AllCryptoMarkets Review – Who Is And Why It Vanished?
AllCryptoMarkets Review – Who Is And Why It Vanished?

AllCryptoMarkets was a typical online trading fraud. The brand has never listed its owner, legal jurisdiction or headquarters. According to the website, it was enough to comply with the laws and regulations of your country.

However, brokers cannot just decide where the jurisdiction will be. It’s determined upon establishing a registered business in the country of service.

Since we cannot uncover this, we can already conclude that AllCryptoMarkets was not a legitimate firm.

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:Unlicensed Scam Brokerage
Blacklisted as a Scam by:N/A
Owned by:N/A
Headquarters Country:N/A
Foundation year:2019
Supported Platforms:WebTrader
Minimum Deposit:$250
Types of Assets:Forex, commodities, indices, shares, cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage:1:500
Free Demo Account:No
Accepts US clients:No

What About AllCryptoMarkets Regulation?

AllCryptoMarkets has never disclosed the owner or legal jurisdiction. Of course, not to mention any license or business registration number. Usually, when firms hide this core information, they’re based offshore or in Eastern European boiler rooms, away from legitimate regulators and their oversight.

Why Is It Important For A Broker To Be Licensed?

Any broker that wants to have a legitimate business needs to opt for a license. Regulators have been divided into 3 tier zones based on the requirements they have for Forex firms. The offshore zone is the loosest, while regulators such as the UK FCA, Australian ASIC, and German BaFin can be considered the firmest.

Since we already confirmed that AllCryptoMarkets has no regulations whatsoever, not even offshore ones, you can conclude that running away with funds was not that hard.

Also, we want to invite you to read our recently updated reviews of fraudulent brokers Battle Trade, Capartners LTD and Finvis. Be careful with these brokers.

How Reliable Is AllCryptoMarkets Broker?

AllCryptoMarkets was a fraudulent online trading broker. The website is currently inactive. Since the firm provided no information about owner or headquarters, not to mention regulation, it easily vanished with clients’ funds.

Traders Reviews About

Surprisingly, AllCryptoMarkets reviews were quite solid. The firm looked legitimate, and if you wanted to get the impression from others, you would say you’re in the right place. It was easy for fraudulent firms to open several accounts and write their own reviews.

However, the utmost proof of the scheme was when this broker vanished with all the clients’ funds and never even tried to return the stolen money.

What Platforms Does AllCryptoMarkets Offer? – Is There Any Platform At All?

While it was hard to reach the part where you could see the platform, once you finally got there, you were provided with a basic WebTrader. Unlike many firms that allow clients to check their software before investing, AllCryptoMarkets made everything difficult.

You had to sign up with the broker’s employee on the line and get a special code to gain access to the platform. This was a bit extreme, and the firm probably tried to hide that it had nothing to offer.

No Signup Page – Scam Calls And Promo Codes

If you wanted to register with this broker, you couldn’t do it directly from the website. You needed their employee on the line, a special page, and a promo code. Only if you have all three could you finally create an account and access a trading platform. Broker – Countries Of Service

The firm mainly operated in Australia, New Zealand, and Cyprus. However, scammers rarely choose. Once they figure that they could steal the funds, they will go anywhere.

We’re sure that AllCryptoMarkets scam victims are to be found all over the world, and we have a message for you. Report the scam right away. Trading Instruments – Lure Into Scheme Trading Instruments

Once you finally get a view of the platform, you can be amazed by the broad range of trading instruments. This firm surely wanted to cover all the assets and provide market diversity. Clients could invest in:

  • Currency pairs – EUR/USD, GBP/USD
  • Commodities – gold, oil, silver
  • Indices – NASDAQ, FTSE100
  • Shares – Amazon, Apple, Google
  • Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

While the offer was quite large, it was all a lure for innocent clients to buy the story. This firm was nothing but a fraud, proving it when it disappeared with all the funds.

In the meantime, avoid scammers like BSTradeTradingBloom and Warden VC. If possible, tell us about your scam experience.

AllCryptoMarkets Minimum Deposit

The website’s main page suggested that the initial deposit is $250. This is pretty much a standard, and we have nothing against it. However, when required by an illicit scheme, this deposit is too high.

There’s no reason to risk as much with an anonymous fraud if you can open an account with a legitimate firm and start with as low as $10.

AllCryptoMarkets Trading Conditions

AllCryptoMarkets indeed chose trading conditions carefully, trying to look more attractive.

Leverage And Spreads

The spread was quite tight, ensuring to beat the competition. At the same time, the leverage was up to 1:500, with the broker’s promises that it’ll work in your favor and you will be able to make higher profits with the company investing alongside you.

In reality, high leverage can bring higher returns but also higher losses. While you can make 500 times more money, you can lose the same.

AllCryptoMarkets Deposit, Withdrawal Methods, and Fees

The broker accepted deposits via:

  • Debit/credit cards
  • Wire transfer

However, all the transactions were through a third-party processor called Jubiter. This is a favorite tool of scam brokers, converting your deposits to crypto and make transactions harder to track.

Fees were insignificant since this firm was not after legitimate profits. Instead, it aimed to steal your money and vanish, which ultimately happened.

Scammed by AllCryptoMarkets Broker? – Let Us Hear Your Story

If you or someone close to you has been scammed by an AllCryptoMarkets broker, let us know. Our chargeback specialists have experience dealing with these types of scams and can help you out.

But What Is A Chargeback?

This is a way for your bank to reverse the transaction and recover stolen funds if you can provide sufficient evidence. Contact us via online chat to book a free consultation, and let’s recover your funds before it’s too late.

What Is AllCryptoMarkets?

AllCryptoMarkets is an online trading Forex and CFD provider that vanished with clients’ funds.

Is AllCryptoMarkets a Scam Broker?

AllCryptoMarkets is a scam brokerage that vanished without returning clients’ money.

Is AllCryptoMarkets Available in the United States or the UK?

The broker provided its services to UK citizens but not to the US.

Does AllCryptoMarkets Offer a Demo Account?

No, there was no Demo account with the AllCryptoMarkets broker.


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