Review – Nothing But Broken Promises With This Scam Broker Review – Nothing But Broken Promises With This Scam Broker

We have nothing positive to say about The website has so little information, it seems to be in an unfinished state. No company information is given, and the support is virtually non-existent. The trading application does not function, but the scammers have made sure to feature a deposit function. These swindlers are completely anonymous, and hide their tracks well. Learn more about Scam in our Review.

Regulated by:Unregulated
Is This Company Safe?Unsafe! is a front for a fraudulent entity.
Known Websites:Advancia.Ch
Have Warnings from:FINMA, CONSOB
Registered in:N/A
Operating since:N/A
Trading Platforms:MetaTrader4 (alleged)
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Minimum Deposit:N/A
Deposit Bonus:N/A
Trading Assets:Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Stocks, Spot Metals, Commodities (alleged)
Free Demo Account:N/A
How to  Withdraw from This Company?Withdrawing from might prove impossible without legal intervention. Contact your bank, financial authority or seek our professional help in recovering your assets as soon as possible.

Is a Scam Broker?

The people behind the Scam are playing a very dangerous game. They claim to be based in Switzerland, which is one of the most strictly regulated nations in the world when it comes to finance in general. Because of this, it makes it easy to answer the question: is legit or not? One quick check with the Swiss authorities’ registrars reveals that is not only unlicensed, but that FINMA has issued a Scam Warning about the company.

You may see the warning by FINMA by following this link.

Advancia ch finma warning

Now, this got us quite interested in the Fraud, so we decided to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Sooner than you’d think, we found another scam warning by Italian CONSOB. This agency decided to forward the original FINMA warning to the broader public living in the EU.

And here is the link that leads to the CONSOB warning now.

Of course, having proper licenses and authorisation is important for any business. For a Forex broker that deals exclusively over the internet, being able to check the company’s credibility is the most important aspect of conducting business. Furthermore, regulatory constraints have been imposed over the years to protect the interest of these companies’ clients.

In the EEA, and other nations in the MiFID area, these constraints are enforced by ESMA. Switzerland is among the latter, and their main regulator FINMA has the same rules as the rest of the EEA. A minimum capital of €730 000, and a compensation fund of €20 000 is required. 

Negative Balance Protection must be ensured, and Segregated Bank Accounts are mandatory. Bonuses are banned under MiFID, and the maximum leverage for securities is set at 1:30, followed by 1:2 maximum for Cryptocurrencies. The company must provide complete financial transparency.

We haven’t stopped our investigation in after checking only these two regulators, however. When we inquired the registries of other agencies, notably CySEC, BaFIN, CMNV, CFTC, ASIC and CBR, we found no additional information. The lack of regulation, and the outstanding warnings are clear proof that is indeed a fraudulent website. Countries of Service

It was exceedingly difficult to find out where the Scam is most active. The website domain owner made searching into the traffic, and all other relevant information including domain age forbidden. You know you’re dealing with a fraud when this kind of information is hidden from the public.

The limited data we have is gathered first-hand, from the people who have contacted us for help. The majority of the people who have already asked us for advice come from the following nations:

  • Germany
  • United States
  • Tunisia

If you have any questions, or information on Advancia’s fraudulent action, or if you have been defrauded by these scammers, feel free to contact us. We strive to help the scam victims recover their funds in a timely manner. The more info we gather on the foul people behind, the easier it will be to present our case to the authorities. Trading Conditions didn’t do their homework, and their website lacks much of the information you’d take for granted when dealing with a regulated broker. Commissions, spreads, fees, different taxes, swap rates and other crucial data about trading conditions is nowhere to be found on

Legitimate brokers always make the trading conditions transparent. This is, bar the regulatory information, the most important aspect of every trade. Regulated brokers offer different trading strategies, to cater to one or more specific niches of trading. This is what makes them competitive on the global market. Trading Features website only superficially resembles that of the online broker. They throw around words like Trading Instruments, Platforms, Trading Tools and such… But there aren’t any links that contain an in-depth explanation on how any of these work, what they encompass, and such.

The people who made the website are clearly no experts in the finance business. looks like the website some aliens might have made based on the vague description on how VASPs work. This made it quite difficult for us to Review Trading Features.

Trading Products

We can see some basic info about different Trading Instruments offers to their clients. The broker alleges that they offer some 800+ different Instruments. These are clearly divided into a few groups, and contain a few examples of each asset type. The website lacks any comprehensive list of instruments, however. There is also a huge problem with Advancia’s Trading Platform, which you will see later in our Review.

Here are the main groups of assets allegedly offers:

  • Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
  • Shares – BMW, Apple, IBM
  • Indices – S&P, DAX, Dow Jones
  • Spot Metals – Gold, Silver, Platinum
  • Commodities – brent, Crude, Cocoa, Soybean

Available Trading Software

When it comes to reviewing the Trading Platforms this faux broker offers to their clients, our task was impossible to achieve. This is because there is no software to speak of! The Client Dashboard mentions an MT4 server, but no actual download link for the application.

Sometimes when you click on the “Trade Now” button in the Dashboard it displays an “Invalid Token” error, and nothing happens. Other times, it directs you to a blank page.

One of the most important aspects of online trade is which software the broker provides. Regulated brokers use tried and tested cTrader, MT4 or MT5 programs to facilitate the best results. These programs are industry standards, and allow for a retailer to quickly change their broker if they choose to.

Most scam brokers, like PremiumerPro for instance, at least use the Web Trader. Others offer one of the industry standard programs we mentioned earlier to their clients. This is what Luxe Capital does to mimic their legitimate competition. For this reason we always advise our readers to check the company licenses and regulations thoroughly before committing any funds.

Is There a Choice of Account Types?

This is a difficult question to answer. Although this faux broker does not make the client account properties clearly outlined, we did manage to create one. We could access the login page, and it did forward us to the Client Dashboard. There, we could see that we have indeed created an account with a unique serial number.

That’s where our investigation hit a dead end, and as far as we know this is the only account type on offer. The dashboard, or the main website for that matter, does not even advertise the trading conditions, or how much an account might cost to fund, run or maintain. The account simply exists, and you can see your current balance.

Should you expect a Demo Account on

One other point of scrutiny for any broker is the presence of a Demo Account. It’s one of the most important trading tools, because it allows you to speculate in a risk free environment. Needless to say, such a shabby website like does not feature a demo.

Novices need a Demo so they can apply what they have learned without wasting their money. More advanced traders use it to test different strategies and market pricing, while professionals and academics can perform an in-depth market analysis in real time. Withdrawing Funds

The Terms and Conditions document with these swindlers doesn’t say anything about withdrawal. You can access the Withdrawal page through the Client Dashboard, and the only payout method seems to be a Cryptocurrency Transfer, because the only piece of information required is the “address”, of a Crypto wallet, presumably.

We have been contacted by an alarmingly large number of people who complain about their inability to withdraw funds from If you believe your money has been trapped with the platform, feel free to contact us for legal support.

Customer Support

You know it’s bad when there is no actual customer support, but a link that says “Complaint Form”. No self respecting financial company would ever stoop so low. The only way to contact the alleged 24/5 customer support is through this Complaint Form, and there isn’t even an email given on the website.

The scammers don’t want to deal with you unless you’re likely to pay more money. If you require any support, have a problem to report, or God forbid wish to withdraw – they just ignore you and carry on with their day. If this was a reputable company, we would give support the worst possible score. Unfortunately, it has become quite obvious that we’re dealing with a fraud.

What Are the Risks Involved When Trading with 

There are many inherent risk factors when trading Forex, Cryptocurrencies or other CFDs. The main risk in dealing with is not in the market, but in the fraudulent intent of the people behind this alleged forex broker. Their website is so badly done, it doesn’t even have the most basic data about the broker, let alone the market conditions.

If you, or somebody you know, has invested money with, you need to act fast and seek legal help in recovering your funds immediately! Don’t be ashamed of falling for the Scam, as these talented swindlers have already defrauded a large number of people.

Fight back instead! Let us help you charge back your money, and book a free consultation with our legal professionals as soon as possible. Use the Live Chat option on our website at your convenience for the quickest response times. Your money is not lost, but as the time passes your chances of recovering it grow slimmer.

What Is is a scam entity pretending to be a Forex broker operating from Switzerland. If you have invested with this company, seek our help in recovering your lost assets as soon as possible.

Is a Scam Broker?

The dishonest and fraudulent behavior of has been spotted by FINMA and CONSOB who have promptly issued scam warnings about this company.

Is Available in the United States or the UK?

Although claims not to offer their services to the citizens of the US, we are aware that many people from the US and the UK have complained about being defrauded by this firm.


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