Beurax Review: Could This Broker Scam You?
Beurax Review: Could This Broker Scam You?

Beurax is a broker that definitely opens many questions for traders. This broker has so many false claims on its website that we can only say – yes, this broker can scam you. We don’t need to think twice. From the first page, till the last, the offer of this broker is highly suspicious and it does not give any accurate information. Read our Beurax review and see for yourself is this broker legit.

Regulated by: none
Headquarters Country: Australia
Foundation year:unknown
Supported Platforms:unknown
Founder company: Beurax Corporation Pty Ltd

Regulation and Security

Beaurax is a brand owned by Beurax Corporation Pty Ltd. The broker claims to be registered in Australia and claims that it holds ASIC regulation. However, we tried to find it in the register of Australian companies or ASIC register. Simply speaking, the company does not exist.

We will not even start about the security of the funds because there is no security. This broker does not give any information about it. And even if it did, it would probably be false claims.

We strongly advise clients not to open an account with this broker.

Beurax Warnings

There are many warnings against Beurax broker. We will list you here some of them.

ASIC itself issued a warning saying that Beureax broker is not registered by this regulatory body and it’s a scam. 

Canadian regulatory body FCNB followed the ASIC example and stated the same – broker cannot operate in New Brunswick and British Columbia (BSCS).

Even the South African FSCA issued a warning saying that Beurax is a scam broker and warning its citizens not to trade with it.

In which countries does this broker work?

Seems that Beurax broker has no restrictions other than the US. The broker is operating everywhere. If we check warnings, it seems that it’s mostly targeting Australia, Canada, and South Africa. However, it has no regulation whatsoever. We strongly advise you not to accept any offers from this broker.

Beurax Review

Is your money safe with Beurax?

Short and simple – no. Beurax is an unlicensed scam broker. It does not give any information about itself, funds, safety, fees. Your money can only be lost in the hands of this broker. This broker operates only for CFD crypto trading. That shows us that it’s running a big scheme. It is taking deposits in cryptos and all the money is invested in cryptos. Therefore, clients have a hard time tracking their funds and getting them back. Also, the company has poor reviews and reputation on any website such as Trustpilot.

The broker doesn’t have a classic trading platform. It offers only some sort of web trader where you can trade with cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit with this broker is 20$ and can be made only via cryptocurrencies. When it comes to withdrawals, there is no information.

Scammed by Beurax? What to do?

If you got scammed by Beurax broker, you can request a chargeback immediately. Our support will be more than happy to guide you through this procedure and help you get your money back. Contact us now!

Is Beurax a good broker?

Absolutely not! Beurax is an unlicensed broker with poor ratings. Do not trust it.

Is Beurax a Scam?

Beurax is operating without a license and has many complaints against it. We feel free to say, yes, this broker is a scam.

Is Beurax regulated?

No, the broker operates without a license.

Where is Beurax broker based?

Beurax claims that it’s registered in Australia, however, there is no proof for these claims. We cannot find it in any register.


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