TheWavesMines Review – How Many Warning Signs Can You Recognize?
TheWavesMines Review – How Many Warning Signs Can You Recognize?

One of the first warning signs about this firm is that the ownership details are not disclosed. In addition to that, none of their legal documents are transparent, and the policy page doesn’t exist.

To make everything even more suspicious, you will see too many irregularities. But also some grammar issues, which is a sign that the company doesn’t care much. Their only goal is to extort money. One way or another, this honest TheWavesMines review can help you stay safe in the future.

Regulated by: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: AFM, CNMV
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2022
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $1.000
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? After multiple warnings and quite an unclear offer which includes crypto transfers, you can’t expect clean withdrawals. Therefore, if you deposited any money with this firm, you better start the refund process today! Get in touch with our specialists for detailed guidance.

Legal info: Is TheWavesMines legit or a Scam?

If you think that the website is legit, you are far from true. Two authorities have already exposed it as a scam. Not to mention, they are not regulated by any Tier 1 regulator. Such as FCA, ASIC or BaFin. Consequently, we can’t expect any honesty from the company. But most importantly, zero funds protection features.

To get back to warnings, the Dutch AFM published the warning. Following their example, Spanish CNMV wanted to protect its citizens as well.

Who are TheWavesMines’ clients?

As can be seen in database, this firm has been active for about a year. Since then, they have been spreading fake advertisements wherever they could just to gain more clients. Even though there are zero TheWavesMines reviews available, research shows they are targeting few countries. Those are:

  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • United States

Keep in mind that all investment firms operating in these countries must have a license. So, don’t get fooled by fake market specialists who will tell you anything different. But if you think that this or any other broker scammed you, our refund specialists are at your disposal for consultation.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

Since this firm is not operating as a CFD brokerage, it will use non-standard commissions and fees. Still, these conditions the company reveals are completely fictive. After all, they are not licensed. Therefore, they can say anything they want.

Anyway, the company has only a company commission and an administrative commission. Both of these will cost you 0.5% of the profit. But once you realize how they operate, these would be your last problem.

TheWavesMines Trading Features

All the investment opportunities are mainly focused on TheWavesMines crypto proposals. In fact, that’s the only funding method as well. Which is another reason not to trust them. 

Anyway, the company doesn’t reveal methods for generating fixed returns. Neither do they reveal what they are investing in. Consequently, there is too much space for manipulation.

Trading Platforms Available

As mentioned, the company doesn’t use conventional trading apps. Instead, clients will be provided with a web-based dashboard. Yet, we all know these can’t be trusted due to the high risk of manipulation. All the profits and data presented can be made up.

Generally, that’s why we recommend that anyone focus on licensed firms with cTrader or MetaTrader. For more reasons, read the EU Finance review.

Available Trading Assets

All the tradeable assets with scam company remain a mystery. They might present you with highly volatile cryptos or anything else, but don’t bite it.

Unless they are fully transparent, there’s not a single reason to trust them. Not to mention that with licensed firms, you can get countless investment opportunities. But also, be careful because that doesn’t necessarily mean they are reliable. Check our PrevailFX review and find out why.

Account Types

Overall, if you don’t understand the offer, you shouldn’t accept it. To be honest, TheWavesMines has quite a suspicious but also mysterious offer. There are three account types available without any specific conditions. Those are:

  • Starting – $1.000 – $10.000 deposit
  • Cheaper – $2.000 – $20.000 deposit
  • Premium – $10.000 – $100.000 deposit

Yet, all the accounts include fixed returns. Apparently, starting an account gives you an 800% return hourly. The cheaper account gives 2.5% every 30 minutes, while the premium gives 3.3%. For some reason, below deposits, it also says hourly. It remains a mystery if that’s required to be paid or if it’s another design mistake.

Mobile Trading App

Non-surprisingly, with such poor web design, we didn’t expect this company to have trusted mobile apps. After all, they want to keep themselves as anonymous as possible. Nevertheless, the company doesn’t even have a desktop app. So, keep looking elsewhere for reliable options.

Demo Account

Understandably, the completely anonymous company won’t give you a demo account for sure. With TheWavesMines scam company, you can either throw away $1k or look elsewhere. But we honestly suggest you second option.


Education with scam brokerages is a two-edged sword. Even if they offer it, it’s hard to determine if that’s reliable or not. But without regulations, you definitely know there’s nothing genuine there. They are practically building up for a moment where you will be pressured to deposit more money.

TheWavesMines Withdrawal

Since T&Cs, legal documents, and withdrawal policies don’t exist, neither do withdrawals. Not to mention, the company only accepts crypto payments.

Keep in mind these are virtually irreversible and anonymous transfers. In addition to that, the company doesn’t disclose any withdrawal fee, which is another suspicious fact.

Customer Support

No matter what kind of profits or services the company provides, they are worthless if they don’t have reliable support. Customer representatives are the bridge between clients and the company. Therefore, it’s better to look for professional and accessible ones.

In the case of TheWavesMines, you can only pray for their response. Firstly, they only offer e-mail and live chat. Secondly, they don’t disclose working hours.

Key Information To Consider About TheWavesMines?

Literally, everything about this company is questionable. In the first place, they are not licensed by any trusted authority. Also, there are two warnings against this firm. In less than one year of its existence. If you add up to that mysterious platform, shady funding methods, and unclear conditions, you get a recipe for a disaster.

Therefore, we recommend you get the funds out of there as soon as possible. If you have trouble with it, you can book a free first consultation with our chargeback team. Once you know the steps to get the funds back, you will trade more comfortably in the future. Don’t waste any time and contact us today!

FAQ Section

What is TheWavesMines?

The Waves Mines is an absolutely anonymous company offering investment plans for inexperienced investors with fixed daily returns.

Is TheWavesMines a Legit Investment Opportunity?

Not at all. Firstly, the company is not licensed by any trusted regulator. Secondly, AFM (Netherlands) and CNMV (Spain) have issued a warning against them.

Can I Recover Crypto Lost In an Investment Scam?

If you are using our CipherTrace software you can track your crypto transfer and start the refund process. To get started with it now, contact us and book your meeting.


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