Petron Capital Review – Amateur Web Designer Sets Up An Unconvincing Sham
Petron Capital Review – Amateur Web Designer Sets Up An Unconvincing Sham

We were genuinely confused by the website. The site is so poorly translated to English, it looks like a grade schooler’s failed written exam, and the corporate logo is stolen from a cigarette brand. Surely, this couldn’t be a platform belonging to a brokerage company?

And indeed it doesn’t. It is a badly made scam website that targets people from Latin America. To learn more about online safety, read the remainder of our Petron Capital review.

Regulated by: Unregulated Forex Broker
Is This Company Safe? No, this firm is a fraudulent project and is not licensed.
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: CNMV, FSMA, FI, A-TVP
Registered in: Dubai (alleged)
Operating since: 04.10.2022.
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Crypto, Gold and Silver, Petroleum, Indexes
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Please contact our recovery service as soon as you find out you were scammed!

Illicit Origin Exposed

The badly designed website promotes brokerage services of a non-existent company, allegedly registered in Dubai, UAE. 

All financial services providers in that concrete jurisdiction have to abide by the regulatory rules of DFSA, a leading licensing entity. Their register of authorized brokers doesn’t include Petron Capital, however. 

In an attempt to establish if this brokerage agency is regulated at all, we’ve looked through the registers of most influential regulatory institutions. What we found were just warnings by CNMV, FI, A-TVP and FSMA, explaining that the conduct is not licensed. 

CNMV has also blacklisted Immediate Connect, which is just as dangerous and not recommended for any investing. So make sure you sign up for a safe deal that allows compensation and negative balance insurance above all.

Persuasion As The Main Tool

The fraud works by employing boiler room agents. They go through the phone number listings one at a time, and try to push the idea that they are market experts seeking new investors. If a mark shows interest in the story, they bite down like a rabid dog and don’t let go until they squeeze the money out of them.

The scheme was launched in 2022, with eyes set on these nations:

  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Dominican Republic

Unfortunately, the victims soon find out that they’ve been ripped off, but the company has set up the scheme in such a way to make withdrawals impossible. Recovering the money is still possible, albeit with the help of a professional.

Secrecy Surrounds Trading Terms

Unscrupulous trading sites always lack transparency regarding their line of work, true costs and trading conditions. The web presentation promotes alleged trading conditions that are unmatched by other platforms, yet there’s no full disclosure on any of the elements of the offer. 

It’s very characteristic to either see overly attractive pricing or no values given at all, as that leaves swindlers enough room to use sudden costs and other unexpected taxes. They often demand fees that are completely made up, unjustified, high and need to be paid in advance. 

Petty Trading Tools

We could argue how well the website even markets their fictitious services, considering the broken english and glitchy page elements. Objectively speaking, nothing is particularly worth investing here. The hidden platform consists of imported charts and there’s no specialized account types. 

Lying About Trading Software

The Petron Capital investment firm advertises a diverse palette of different trading applications. This includes a browser app, a downloadable app, and allegedly, the MT5 software.

This is just a case of false advertising, just like with the T4Trade fraud. In reality, it’s impossible to download any trading software, and access to the web trader is not possible without Petron Capital login.

Instead of a full-fledged trading environment, the clients may only browse different heat maps imported from TradingView.

Advertised Instruments 

Without being able to preview the platform, we cannot either confirm or deny the presence of the asset groups advertised on the site. The problem is, the web page itself does a pretty poor job describing the available products. These several groups of markets are mentioned:

  • Crypto
  • Gold and Silver
  • Petroleum 
  • Indexes

Uncustomized Packages

As far as we managed to find out, there’s only a single live trading account type available. No other bundles were described anywhere on the site. Another problem related to that is the fact that you won’t even be able to sign up unless you input a promo code. 

If you attempt to register without it, you’ll be redirected to the page asking for it. The single available package doesn’t feature access to trial trading and for all we know it could cost an arm and a leg, but the price isn’t revealed. 

Withdrawals Not Included

This bogus brokerage doesn’t even bother to mention any deposit and withdrawal conditions. Trying to access the Terms and Conditions only returns you back to the login page, and the site doesn’t feature any separate document outlining withdrawal policy. Without access to the user area, we couldn’t determine any of the withdrawal conditions and requirements. It could easily be that the only payout channels are the notorious digital currencies.

Our legal team has ample experience with these kinds of fraudulent entities. If you need help with asset recovery, consider booking a free consultation.

Online Form As Only Contact

The only method that the broker enables for contacting the Petron Capital support service is the online form. However, it doesn’t seem usable, as you can only input your name and email and send it, without describing your issue. That pretty much defeats the purpose of a functional web form. 

Other channels like online chat, phone number and email addresses for inquiries aren’t provided. It’s as if the customer service doesn’t want you to contact them at all. Or perhaps this feature doesn’t even exist.

I Got Scammed! What Now?

PetronCapital is a completely illegal entity that tries to appear as though they were registered in Dubai. In the real world, however, the firm is completely illicit, with no license or regulation to its name. It has been placed on the blacklist of multiple financial regulators for their predatory financial behavior.

If you’ve invested any amount with this unregulated broker, consider booking a consultation with our expert team. With our help, you may start a chargeback of stolen funds. Also, please do not hesitate to share your story online. The more people hear about these criminals, the lower their chances of defrauding any more retail traders.

FAQ Section

What is Petron Capital?

It is a self-proclaimed brokerage that provides unregulated services to the population of Latin America.

Is Petron Capital a Legit Investment Opportunity?

No, this firm is completely illegal, and does not have any license to provide their services!

How Can I Get a Withdrawal From Petron Capital?

It’s impossible to get a withdrawal from the company. Asset recovery is another story however, so get in touch with our chargeback experts and start fighting back for your money!


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