AXNEB Review: Read This Text Before Investing Your Hard-earned Money
AXNEB Review: Read This Text Before Investing Your Hard-earned Money

AXNEB does seem like a promising asset management company with a high return on investments (ROI). However, the question here is whether AXNEB offers a safe investment environment and does the company implement security measures.

Right off the bat, we found out that the company is not registered with the local regulatory authority. Therefore, you should first read our AXNEB Review before you invest in this scheme. 

Regulated by: No Regulation
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: 
Warnings from: Bank of Russia
Registered in: UK
Operating since: 2023-02-10
Minimum Investment: 25 $
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Since this company is unlikely to return your money – contact your bank, financial regulator, or simply reach out to us for professional assistance in recovering your funds.

Is Legit or a Scam?

The AXNEB website claims that this business is based in London, UK. According to GOV.UK, AXNEB Ltd was incorporated on February 15, 2023. So is AXNEB legit? We don’t think so. 

First of all, we checked this address on Google maps but did not find any company on that location. But the biggest issue we have with AXNEB ltd is that the company is not regulated, i.e. registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

AXNEB FCA warning

In the UK, the FCA is the only valid financial market regulatory authority, meaning that all entities that deal with money and transactions must be registered with this body. AXNEB is not, which is why this company is not reliable. 

For that reason, why do not recommend that you invest in this unregulated asset management company. Avoid fraudulent proprietary companies such as SurgeTrade as well.

Where Does AXNEB Mainly Operate?

We did some research on our own but also consulted the data of sites such as for this section. Here are our findings:

  • US;
  • Germany;
  • Vietnam;
  • Russia;
  • Brazil.

Per data, AXNEB’s website was visited around 104,000 times in March and 203,800 times in April 2023. Pretty impressive website traffic considering that it was created in mid Ferbuary this year. 

Nevertheless, around 21% of the visits are attributed to Russian traders. AXNEB assumingly tricked the majority of them, prompting the Russian regulator to react and issue a warning against this website, which you will see the next section. If you are among those who got scammed, we can help retrieve your funds.

A Warning Against AXNEB

As mentioned, many Russian users visited this website and probably invested money with this company due to promises of wealth. This drew the attention of the Bank of Russia, the main financial market regulator in that country.

The bank issued a warning against AXNEB on April 3, 2023. Now we must urge the FCA to do the same and warn traders and prevent them from investing money in an illicit business.

Trader Reviews

What about other AXNEB reviews, i.e. ones written by users themselves? We did not find complaints against the company on sites such as Trustpilot. However, it is suspicious that these reviews were written in early to mid April, just a month and a half after the AXNEB website was launched. 

That’s too short of a timeframe for those “users” to have profited. There is more material that indicates that AXNEB is indeed deceitful – this YouTube video, for example:

In the comment section, the author of the video and another user confirm to each other that AXNEB has cunning and unscrupulous practices:

Hmm…i can’t even login the site again… These guys are frauders. My money!!!


Yeah.. they are Fraudsters. I warned everyone in my videos…

AXNEB Investment Strategies

Let’s make an overview of AXNEB’s investment strategies. According to the website, there are three options for new clients:

  • Capital Boost – 1% daily return for seven calendar days, 107% ROI;
  • Growth Gain – 1.5% daily return for 14 calendar days, 121% ROI;
  • Smart Invest – 2% daily return for 21 calendar days, 142% ROI.

AXNEB even provided a profit calculator to supposedly make it more convenient for clients. The minimum investment is 25 $ and the maximum investment is 250,000 $. 

Accrual (accumulation or increase of payments or benefits over time) is every 24 hours and principal return (return of originally invested capital before counting any gains earned from the investment) is allegedly free of fee.

AXNEB encourages clients to invest in popular cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies by promising hefty ROI. However, assessing returns on a daily basis is a good lure but not realistic. The estimates on ROI are usually long term, not daily, which questions AXNEB’s competence. 

To reiterate, the company is not regulated so we do not recommend you trust these plans. Avoid ECforex as well, it’s another shady operator.

Despite a nice overview of the website content, there is no AXNEB app. This platform cannot be downloaded for mobile devices, meaning it is exclusively online.

Nevertheless, we still stand by our stance that AXNEB is not trustworthy. Contact us if this company trapped your funds. Avoid investing in this company or in shady brokerage websites such as EUFM.

Referral Program

AXNEB also runs a referral program, which entices traders and users to invite others to join in by offering lucrative commissions in return on each referral. The website says that these commissions will be immediately credited to the user’s account balance and can be withdrawn to the wallet or reinvested.

There are three levels of referrals that determine the commissions the user will be paid:

  • Direct referral – 5%;
  • Second level – 2%;
  • Third level – 1%.

You always have to be careful when a shady company is offering a referral program since most of these are essentially Ponzi schemes. In this case, new AXNEB users invest crypto, which is then used to pay off earlier investors. The company tries to take your mind off of it by saying that “our expert team of traders will handle the work, while you enjoy the profits.” Withdrawal

According to AXNEB’s website, payments are made mainly via cryptocurrencies and converted to US dollars (value depends on value at time of transaction):

  • ePayCore; 
  • Ripple; 
  • Dogecoin;
  • Litecoin; 
  • Ethereum; 
  • USDT; 
  • BNB; 
  • Dash; 
  • Stellar; 
  • BitcoinCash.

The minimum investment is 25 $ while the minimum withdrawal amount is 5-10 $, depending on the payment method. The processing time for withdrawals takes up to 24 hours. A big disadvantage here is that the company does not accept payments directly via credit/debit cards and wire transfers, making a chargeback impossible.

Customer Support Service

The only way to contact AXNEB’s customer services is via one of the two emails on the website. There is no phone number, which is really suspicious, and not something you’d expect from a “legit” company. 

If you do decide to trust this dubious company, be prepared for unanswered messages and calls. As for other communication and marketing tools, AXNEB is active on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Telegram.

The Final Verdict on AXNEB

Our final verdict on AXNEB is that this low-level Ponzi scheme is not worth your hard-earned money. The company is not regulated, which is the biggest issue in our eyes. Furthermore, there are several users that have complained about AXNEB not enabling them to log into their accounts.

The essence of this investment scam is in the referral program that collects all the investments and then distributes small amounts of money to some users while AXNEB takes the lion’s share. Statistics show that when Ponzi schemes collapse, clients lose their money, which will inevitably happen with AXNEB. Do not invest!

If you have lost money to this investment scam, book a free consultation with us and learn how to get your money back!

What is AXNEB?

AXNEB is allegedly an asset management company but what this website really represents is a Ponzi scheme.

Does AXNEB Have a Referral Program?

Yes, AXNEB has a referral program, which is actually the main engine of this Ponzi scheme.

Are My Funds Safe With AXNEB?

No, AXNEB is not a regulated company, meaning you can easily get scammed and lost all your money.


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