Buffets Finance Review – The Scam That Vanished
Buffets Finance Review – The Scam That Vanished

Buffets Finance encourages you to become a better trader with their system; they claim that they are easy, efficient, and innovative. And they are, indeed, but only in the way of scamming people.

Do not trust Buffets Finance even if it seems that the website is transparent about the corporate information. The broker claims to be based in Australia, and the company’s owner is INVEST PTY LTD. It is also stated that the company is licensed and authorized by the ASIC with license number #621 771 355. 

In this detailed Buffets Finance review, we discuss a few reasons why you shouldn’t trust this shady broker.

In top of that, we seriously recommend you not to invest in the fake brokers InvestirexInvestery Group, and AFX Trade LLC. Do not trade with these unlicensed brokers if you want to save your money!

Broker status: Unregulated Broker
Regulated by: Unlicensed Scam Brokerage
Scammers Websites: buffetfinance.com
Blacklisted as a Scam by: N/A
Headquarters Country: Australia
Foundation year: 2022
Supported Platforms: Webtrader
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Cryptocurrencies: Yes
Types of Assets: Cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Free Demo Account: No
Accepts US clients: No


Is Buffets Finance a Licensed Crypto Broker

The company is licensed, even though it claims otherwise.

We’ve checked the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) registers, and we’ve found no trace of a license with the number #621771335. However, there is a company named INVEST PTY LTD, but their registration was canceled in 2016, and these two companies are not connected at all.

Do not take any information for granted, and stay away from Buffets Finance if you don’t want to be scammed.

How Unsafe Is An Unlicensed Broker?

There are many differences between licensed and unlicensed brokers. The Australian Securities and Exchange Commission is the local financial regulator for Australian brokerage companies, and its measures are similar to those applied in Europe. 

All of these rules have one unique goal: to protect the client. For example, ASIC restricted the maximum leverage at 1:50 and presented negative balance protection. This is something you will never have with scam brokers.

Traders’ Experience With Buffets Finance 

Let’s take a look at the comment section about the experience with Buffets Finance:


“Do not invest. It’s a scam.”

“They keep changing acct managers and all keep asking for more but won’t let me take out, but pȓestan ḏial sorted things out and got me refunḏed.”


If you want more, feel free to check the Trustpilot. Buffets Finance reviews speak for themselves.

Buffets Finance Broker – Countries Of Service

This broker is operating in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

Trading With Buffets Finance on MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

The company claims to offer MetaTrader4 as a trading platform, but that is far from the truth. What Buffets Finance scam offers is a web trader that is simply a poor imitation of the popular software. Of course, it has less tools than the real MetaTrader and the trading experience is of a lower quality.

The MT4 was launched in 2005 by MetaQuotes, and even if it was released almost 20 years ago, this program is still considered the gold standard among trading platforms. 

All About Buffets Finance Accounts

There are four account types:

  • Pioneer
  • Explorer
  • Adventure
  • Hero

Each account brings more perks and educational materials. However, important information, such as leverage, a minimum deposit, and commissions, are not disclosed.

Also remember the names of the HubbleBITGlobal Profit and Aax trading scams and avoid them at all costs! Moreover, always check the background of online trading companies before investing!

Buffets Finance Range of Trading Instruments & Markets

The company is offering trading with one asset only – cryptocurrencies. They claim to be a specialized platform for crypto trading, with hundreds of digital coins on offer. Note that there are regulated crypto exchanges that could provide you with a better experience than Buffets Finance broker ever would.

What Trading Terms Buffets Finance Provide?

The spreads look pretty attractive but remember that Buffets Finance broker is not regulated, so its trading conditions mean nothing. Please, don’t fall for their lucrative methods. This company will only bring you misery!

Minimum Investment Amount

There is no precise information on the minimum deposit required for each account type the company offers. Still, other details exist, such as positions, portfolio, trading, and exchanges. It simply means that the broker hid the initial amount on purpose, waiting for you to chat with the employees. Once they evaluate your financial situation, they will propose the minimum deposit for you.

About Spreads and Leverage

The company offers very attractive spreads, but beware, we’ve already established that this broker is not trustworthy and that you should stay away from them! On top of this, the company didn’t mention any leverage ratio, and it is our responsibility to warn you on legit measures taken by regulated brokers. Everything above the 1:50 leverage ratio is putting your investments at risk. 

Customer Support – Communication Channels

Buffets Finance will try to reach you via phone, mail, Telegram, and Whatsapp. In the beginning, they will be persistent and patient. They will go with you point by point, explaining how the market works, and that will stop when you stop making deposits. Afterward, you will be left without an answer. They will simply dodge the calls and emails until you decide to drop them.

Buffets Finance Deposit, Withdrawal Methods, And High Fees

There is no specific information about payment methods. However, if the broker is only pushing you to make a crypto deposit, cancel the account immediately! Crypto transactions are virtually untraceable and nonrefundable! 

As per fees, there’s nothing on the website. 

Scammed by Buffets Finance Broker? – Let Us Hear Your Story       

If you have been a victim of Buffets Finance scam, don’t be ashamed. Unfortunately, this ungrateful experience happened to too many people across the globe, and you are not the only one. 

Our team is well-experienced, and it can help with this delicate issue. Book your free consultation today and let’s start the chargeback procedure.

What Is Buffets Finance?

This unlicensed broker claims to be based in Australia and owned by INVEST PTY LTD, the company that was canceled in 2016.

Is Buffets Finance a Scam Broker?

Yes, the company is a scam. It has no regulations, yet they claim it has ASIC license.

Is Buffets Finance Available in the United States or the UK?

The company is not operating in the US but working with clients from the UK. 

Does Buffets Finance Offer a Demo Account?

The brokerage doesn’t offer a Demo account, but only live types.


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