Tools4Deals Review – Inaccurate Details Provided To Manipulate Clients
Tools4Deals Review – Inaccurate Details Provided To Manipulate Clients

One of the leading signs that a broker is not genuine is a lack of transparency, primarily about the ownership details. Even though they claim to be registered in the Netherlands and Singapore, you can’t check it.

Most likely, they are non-existent or offshore registered company. In any case, not a good start. But stay with us, because this Tools4Deals review brings many more shocking facts.

Regulated by: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: AFM, FSMA
Registered in: Netherlands, Singapore
Operating since: 2023
Trading Platforms: Web trader
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: Available
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company?
Considering an absolutely anonymous approach and a wide range of bogus lies, you can’t expect smooth withdrawals. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be warnings issued against the company. In any case, you can contact our refund experts if you are looking for options to get your money back.

Legal info: Is Tools4Deals legit or a Scam?

Tools4Deals scam is practically obvious. The company claims to be regulated, yet they don’t provide a license number. On top of that, they choose the fake Crypto Service Authority license. Even if it exists, it would be a self-proclaimed regulation.

However, this broker should have AFM (Netherlands) and MAS (Singapore). Yet, none of those registers have any traces of the broker being regulated. Neither does any other Tier 1 regulator. Starting with ASIC, FCA, and BaFin. Instead, searching for their license brings you proof of their scam. It’s a warning from AFM, which FSMA republished.

Who are Tools4Deals clients?

Looking at the database you can see this brokerage is quite fresh in the business. Their activities since 2023 are not genuine, and most targeted clients are from:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom doesn’t have any of the required authorizations to provide services in these countries. Above all, if you are one of those, get in touch with us. Our experts can advise you on refund methods and how to quickly get your money back.

Traders Experiences

Another warning sign comes from Tools4Deals trading company reviews. Only on Trustpilot can you see 100% of negative comments. There are only 8 so far. Yet, it is more than enough to understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

After all, you can share your opinion in the comment section below. In any case, we suggest you book a meeting with our refund specialists. The first one is free of charge.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

Important to realize is that the Tools4Deals UK branch would never be possible. The same values for Tools4Deals Canada. Primarily because the company doesn’t share any trading conditions whatsoever. Just keep in mind that any leverage higher than 1:30 for retail traders is not acceptable. The same stands for spreads higher than 1.5 pips and commission per lot higher than $6.

If you get any higher than that, you may as well look for another broker. Moreover, without regulations, they can offer you anything they want. In the end, it’s better to choose a licensed broker with higher costs than this. You can find a perfect example in our FXProtrade review.

Tools4Deals Trading Features

All the trading features available on the Tools4Deals website are definitely fictive. They don’t even reveal the technology they are using for trading. Ultimately, you don’t have a single reason to trust them. But don’t let MetaTrader or cTrader availability trick you. To understand better why, read our 4xex review.

Is Tools4Deals legit?

Absolutely not. The company is lying openly about regulations and their activities. On top of that, they don’t reveal the trading software and conditions. Not to mention something simple like tradeable assets. To sum it up, those warnings from regulators wouldn’t be there without a reason.

Available Trading Assets

Surprisingly, the company doesn’t reveal any. Most likely, they are using just a few they can manipulate on their web-based platform. After all, without insight into the platform, it’s hard to say anything about instrument availability.

Account Types

Thus, it’s very important that customers see how much money they can invest. But also what fake services they will get in return. The account types are:

  • Standard – $250
  • Bronze – $3.500
  • Silver – $10.000
  • Gold – $25.000
  • Platinum – $50.000
  • Pro – $100.000
  • VIP – $250.000

Mobile Trading App

Without trusted software, we can’t expect a trusted mobile app especially since this investment firm is not licensed. The main importance of reliable iOS and Android apps is that you can trade anywhere. On top of that, you are not losing any execution speeds or tools that you might need. However, with this anonymous brokerage, losses are inevitable.

Demo Account

One more crucial warning sign is the lack of a demo account. So, traders are limited to two options. You can either deposit $250 and risk everything or choose another brokerage. Hopefully, our XeonFX review can open your eyes and help you choose the second option.


In fact, with higher deposits, traders allegedly get personalized training sessions. However, in many cases, those are just swindling tactics from the company’s agents to extort more money from you. For adequate trading sessions, you should trade with a licensed broker.

Tools4Deals Withdrawal

Important to note is that the company doesn’t have a straightforward withdrawal policy. Even though they claim that up to 5 business days is an accepted term to process withdrawals. Currently, there are only two funding methods available.

But with their shady history, we suggest you not use anything else but cards. This way, you can get a chargeback easily. Also, keep in mind their withdrawal fees are not transparent.

Customer Support

Contact options are quite on point. But without regulations, not so reliable. You can choose two phone lines and an e-mail. Thus, those lines can very often be untraceable VOIP services.

Key Information To Consider About Tools4Deals

You should consider choosing another broker. Primarily, Tools4Deals is not regulated, and there are multiple warnings against them. On top of that, none of their services are transparent. Starting with costs, software, and withdrawals.

Therefore, you can expect all kinds of issues. Yet, if you experience withdrawal problems, contact our refund experts for assistance. Don’t hesitate because the first meeting doesn’t cost you anything. Get in touch now!

FAQ Section

What Is Tools4Deals?

Tools4Deals is an anonymous brokerage allegedly operating from the Netherlands and Singapore since 2023.

Is Tools4Deals Regulated Broker?

No. None of the trusted regulators have issued them a license. Instead, AFM and FSMA have published a warning against the brokerage.

Does Tools4Deals Offer a Demo Account?

No. Neither is a demo account or access to the platform available to new customers.

What Payment Methods Are Available at

The broker claims to accept cards and wire transfers. But most likely, they will accept crypto as well. Yet, for withdrawals, you might need our professional assistance. Contact us.


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