Lies of AE Global Link Exposed in Our Detailed Review
Lies of AE Global Link Exposed in Our Detailed Review

If you’re looking for a genuine trading brokerage, you should avoid AE Global Link. The company has no license to offer trading services, so they hide important information.

As a trader, you want to invest your funds and profit from it, not lose it all with a scammer. Therefore, our AE Global Link review should dissuade you from this particular firm.

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:Unlicensed Scam Brokerage
Blacklisted as a Scam by:N/A
Owned by:AE Global Link Company Limited
Headquarters Country:N/A
Foundation year:2022
Supported Platforms:WebTrader
Minimum Deposit:N/A
Types of Assets:Forex, stocks, ETFs, options
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Free Demo Account:No
Accepts US clients:Yes

Is AE Global Link a Genuine Trading Platform?

AE Global Link listed AE Global Link Company Limited as its official owner. Once we searched the internet, we found no such firm. We found AE Global Company Ltd in the UK, which was dissolved in 2016.

Therefore, we don’t know who’s behind the brokerage. We also don’t know where the headquarters is, meaning we have no idea where to look for a license. We scrolled through databases of major regulators such as FCA, ASIC, BaFin, and CONSOB but found nothing.

The company offers a website in Chinese, so we did our research through the Central Bank of China. Once again, we had no luck.

All in all, it’s clear that you should avoid AE Global Link as it’s not a genuine trading platform.

Traders’ Saying About AE Global Link

We found some concerning reviews regarding AE Global Link broker during our internet search. Namely, one customer on Reddit shared�evidence�of their withdrawal request. According to it, the withdrawal of $700,000 was accepted and has been processed for nearly six months.

Such behavior is unacceptable for any trading brokerage, especially one posing as legitimate. Since the company has no license, its clients cannot contact the Financial Ombudsman or get reimbursed from a compensation fund.

Where Does the Broker Operate? – Countries Of Service

Now that we know what traders say let’s see where they come from. Based on a detailed analysis of AE Global Link traffic, customers mainly come from the following areas:

  • Australia,
  • Canada,
  • US,
  • China,
  • Japan.

This is not the final list, so be on the lookout and stay away from the said brokerage.

AE Global Link Trading Platforms Choice

AE Global Link says to offer “powerful trading tools” and a “smart combination of fully automated investment advisory service.” However, they don’t say anything about the trading platform.

On the main page, you will find pictures of WebTrader, Android, iOS apps, and desktop apps for Windows and Linux. Once you click on any, nothing will happen. These are just photos serving to convince you that there is software.

In one of their sections, the brokerage advertises MT4, but we believe this is nothing but a false claim. MT4 is one of the best software today and can easily serve to lure victims.

In reality, you must register an account and pay the money before getting access, which we were unwilling to do. And we advise you the same.

What Financial Instruments Does the Platform Include?

Once again, we will have to believe the obscure website information. According to it, customers can trade in the following markets:

  • ETFs – SPDR S&P500, The Invesco QQQ
  • Stocks – Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft
  • Options – stocks, currency pairs, commodities, etc.

However, without platform access, we cannot confirm or deny it. Additionally, trading fees and commissions are not specified, and neither is the leverage. Just like Solid FX, this company should be avoided as well.

Account Types on Offer

There are no dedicated account types with AE Global Link. They think someone will fall for their story about alleged awards and low fees while not knowing their options.

In fact, there’s no Demo account or minimum deposit specification. All you know is that you can invest, that there should be a platform, and that you need to sign up to see it. Entirely unconvincing, even for a scammer.

AE Global Link Alleged Awards and Achievements

The company claims to have won the award for Best Online Broker in 2018. However, their domain was registered in the GoDaddy WHOIS�database�in March 2022, meaning this is just a false story.

Additionally, they say they offer a network of specialized advisors, smart portfolios, and wealth management services. None of this is true. All you can do is invest money and hope you will be able to withdraw it. And it’s not a good bargain for any trader.

What Should I Do If I Was Scammed by AE Global Link?

Being scammed on the financial market is never easy. However, you ought to take every step to recover what’s rightfully yours.

Since we don’t know which payment methods AE Global Link accepts, we’ve got you covered. We’re offering free consultations with chargeback experts as well as crypto tracing analysts. Book your appointment today, and let’s work on your case!

What Is AE Global Link?

AE Global Link is an unregulated trading brokerage that you should avoid by all means.

Is AE Global Link a Legit Platform?

AE Global Link is an anonymous and illegal trading brokerage without a license.

What is the Minimum Deposit With AE Global Link?

The brokerage didn’t list a minimum deposit they require from their investors.


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