Usdtrsp Review – Two Identical Crypto Frauds You Should Avoid
Usdtrsp Review – Two Identical Crypto Frauds You Should Avoid

We have come across a couple of very suspicious websites intended for mobile users. Although the domain names are somewhat different, the website content is completely identical. Both and use graphics stolen from other, renowned cryptocurrency exchanges.

The sites in question are quite opaque and contain almost no useful information about parent companies, owners, licenses, etc. Stay secure when trading crypto, learn more about online frauds in our Usdtrsp review!

Regulated by:  Unregulated Investment Firm
Is This Company Safe?  Never trust your funds with unlicensed companies!
Known Websites:

Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2023-05-07
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: 1:125 (alleged)
Minimum Deposit: USDT 50
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Cryptocurrencies, Cryptocurrency CFDs
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Withdrawal issues may occur – contact our client service for legal advice on how to get your investment back!

Usdtrsp Scam Signs

Absolutely nothing can be learned about the anonymous conduct operating the website. The poorly designed web presentation is devoid of any visually attractive details. The whole website is only a rudimentary skeleton, copy-pasted across a number of scam schemes.

With that in mind, we searched several databases of prominent regulators like FCA, BaFin, ASIC, FINMA, and CySEC. This nameless firm holds no valid license.

That means that your investments aren’t safeguarded, your personal data can easily be stolen, all the while any semblance of trading is completely false and made up. It’s another one of the run of the mill online cons like Canz Trades.

High ROI Hoax

As a false crypto investment service, the Usdtrsp website promises traders a high annual return on their crypto investments. Nothing is more attractive than a chance to generate stable passive income based on one investment and without any particular effort.

That’s the core of all the lies the boiler room agents present to you. In the meantime, your funds are immediately transferred to an anonymous wallet and irreversibly gone. Victims from these countries have already lost significant amounts of cash:

  • United States
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands

Secret Fees, Secret Everything

Any information that a trader would consider important when making a decision about investing here or skipping the deal is simply absent from this website. It’s clear that the people behind the scheme target novices with little experience.

This shady service provider doesn’t reveal any of the trading costs, commissions or taxes pertaining to trading or transfers. Such disturbing lack of transparency would never be allowed for a regulated platform.

Referral Bonuses

Yet another bait and an allegedly guaranteed source of constant income is the referral program. By publishing your referral link and getting people to join through it is how Usdtrsp claims you can generate more cash. The stated commission you get per affiliate is 5%.

Zero Trading Transparency

All of the trading features you’ll come across on these websites are allegations, false advertisements – all smoke and mirrors. You won’t find anything tangible at all, be it a trading app, financial instruments, or else. Besides a single simplistic trading utility, there’s basically nothing, in a conundrum similar to the Binatex fraud.

Missing Trading Software

No trading app exists with this investment firm. Clients can opt to a number of different investment plans directly through the mobile site instead. The main Usdtrsp platform is thus a single web page, with a few buttons and no disclosure on how the company generates the alleged profits.

Only A Dozen Assets Available

When you try to explore the trading instruments offered on the site, you have to go to the Markets page. Here you will only find about two dozen crypto instruments listed and paired with USDT. Some of them are BTC, ETC, UNI, LTC, LINK, DOGE, FIL, ETH, BSV, EOS. 

Suspicious Accounts

The company offers a number of allegedly tiered trading accounts, ranging from VIP0 to VIP5. These offer no benefits except the raised “daily receipt limit”.

Anyone can create a Usdtrsp login, and use one of these alleged investment plans:

  • 5,000 USDT for 7 days, 1.00% ROI
  • 5,000 USDT for 14 days, 3.00% ROI
  • 5,000 USDT for 30 days, 5.00% ROI
  • 5,000 USDT for 60 days, 7.00% ROI
  • 5,000 USDT for 90 days, 9.00% ROI

The thing that drew our attention is that there’s no way to track your investment through the website. The company never says by which means they are able to generate any profit either.

Insecure Withdrawal System

Users must use their TRC20 wallet to directly transfer the funds to the receiving wallet. Their application has no transaction tracking capability, so it’s up to the client to provide a proof instead. These blind transfers are ill advised, and are indicative that the company doesn’t have a developed security system.

Withdrawals are done through the boiler room agents, which aren’t too keen on giving up on their ill-gotten money. For help with asset recovery, contact our chargeback experts via the live chat.

Email Customer Support

It seems that the only method you’re allowed to use to contact the Usdtrsp support is the email address. The uninterested and unresponsive client service at this platform doesn’t care about your issues and quality of experience obviously.

Reputable firms that are transparent and client-oriented otherwise use at least several more channels, like phones, chats and online forms. 

Get Help With Fund Recovery!

High yield investment schemes are oftentimes fraudsters disguised as genuine financial services providers. Usdtrsp scam isn’t even well disguised. Their fraudulent intentions are so painfully obvious just from the look of their messy website.

If you already have thrown in your cash, there’s still hope. If you contact our money recovery service, we can guide you through a chargeback process and ensure you get your stolen funds back. To book a free consultation, you can use the live chat option.

FAQ Section

What Is Usdtrsp?

This is a sham investment platform that lures in victims by promising high yields. Do not fall for the lies and get our chargeback professionals to help you recover lost funds.

Is Usdtrsp Trustworthy?

No, without a valid authorization, you cannot call any financial services provider trustworthy.

What Are Currencies in Usdtrsp?

Some of the crypto currencies listed on the site are BTC, ETC, UNI, LTC.


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