Okx338 Review – A Nightmarish Trading Experience That No One Needs!
Okx338 Review – A Nightmarish Trading Experience That No One Needs!

For a company that declares to be committed to building the world’s largest and most professional cloud computing mining platform, the Okx338 website looks incredibly poorly designed and simplistic. Nothing of what you see at okx338.com could possibly inspire you to perceive this firm as a serious company with huge turnovers. 

A number of claims on the site are trying to convince you to trust this shady financial services provider because they supposedly require no currency exchange, minimum deposit amount and provide stable income and free exit. You know, all the lies you typically hear online by every other financial swindler. Although the entry barrier to Okx338 is only 100 USDT, not even a penny is worth wasting with them. 

The supposedly US headquartered broker is actually an offshore, large-scale scam that targets English speaking natives. You can find out more about their real intentions and the malicious techniques used by reading our Okx338 review entirely.

Regulated by: Unregulated Offshore Broker
Is This Company Safe? Offshore firms are typically unlicensed and therefore, not safe!
Known Websites: https://okx338.com/
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: US (alleged), Seychelles (probable)
Operating since: 2023-03-11
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: 100 USD
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Crypto
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? No withdrawals are possible at Okx388 without the help of legal experts!

How is Okx338 Regulated?

The OKx338 scam had some real guts when they took upon themselves the endeavor of faking a US regulated brokerage and crypto mining firm. The US market is one of the strictest in the world, with CFTC and NFA so severely overseeing the activities of brokers that there’s no room for lies and improvisation. 

Okx338 would have to have a proper regulation issued by CFTC and be an NFA member ultimately. That is easily checked because NFA keeps their members list continuously updated. And guess what? Okx338 is not on it!

All the lies that Okx338 presents about their legal status are poorly crafted fabrications that carry no weight even in their own fictitious world of trading. Okx338 claims to have a permission from the State of Utah – Department of Financial Institutions in the form of “money transmitter license”. Ridiculously bad picture editing is all they present as a proof. 

No where is it mentioned the exact company credentials so you don’t even know who they stole it from. What’s more – that financial authority is regional and it oversees the activities of banks, credit unions, industrial banks and trust companies, not brokers! CFTC is the regulatory body US brokers need the regulation from.

After doing more research we’ve come to information that is more likely to be true. The Okx338 TrustPilot profile is that of a verified company established in Suite 202, 2nd Floor, Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Victoria

Mahe, Seychelles. Now that information is more likely to be true. Being unregulated and settled offshore gives the scammer enough room for deceptive techniques and fraudulent behaviors of all kinds. 

We’ve previously discussed the regulations of similar fake brokerage brands, like Samstar Capital, for example, and the dangers of investing there are many. Okx338 doesn’t store your deposits in segregated bank accounts and separately from their own capital. That is done for the purpose of misusing your funds and stealing them the second they’re invested.

Okx338 also doesn’t implement the security measures and your transactions and personal information are unsafe when stored with this faux broker. Offshore companies of sorts are located in the gray areas for legal reasons, and Okx338 is one of them. So, do not invest here if you do not wish to lose more than just money!

Who The Clients Are And How Okx338 Reaches Them?

In the three months that the scam has been going on over at Okx338.com, the reported victims seem to be mostly English speaking investors. Two countries with the highest numbers of defrauded traders are:

  • United States
  • Canada

There’s a good reason why Okx338 hunts exactly there traders. Not just because they have the investing power that many other investors don’t, but the US soil is where crypto coins have the biggest number of enthusiasts. 

Okx338 aims to spark interest in successful crypto mining with minimum investment and little actual effort, by promising trained professionals and automated systems to do all the hard work for you. Scam agents do so by relentlessly calling you, spamming your email inbox and your social networks until you either cut them off or decide to invest. 

Besides the shiny promises of huge wealth, secure investments and guaranteed returns, boiler room sellers are ready to propose just about anything. Not only will you hear about the ridiculous turns on investment, perfected trading tools and ultimate trading environment, but they go a step further. If you seem emotionally suitable, they will start treating you affectionately until you unconsciously start being emotionally dependent on them. 

When they’ve adjusted the terrain for manipulation, the money extortion may begin. These schemes usually last up to several months, before the victim becomes aware of anything. It is usually already too late to attempt withdrawals on your own at that time. Seeking legal help should become a priority if you find yourself in such a situation. However, do not panic, as we’re here to listen and help with any request.

The View Of Traders On Okx338

As we’ve already mentioned, the Okx338 TrustPilot profile is claimed and verified. The address of the company there is Seychelles, and that is why we didn’t, for a second, believe the scammer was headquartered in the US or regulated there. 

From the majority of opinions posted, it is evident that this firm uses false reviews to impress potential victims that are interested enough to come and read the traders’ experiences. Please take note of how big the contrast is between the number of positive and negative reviews. The same percentage of reviewers has given the positive and the negative rating – a total of 43% for each group. 

We advise you to cautiously read them all, for the sake of your own financial future. The excessively positive ones will show you what fake reviews look like and the negative ones will introduce you to the amount of damage that Okx338 is ready to cause:

I started with $30,000 and accumulated $120,000 in 2 months. I was encouraged so i put in $100,000. My account manager lost half on bad trading and it remained $50,000. 1 requested to withdraw the remaining fund but my request wasn’t granted.

OKX steal my money. They seem to help me but they just forwading my case to support team and support team does not reply. Their 3rd party app company does not response any support ticket either. I want my loss. OKX you need to pay.

Is There Any Open Information About the Platform? 

The Okx338 website is beyond simplistic, it is barely existent and contains only one page that is intended for mobile device users.

That said, it does have a button that leads clients to “the Machine”. We could see that this Machine is a Crypto Mining and Trading Platform, but unfortunately we were unable to gain access to the application propper. The main problem is in the fact that there is no way for new users to openly create a Trading Account. Every new client must provide an Invitation Code in order to gain access to the Trading functions.

Besides these few buttons and Okx338 Login forms, there is no information on how “the Machine’‘ works, or which functions it features. When compared to the industry standard software such as cTrader, MT4 or MT5, this Machine is severely lacking. Even calling it a piece of Trading Software would be stretching the truth quite a bit.

What Should I Do If I Experience Okx338 Issues?

Reviewing the Okx338 Brokerage was an arduous task. The company does not disclose any information besides the fact that they are registered in Seychelles, but this has also proven to be false.

To access any trading a client must provide a referral code. This means that this fraudulent company has a closed circle of victims, but it doesn’t make Okx338 any less dangerous than other trading scams like GuardianInvest.co.

In the case you have already deposited money to the Okx338 Scam, we advise you to seek professional help in recovering your lost funds. It is only a matter of time before the scammers pull the rug from under your feet and disappear for good. Luckily, our legal experts are on hand to help you with your chargeback.

Contact us using the Live Chat option on our website for the quickest response, and book a free consultation session today. With our help, you too can recover your lost assets!

FAQ Section

Should I Invest in Okx338?

You should absolutely not! This unverified company is an offshore scamming scheme from Seychelles that defrauds clients for their own benefit.

Is There a Welcome Bonus in Okx338?

The company doesn’t provide a welcome bonus but there’s a Daily Check-In bonus for existing clients.

Can I Get Acquainted With Services Without Registration?

You won’t be able to get too much information on anything that interests you until you become a client. But even that is not possible unless you have the invitation code. Okx388 is very picky about their future victims.

How Can I Take Back My Money From Okx338?

Scammers aren’t likely to return your investment or give you the accumulated profit. Your best bet would be getting legal help that we can provide. Only a well-trained and experienced legal expert can help you get your full investment back.


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