Aitech Markets Review – Catchy Promises Of Profit That Yield Negative Results
Aitech Markets Review – Catchy Promises Of Profit That Yield Negative Results

Aitech Markets is a UK brokerage brand established by a group of trading professionals who seek to make Forex trading available and comprehensive to everyone who partakes in trading online. The goal of bringing the investors all the right tools for the most lucrative trading experience seems as noble as it gets, except that it’s all fake. 

The AitechMarkets website is so poorly done, you can’t help but immediately feel something is off about it and the whole scheme it advertises. There’s nothing professional or special about it, or its trading platform. Not to mention the sloppy client support service that eagerly ignores requests while they’re supposed to be available 24/6 to its entire clientele. 

Every single detail about AitechMarkets you discover will have your scam sensors tingling. No regulation, suspicious and hardly informative legal docs and a trading environment that brings no good to anyone except the swindlers themselves. These are just some of the issues, the others are thoroughly explained further in our AitechMarkets review, so read on. 

Regulated by: Not regulated
Is This Company Safe? Unlicensed companies are scam-prone!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: UK (allegedly)
Operating since: 2023-03-10
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: 1:400
Minimum Deposit: Up to 2 BTC (~61.000 USD)
Deposit Bonus: Up to 100%
Trading Assets: Indices, Futures, Bonds, Forex, Crypto
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Unregulated companies only scam customers – investing here is pointless!

Is Aitech Markets Legitimate? 

AitechMarkets presents itself as a legitimate brokerage brand collectively owned by a company with the same name. The headquarters are supposedly located in the UK. Right away, we checked the FCA register of regulated entities. 

The UK financial watchdog is one of the most diligent and hardworking financial authorities in the world, and they keep a regularly updated database of the supervised entities. Let us immediately tell you that AitechMarkets is not a member of the FCA register. That means, even if the company was registered in the UK, that they’re not conducting their business legally. 

Still in search for any form of license or regulation, we looked through several other registers, like CONSOB, CNVM, BaFin and CySEC. Unfortunately, AitechMarkets wasn’t regulated by any of these Tier 1 institutions. 

If you take a closer look at the website itself, you will see that the warning signs about this company being fraudulent are there – the lack of company information, absence of transparency, vague legal docs, unappealing trading conditions and countless other proofs. 

You see, Aitech Markets wants you to invest big but trade risky and lose it all, so they can put your investment in their pocket. For that reason, this broker will not provide segregated bank accounts, negative balance protection and compensation funds. Not only are your deposits up for the taking, but your activities are in no way protected. The leverage, that is limited to 1:30 in the UK, AitechMarkets has set at 1:400 maximum, which is just insane. 

All the proof gathered unequivocally witnesses the AitechMarkets tendency to lie, scam and rob. The scheme works just like any other we’d never recommend you to pick over any regulated broker. Beware of as well, a blacklisted scam that operates under the same principles. 

Aitech Markets Can Reach Anyone

In their short history of about 3 months, AitechMarkets has reached a lot of traders. Such data is quite alarming, considering the scam hasn’t existed for a long time. It’s also a reason to be extra careful if any of their scam agents contact you. The countries which have been hit the most so far are:

  • Slovakia
  • Australia

By offering unrealistic returns and magnificent trading conditions, boiler room sellers are ready to promise anything until they get in your head. After you become their financial slave and you start investing, they can relax and just count the profit. Because getting into the scheme is easy, while getting out of it and freeing yourself from the financial torture is seemingly impossible. 

The swindler always has a new method of extorting more money after the previous one stops working. If you start suspecting the truthfulness of their words, they can start charging you ridiculous fees for trying to withdraw. As we will soon see, there’s methods like bonuses that come with special conditions. 

These and many other manipulative techniques are universally manifested by almost every scammer. So keep your eyes opened in case you start detecting them, so you will know to avoid them. If you still need help dealing with their obnoxious persistence and have withdrawal issues, you’re free to contact our recovery team. 

Check Out the Reviews of Other Traders

Despite the number of scam victims, AitechMarkets doesn’t seem to be overly popular with the traders. At least not with those who are on TrustPilot – the biggest site for company reviews. The AitechMarkets page on TrustPilot is not claimed and only has several evaluations posted.

We have to warn you, from the start, to take these with a grain of salt. You can never fully trust what others say on the internet without knowing the credibility of their statements. It seems the reviews found on AitechMarkets are all excessively positive, which has left us in doubt about their validity. It wouldn’t be the first to find a broker using paid reviews to boost their credibility. 

However, the negative reviews are far more realistic-sounding:

“After registering I have been unable to deregister via their Web site or by their many from the company’s “representatives”. I have been verbally abused and hung up on many occasions. I get many phone calls each day from England, Egypt and NSW Southern highlands urging me to trade and then being abused or hung up on when I state my wish to be removed from their system. One star rating is one star too many.”

Broker Account Types

Anyone can create an AitechMarkets Login, through the main page. The account types are very similar to those we’ve already seen with many other scam brokers like PremiumerPro. Some of the issues we have about these accounts is that the deposit amounts are calculated in Bitcoin, instead of traditional currency. You will see exactly how problematic this quickly turns out to be later in our AitechMarkets Review.

Other problems include the lack of transparency, which we have come to expect from bogus brokers. Much of the crucial information is explained vaguely, such as spreads, for instance. Instead of the fraction of Pips, spreads are merely described as “super tight”.

The minimum deposit is not expressed publicly. The broker states which is the maximum deposit per account type, but not the minimum. This leads us to believe that the swindlers adapt their pricing to each individual victim in order to hook as many people as possible.

Here are the Aitech Markets Account Types now:

  • Basic – Up to 2 BTC (roughly $61.000 at the time this Review was written)
  • Silver – Up to 10 BTC (~ $306.000)
  • Gold – Up to 20 BTC (~ $612.000)
  • Diamond – Up to 45 BTC (~ $1.377.000)
  • VIP – Up to 45 BTC (~ $1.377.000)

Using Bitcoin to downscale prices is a known marketing strategy. It makes something seem very cheap because you would purchase it for “only 45” units of currency. There are other underlying risks when using Cryptocurrency as well, which the scammers are all too happy to exploit.

For comparison sake, regulated brokers currently provide Mini and Micro accounts that allow traders to speculate with less than $10 in deposits. Aitech Markets also do not offer the Free Demo for their clients.

Leverage by Accounts

Depending on the account type a client, or better said a victim of Aitech Markets chooses, they can expect different leverage conditions. Unfortunately, there is no account which has leverage low enough to be considered compliant with current requirements set by Tier-1 regulators.

Clients can expect the lowest leverage to be on the Basic account type, set at 1:200. More expensive accounts have access to higher leverage, with VIP skyrocketing to 1:400! It is a logical move for fraudsters to offer higher leverage for more pricey accounts, because they can more easily drain the account balance in the process.

Leverage is a fundamental part of Forex and CFD trading. The strict leverage limitations have been imposed by different regulators in order to protect the client’s interests. Although it is true that higher leverage can yield larger profits, the risk is multiplied as well.


AitechMarkets offer various bonus amounts for every account type. The account with the lowest deposit costs, Basic, yields up to 30% in allotted bonus. Silver will gain up to 40%, and they will rise in steady increments until they eventually reach 100% for VIP Account.

We should remember that these bonuses are forbidden by many regulatory bodies as well. Fraudulent brokers use the bonus situation as another part of the scamming strategy. They will usually require a certain trading volume to be met, before they will allow a withdrawal.

With Aitech Markets, this trading volume is Deposit amount + 30x the allotted bonus, which is mathematically improbable.

Let’s have a quick calculation: if you have deposited 2 BTC for the Basic account, which is ~$61 000, you will be allotted a bonus of 30% which is roughly $20 000. You would need to profit at least $660 000 before you will be eligible for a payout. That is more than 100x the deposited amount!

Depositing to a VIP account will thus require a profit of $414 687 000, which is nearly a third of the cost of the entire International Space Station!

Trading Platform Available

Although opening a new account with Aitech Markets was quick and hustle-free, accessing the web trader wasn’t so smooth. As a matter of fact, the only available trading platform is the infamous, basic web distribution. AitechMarkets advertises it as a premium trading experience worth every penny and all your trust. 

The super advanced analytical and customization tools should enhance your whole impression and make your trading easier and more profitable. However, all of that is just fabrications thrown around, with no actual proof for any of them. 

The AitechMarkets web trader is unable to load and it only shows the message saying “Internal Server Error”. Such circumstances have solidified our doubts about Aitech Markets  being nothing more than a scam. These financial cons typically do not even have a trading terminal, and this could as well be one such case.

Aitech Markets Education

If we were to compare the Aitech Markets Education to that of a regulated broker, it would be woefully inadequate. The education materials Aitech Markets provides is beyond basic, as it only encompasses what seems like an FAQ section on the website.

Of course, Aitech Markets is a scam, and their education reflects the original purpose of the website. With poor educational materials, rookies are left with no options besides trial and error. Because there is no AitechMarkets Demo Account, every bad decision costs real money.

Is It Possible To Withdraw Money?

The scamming methods and problems occurring during withdrawals could differ from one scam to another. Withdrawing funds from AitechMarkets requires you to contact the so-called account manager. Basically anything you want to do with your own funds is impossible without someone’s permission, as if the funds aren’t yours to begin with. That’s because investing with scam brokers means handing your capital over to the swindlers to treat it however they please!

The Aitech Markets Withdraw Policy isn’t very informative. What we could make out from it is that the minimum withdrawal amount is $50 and that the clients have to complete the payout procedure. This step may involve the company asking for additional documents to verify your identity. This is another red flag. An unregulated firm has no right to ask for your personal info when they do not reveal their own identity!

Swindlers of all sorts tend to stay anonymous and untransparent. Aitech Markets isn’t clear on all aspects of withdrawals, especially the costs and potential fees. In such situations, you can expect the transferring costs to be unreasonably high, only to prevent you from completing the cashout! 

We’ve already pointed out the problem with the malicious bonus clause that Aitech Markets enforces, which is yet another reason not to do business with this sham.

Let’s Summarize What We Know About Aitech Markets Scam

Aiterh Markets is a fraudulent company that does not have any legitimate trading authorization. This illicit brokerage has nothing to offer but financial ruin to their clients. The Accounts are quite expensive, and the high leverage will drain your deposited money quickly.

This faux brokerage doesn’t even feature a working Trading Application, and their Educational Materials are ridiculously poor. With the insane bonus policy, it is nigh impossible to become eligible for a withdrawal.

If you or somebody you know has deposited funds to the Aitech Markets Scam, it would be prudent to seek legal help in recovering these assets. Contact our recovery experts via the Live Chat for the quickest response, and book your free consultation today. Don’t delay – with every passing moment, your chances of recovering funds become slimmer.


Is Aitech Markets Legit?

Aitech Markets doesn’t have any kind of license or authorization to provide any broker services. The entire website is a complete sham, and the people behind AitechMarkets use every trick in the book to defraud their traders and steal money.

What is Minimum Deposit at Aitech Markets?

This fraudulent brokerage does not disclose the minimum deposit amount. Aitech Markets advertise the maximum deposit for their accounts instead, and these are calculated in Bitcoin.

How To Get Your Money Back From Aitech Markets?

Considering Aitech Markets only accept payments in Bitcoin and directly through interaction with a Boiler Room Agent, it is impossible to track and charge back the money without the aid of a professional. If you have deposited any funds to the Aitech Markets, consider booking a free consultation with our legal experts through the Live Chat on our website.


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