Tradebst Review – Crypto Scam Exposed in Less Than Two Months
Tradebst Review – Crypto Scam Exposed in Less Than Two Months

Generally speaking, when an anonymous company like Tradebst crypto exchange offers services, everything is suspicious. Traders need to know what threats are hidden behind such companies. But also how to avoid them.

Even though some companies might claim some things, that doesn’t mean those are true. For instance, this firm claims to be the leading exchange in Europe, with almost $70 million in 24-hour market volume. Hopefully, our Tradebst review will open your eyes and show you why not to trust it.

Regulated By: No Regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings From: N/A
Registered In: N/A
Operating Since: 2023
Trading Platforms: Web trader
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Cryptos
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? Knowing this company is running multiple brands with exactly the same promotions and features you can only expect trouble. Especially when it comes to withdrawals. At the first sign of a potential problem, feel free to contact our refund specialists for consultation.

Legal Info: Is Tradebst Legit Or A Scam?

In the first place, this company doesn’t reveal any ownership or headquarters details. Therefore, you literally don’t know who you work with. Still, these illicit companies expect you to trust them with money. But you just have to check their licenses to see why you shouldn’t.

If the company has a Digital Asset Service Provider license or any kind of regulation, you can enjoy trading more comfortably. However, neither FCA, BaFin, CFTC, or ASIC have records of this firm having a license. Therefore, you can understand why they can lie about anything on their website even though they mention providing security through AUSTRAC. But that’s a nonsense.

Who Are Tradebst’s Victims?

Another key thing is that the company would have many more reviews if they were so popular. Sadly, there are none. However, the analytics show that visitors and victims of this website mostly come from: 

  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • Singapore
  • Chile
  • United Kingdom

Of course, they are not authorized to provide services in any of these countries. But this is not the end. The company is doing the same thing with almost 20 different domains, such as,,, and many more. So, if this or any other brokerage scammed you, feel free to contact us for refund assistance.

Investment Costs With Tradebst

Generally speaking, none of the trading conditions with this company can be trusted. Tradebst scam is mostly based on manipulation. Therefore, you can expect manipulation with fees as well. Even though their trading fees are quite attractive, that’s hardly all you will have to pay.

In any case, maker and taker fees start from 0.075%. But if you deposit more than 30 BTC into your account, you could get as low as 0.035%/0.045%. Also, the company promotes 0% fees for first trades. Yet, the conditions for that remain unknown.


Overall, this company doesn’t offer any bonuses transparently. Yet, their T&Cs reveal there could be potential promotions and bonus deals. Before you accept any, make sure to check the policy. Otherwise, you might end up like traders using XFortunes services.

Tradebst Trading Features

Important to realize is that this exchange doesn’t offer any advanced features, such as social and copy trading. Not to mention algo-trading features or AI solutions. Therefore, none of the services on its platform present some benefit to traders.

Trading Platform Available

Once you see the Tradebst exchange platform, you will quickly realize why you should not trust them. It’s a web-based proprietary solution with only basic functionalities. Even the charting options are imported from TradingView. At least that’s where they can’t manipulate anything. But with listing, prices, profits, and losses, they definitely can.

Available Trading Assets

If you look at the platform, you will see a wide range of instruments available. Yet, without regulation, you can’t trust any of these. Also, these assets are mostly related to trading crypto. However, to purchase crypto, the company redirects traders to shady third-party options. Anyway, the options available are: 

  • BTC
  • LTC
  • USDT
  • XRM
  • DOT + a few more.

Account Types

Sadly, we can only see in the T&Cs that the company mentions VIP accounts besides Standard ones. On top of that, the minimum deposit requirements for any of these are not revealed, which is quite suspicious, especially once you check the VIP account policy.

It looks like all traders holding more than 0.2 BTC must activate a VIP account. Otherwise, they can’t withdraw anything. But that’s a trick to extort more money from customers.  

Mobile Trading App

Mobile apps that licensed exchanges offer are top-notch. That’s exactly why traders trust them. On the other hand, Tradebst social media fraud leads them only to a web-based platform. Therefore, all iOS and Android users can forget about any high-tech security and reliability.

Demo Account

Even though access to the platform is free, the company doesn’t have a demo account in the offer. However, experienced traders can determine at first glance why using this platform is dangerous. Primarily because of manipulations that could happen regularly.


With more and more cryptos being developed every day, traders must gain the necessary knowledge first. Otherwise, they would be throwing money away like in the casino. That’s why licensed exchanges offer a wide range of educational programs. This is not the case with the Tradebst scam company.

Tradebst Withdrawal

Firstly, withdrawals are limited if you don’t have a VIP account. Also, VIP accounts allegedly have faster payout processing. If you are not a VIP member, you could wait forever. But that might be the case in general.

To be fair, the company reveals the withdrawal fees transparently for every crypto. But without regulations, they can make up any other fees or excuses not to approve your request. After all, you can compare these conditions with Vexxsel brokerage and see the similarities.

Customer Support

One of the leading problems with this firm is a lack of customer service. If you have the intention to invest here, you don’t have any contact option to get some answers. Which is quite disturbing.

On top of that, they could be using encrypted channels for existing clients. Once they want to vanish, they can just block you.

Key Information To Consider About Tradebst

Everything about this company is suspicious. Starting with regulations, missing transparency, lies about being the best company in Europe, trading volume, and much more. But most importantly, they are running multiple brands with the exact same design, promotions, and policies.

So, if you were a victim of any of these, contact our team as soon as possible. Reacting on time is the key to recovering the funds fast.

FAQ Section

What is Tradebst?

Tradebst is just one of numerous scam crypto exchanges offering services from unknown locations and with mysterious ownership.

Is Tradebst Legit?

Not at all. This brand is just one of many run by the same group of people most likely. But none of them are regulated.

Can I Trust Tradebst With My Crypto?

Definitely not. But if you have sent them any, contact our specialists today and see how the CipherTrace tool can help you track your money.


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