Profit Edge Review – Another Front For Ruthless Offshore Scams
Profit Edge Review – Another Front For Ruthless Offshore Scams

These guys are so thirsty for cash and new victims that they’re ready to shamelessly do just about anything and promise you the world. All in order to get you to leave your contact details like phone number and email, these miscreants have nothing but sweet talk, misinformation and false advertising to offer.

Find out what goes on behind the curtains and how these financial swindlers are truly connected and dedicated to. Read this Profit Edge review.

Company type: Affiliate Campaign
Is This Company Safe? No, this is just an advertising campaign for fraudulent schemes, so beware!
Known Websites:

Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 08.12.2020.
Trading Platforms: None
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: No
Trading Assets: Crypto
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? All payouts are disabled by the cons – contact our legal advisors for help.

Who Needs Affiliate Schemes

Those that have the most use of affiliate campaigns are the fraudulent brokers themselves. Not all of these firms are completely illicit, like Moonance for instance. However, they either operate without supervision or under quite weak and loose licensing standards.

Both of the Profit Edge websites reveal nothing about their company, who runs the operations and where they’re registered. These conducts may not exist at all, and only operate in the form of these shady sites. 

The purpose of both these domains is to collect your sensitive data and profit by selling it, or they simply earn commission by connecting you to illicit trading platforms. For engaging in such devious acts, the UK’s leading financial regulator – FCA, has blacklisted this con.

Accomplices To Various Criminals

The duo of these fraudulent domains has existed for quite some time now. The older one,, is a bit older, being founded in December 2020.

While the sites mostly operate without oversight, they generate the majority of traffic in these nations:

  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • South Africa
  • Denmark

These kinds of faux affiliate campaigns, one of which is Immediate GPT as well, provide an important service in the scam industry. They collect personal information of people interested in getting into the online trading business, and sell it to various unscrupulous boiler rooms.

Using Celebrities To Gain Momentum

It has become something of a trend with novices to try and look into the strategies of successful investors. The con artists know this, so they’ve put in a large list of most searched celebrity names onto their site. This helps the platform aggregate more traffic through search engines.

These are all carefully placed in a “rumor” section on the site, where a Profit Edge Elon Musk connection is dismissed as an unfounded rumor. The same goes with Profit Edge Martin Lewis affiliation as well, showing that the fraudsters are using every weapon in the arsenal to get more visitors while avoiding legal backlash.

Clients Are Disgruntled

You won’t find any positive feedback from the Profit Edge scam victims looking into the TrustPilot page, as all the reviews are negative. The site admins have flagged the company as engaging in scam and deceptive practices.

The company’s 4.41 out of 5 overall rating on SiteJabber is achieved through fake testimonials posted by review seller networks. This is a common deceptive strategy used by other similar scam sites, so it’s best to keep your guard up and cross-reference multiple platforms. 

Bigger Costs Than Expected

To ensure they get enough attention, financial swindlers often claim how their services are completely free of charge, how there’s no hidden costs or anything of the sort. They even propose a minimum deposit amount in order to make it seem like the access to these extraordinary tools is just a click away. 

Unfortunately, the truth is far more disturbing, as hidden fees are one of the most favored tools for the fraudsters to quickly get rich and manipulate you while extorting more money. 

Selection of Features: None

All you will ever be offered by these cheaters and manipulators are lies, deception and false promises. The marketed tools with remarkable accuracy and speed for swift trading experience do not exist. You won’t even see customized accounts or the possibility of Demo trading.

AI Trading Misconception

Thanks to an abundance of false information published by ignorant swindlers, retail traders get the idea about an unmistakable trading robot that could surely bring them profit. 

This concept is often misused to lure in unsuspecting victims that hope for quick gains despite their lack of experience. Sadly, all the affirmations about AI-powered algo tools with high accuracy remain only fiction to this day. The only alleged download button you see will force you into getting spyware.

Bitcoin in the Center of Attention

Digital currencies remain some of the most traded financial products of all time after their sudden jump in popularity and value. 

It’s no secret that these two advertising domains also try to focus their victims’ attention on crypto, especially the most popular one – Bitcoin. The cons accentuate the Bitcoin volatility and claim to enable common investors to profit from it. 

Don’t Sign Up!

While the sites will have you think signing up is easy, there’s nothing good to come out of that for you as a retail investor. You will lose even those $250 you’re supposed to cough up to buy your membership. 

Your personal information in the form of phone number and email address will be stolen and sold to boiler rooms that will terrorize you with calls. Also, you will be instantaneously registering for a false brokerage brand with questionable services.

Payouts Don’t Work

Like all the other affiliate scams we’ve reviewed many times before, this one also encourages crypto depositing and withdrawals. All cons have in common their preference for crypto payments because that channel allows them to remain anonymous and get away with theft.

What’s more, these transfers are hard to track and require specialized software. Luckily for you, we own such technologies and our chargeback experts can advise you on how to take proper actions in order to restore stolen investments.

No Customer Support

Neither of the sites has any customer support options, as all of the communication is one-side only. If you try to contact the firm directly, you’ll be led back to the same subscription form that requires you to leave your personal data. The provided FAQs are basically useless, since they serve as an extended advertisement.

Lost Money On a Scam? Don’t Give Up!

There are countless cybercriminals that are out to abuse your personal information, and they will try different nefarious ways to get it. One of the fraudulent platforms for gathering this data is the Profit Edge scam.

Some swindlers will actively try to get into your wallet as well. If you believe you’ve invested with an online scam, contact our legal experts in order to file a chargeback as soon as possible.

FAQ Section

What is Profit Edge?

This is a fraudulent affiliate campaign that collaborates with illicit online trading brands.

Is Profit Edge Legit?

No, and although affiliate schemes do not need regulation, this conduct is even blacklisted for selling products and services that neither exist or are licensed.

Should I Trust ProfitEdge With My Money?

Absolutely not. You will only lose even the little you invest. If you, however, need help with recovery, contact us promptly.


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