Usdtabb Review – Crypto Scam Flood Has Washed Up Another Site
Usdtabb Review – Crypto Scam Flood Has Washed Up Another Site

The recent cryptocurrency explosion has led to a rapid development of several industries, which in turn saw growth of financial markets. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous people are trying to steal their piece of the pie in devious ways. Whether we like it or not, the disturbing fact is that these scam sites are only growing in numbers.

The website we’re reviewing today is only one of many identical platforms that have been created in order to steal the client’s assets. Find out more about this looming danger in our Usdtabb review.

Regulated by: Unregulated
Is This Company Safe? No, avoid working with this firm!
Known Websites:

Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 29.10.2023.
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: 5,000 USDT
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Cryptocurrency Pairs
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Contact us for assistance in your crypto recovery process.

Completely Illegal Business

Someone, somewhere, is cranking out these websites in what seems to be a factory-like production line. There’s numerous copies of one distinct pattern, with some examples including,,, and now, finally,

None of the sites we’ve previously mentioned holds any license to provide their alleged service. To confirm this, we’ve inquired with NFA, AUSTRAC, BaFIN, CySEC, FCA and FINMA.

For every trader, dealing through a regulated exchange should be a number one priority. Legally licensed entities operate in accordance with strict constraints, and provide security solutions of the highest standard. Unscrupulous firms like this one, or River Prime for instance, are known for stealing the entire investment.

High Profits Used As Bait

This company uses boiler room agents who contact new victims through social networks or by phone. For this faux exchange, they advertise high ROI investments with guaranteed profits.

This particular fraud is most active in the following nations:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Czechia
  • Portugal
  • France

As many other fraudulent domains, has been online for a very short time. It was launched in October 2023, and has been rented for only a single year. After this time has passed, the fraudsters will shut down their operation, making asset recovery exceedingly difficult.

Because of this, it is of utmost importance that you start your recovery effort as soon as possible. Contact our experts via the live chat for more information.

All Comments Are Negative

Although the Usdtabb reviews are not numerous, they are universally critical of the company’s conduct. On the TrustPilot ratings platform, the average score is currently 2.3, with every client complaining about being defrauded.

Users of the Reddit social platform have noticed the predatory website themselves, and you may visit the site to hear their opinions as well.

Costs Are A Great Unknown

In short, there’s nothing about any trading costs on the Usdtabb exchange website. The charlatans don’t let you know anything about swaps, commission, leverage, fees or any other trading parameters. This lets them get away with inventing any numbers later, when the victims try to withdraw assets.

Regulated companies are required to provide complete financial transparency at all times. It’s difficult to buy a product if you don’t know how much it costs, after all.

Referral Campaign

Getting new victims to rip off is tricky even for boiler room agents, so this company employs a referral program as well. For each new client you bring to the platform, you will allegedly earn 5% of the overall commission these new clients incur.

Calculating how much this is effectively is impossible, since you won’t know which commission you’re charged to begin with.

Empty Site Deprived Of Features

Even if you count all the false advertisements, there’s very little to discuss when it comes to trading utilities. The trading app is nowhere to be found, while the trading assets are not exactly numerous. Many things that you’ll find on a regulated exchange, such as a demo environment, education and even a help desk are absent as well.

No Trading Software

If you expected a top of the line trading app with detailed charts, packed to the brim with industry leading utilities you will be duly disappointed.

Nothing besides an incredibly simple investment tool is available to the clients of this exchange. There’s an option to select the amount of currency you wish to invest in, and that’s basically it. This provider omits even the most basic charting tools and transaction trackers as well.

Miniscule Asset Diversity

If you’re looking for an exchange that covers all of the new and up-to-date coin and token listings, this isn’t the one for you. If we were talking about a regulated exchange here, this would certainly be a huge problem.

Mainstream exchanges offer tens of thousands of various tokens and coins, while here you will only find about a dozen. The available instruments are all coin pairs, with USDT being a base currency. Some examples include BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, ADA/USDT, LINK/USDT, DOGE/USDT and SOL/USDT.

Transactions Blocked By VIP Tiers

Something that is common with these websites is that they offer various VIP levels that act as recurring subscriptions which require additional deposits, and cannot be subtracted from the accumulated funds.

Everything related to trading is locked by a receipt limit of 30 USDT per month for VIP1. This implies that the clients can’t use the entire initial deposit at this tier level, but if you want VIP5, you’ll have to cough up over 5,000 USDT per month.

In return, the company offers some pretty expensive investment plans which allegedly yield guaranteed profits:

  • 5,000 USDT – 1.00% ROI for 7 days
  • 5,000 USDT – 3.00% ROI for 14 days
  • 5,000 USDT – 5.00% ROI for 30 days
  • 5,000 USDT – 7.00% ROI for 60 days
  • 5,000 USDT – 9.00% ROI for 90 days

No Payment Policy

As there is no legal document that describes the withdrawal procedure, there is basically no information about how payouts may be conducted from the site.

The firm allegedly accepts payments using TRC20 and ERC20 blockchain networks. For this,  they provide a tutorial consisting of a few screenshots that are taken from other exchanges.

Illegal firms like this one or Prive Finance for instance are unlikely to voluntarily return the money you’ve invested. Recovery requires assistance from an expert, so feel free to book a consultation through the live chat on our site.

Support Not Included

No help of any kind is available on the website. The only contact information that these con artists provide is an email. We’ve tried reaching out to them, only to have our message bounce back.

Start Your Crypto Recovery Today

This site is one of many identical copies whose sole purpose is to defraud people for their money. The trading environment is basically non-existent, and the payment processing is dubious at best.

If you’ve invested with this firm, consider booking a free consultation with our experts. You may do so by using the live chat on our website, which is available 24/7. Get in touch today, and start fighting back for your money!

FAQ Section

What is Usdtabb?

It is a bogus cryptocurrency exchange that exists to steal from unwary investors.

Is Usdtabb Regulated?

No, the company is completely illicit and is not regulated in any jurisdiction.

How to Recover Money from a Crypto Scam?

Recovering lost cryptocurrencies is a job for a professional. Book a consultation with our experts in order to start the recovery process.


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