AlfaCapital24 Review: Guide to Understanding the Broker’s Offerings
AlfaCapital24 Review: Guide to Understanding the Broker’s Offerings

Once you take a look at the AlfaCapital24 website, for sure you will think to yourself “WOW”. This is the right place. However, if you dig a little bit deeper and look for more information, again you’ll say “WOW”. But this wow will be very negative. Read our AlfaCapital24 review and find out everything about this shady brokerage.

AlfaCapital24 Details

Regulated by: No regulation
Headquarters Country: Sweden
Foundation year: 2020
Supported Platforms: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Types of Assets: FX, cryptocurrencies, indices
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Demo Account: No

Regulation and Security

AlfaCapital24 was stated to be owned by Alfa Capital Markets Ltd, the CySEC regulated company. However, if you check the register of CySEC, you will see that the domain is not among Alfa Capital Markets Ltd registered domains. Moreover, the regulated CIF itself published a warning against AlfaCapital24. 

 Another misleading information, the broker claims to be owned by a reputable Russian Alfa-bank. Yet, it turned out to be just another way the company is using to scam their clients.

According to terms and conditions, every issue will be resolved in front of the UK courts. Another odd thing, after claiming to be Cyprus-regulated and based in Sweden.

Warnings From Financial Regulators

Since the broker is not actually regulated, we’ve checked if any regulatory body noticed illegal activities of the company. And the answer is yes, the Austrian FMA issued a warning against the broker stating the company is not regulated. 

Austrian FMA issued a warning

As mentioned, the company Alfa Capital Markets Ltd also published a warning against the brokerage, stating they are not anyhow related, and traders should not be misled.

Can I make money with AlfaCapital24?

Based on everything we found in our AlfaCapital24 review, we strongly believe it’s not possible to make money with this fraudulent brokerage. Why? Simply because the company is not regulated and it’s misleading the clients in the worst way possible. We have seen many brokers, regulated, unregulated, and offshore, but rarely do we see an example of such a bad scam. 

Besides this misleading information, you are not getting any real and accurate data. There is no trading platform, no Demo account, no minimum deposit listed, no fees, commissions, leverage. There is absolutely no information available, and based on this, we can say that AlfaCapital24 is not legit and you cannot make money with this particular company.

Scammed by Alfacapital24?

In case you have been misled or scammed by AlfaCapital24, please do not hesitate to report it! You are not the only victim of the AlfaCapital24 scam. 

Get in touch with us today and report the scam. Let us know what happened and our support team will guide you through the procedure of getting your funds back.

We are available via chat. In case you prefer a phone call, please leave your information to our team and you will receive a call shortly!

What is Alfacapital24?

AlfaCapital24 is an unregulated online brokerage. The company is misleading clients to be CySEC regulated, when, in fact, it’s blacklisted as a scam.

Is Alfacapital24 a scam?

The company is providing false information about the owner and headquarters, misleading clients to believe they are involved with another legit brokerage.

Is Alfacapital24 regulated?

AlfaCapital24 is an unregulated brokerage blacklisted by Austrian FMA.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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