfied with any service, you shouldn’t recommend any company, regardless of the business. Withdrawal

The processing time of a withdrawal varies. For initial deposits, it takes up to 48 hours. However, for gained profits and commissions, it is up to 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount for the main cryptocurrencies is $10, while for the alternative ones is $5.

Even if the company releases some funds, be sure those amounts won’t be high. But most likely, they won’t release what you want in the end.

Customer Support

To get in touch with the company, you can only send an e-mail. Which is not the most convenient method when you are giving away money. Imagine banks not having a call center. 

Since working hours are not revealed, you can only pray for an answer. But most likely, the response time depends on your request. Whether you are asking to deposit or withdraw the funds.

Key Information To Consider About

Firstly, the company has all the signs of a Ponzi scheme. On top of that, they are providing services without authorization. Moreover, there’s a warning from the FCA. Finally, numerous reviews point out all these problems.

All in all, traders have zero reasons to trust this firm. But if you did, our specialists are there to assist you. Book your first consultation completely free if you want to find out how to recover stolen crypto!

FAQ Section

What is is a fraudulent investment allegedly registered in the United Kingdom in October 2023.

Is a Legit Investment Company?

Not at all. The firm is not regulated, there is a warning from the FCA and everything leads to the conclusion it’s a Ponzi scheme.

Is It Possible to Trace Lost Crypto?

Surely. Every transfer ends up in a verified wallet. To find out how to track it down, get in touch with our refund experts.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

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