CapitalBMarket Review – Fraudulent Company Will Make Your Net Worth Plummet
CapitalBMarket Review – Fraudulent Company Will Make Your Net Worth Plummet

The CapitalBMarket website invites you to join the world of CFD trading with their progressive trading platform. But before you rush into any unplanned investments that could later make you want to pull your hair out, let us ask you something. 

How confident are you to trust an anonymous brokerage brand that was established two months ago and is run by an unknown group of fraudsters? Or a one-man-company that has no knowledge of Forex, whatsoever. Their goal is always the same: defrauding decent retail traders for their own gain.

Typically shallow and appealing website doesn’t seem inviting at all. Everything they advertise could be considered music for any trader’s ears, but at what cost? Even if you invest the lowest possible amount with these fraudsters you’re gonna lose it.

And that’s the only loss you’re gonna suffer. You can also say goodbye to your privacy and identity protection online. After stealing your sensitive data, they can access the rest of your capital, which is their ultimate goal. 

So, in order to protect your funds and your privacy, while making a profit out of the entire deal, the best option would be to avoid this faux broker. Our CapitalBMarket review will list you all the reasons why they’re not worth your time and your money, so keep reading. 

Regulated by: Not regulated
Is This Company Safe? Unlicensed companies are absolutely not safe!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: United Kingdom (Alleged)
Operating since: April 2023
Trading Platforms: MT5
Maximum Leverage: 1:1000
Minimum Deposit: $500
Deposit Bonus: Up to 50%
Trading Assets: Forex, Indices, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Withdrawing from scam companies is impossible without legal help!

Is the CapitalBmarket Scam? 

We’re long past the point of establishing if CapitalBMarket is a scam or not. The fraudulent website does some good self-exposing in that aspect. What we’re really trying to determine here is who is exactly behind the CapitalBMarket site. Unfortunately, considering that the swindlers are utterly careful not to leave traces anywhere, we can’t claim with confidence that it’s possible to determine anything. 

You see, that right there is the major problem with all scam firms and, at the same time, the biggest difference between them and reputable brokers. With Tier 1 regulated websites, you immediately know who you’re dealing with. These brokerage houses are obligated to provide detailed company info, with relevant information about their entire leadership team. 

On the other side, we have wannabe brokers like CapitalBMarket, FameEX and others. None of them can provide you with the adequate security measures, like segregation of funds through separate bank accounts. That way, your financial services provider cannot access your funds and misuse them. In contrast to that, CapitalBMarket keeps all the investments gathered in one place, together with the company capital. Your funds are theirs for the taking and laid out for the worst forms of manipulation and robbery. 

CapitalBMarket also claims to provide leverage of up to 1:500. If they were really a UK firm, they’d know that FCA regulated entities aren’t allowed to offer leverage higher than 1:30. Alongside that, CapitalBMarket also sells their customers lies about huge bonuses, of up to even 50% of the initial deposit. These baits are thrown to force clients into investing and are actually banned in the UK. 

These aren’t all the scam signs that CapitalBMarket displays. Their lack of transparency, no regulation, dangerous leverage and malicious bonuses are just the beginning. You can find out even more by reading this CapitalBMarket review entirely. 

Where Does CapitalBmarket Operate?

CapitalBMarket doesn’t seem to appear as innovative as they claim to be. At least not in the sense of new scam techniques and methods they use to attract customers. Typically, false broker websites have their teams of scam agents tirelessly calling, emailing and messaging their potential victims. Boiler room sellers tend to promise ridiculous returns on investments, remarkable trading conditions, bonuses and nothing but fun and wealth on their sites. 

Unfortunately, none of those people selling the suspicious products and services are actually trying to help you, like they claim to do. All they’re looking for is their own profit, which is attained by stealing your investments. These scammers could sometimes be one-man-companies that are hardly educated or knowledgeable of Forex and CFD trading at all. However, they’re quite talented in playing mind games and manipulating their targets into investing. If they cannot achieve it by promises of huge wealth with no effort, they can do so by inducing romantic feelings and then exploiting the victims emotional dependence. 

So far, these two months have been quite productive for CapitalBMarket. The biggest number of reported victims come from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • India
  • Georgia

Regardless if you reside in any of these countries or not, you should be very careful when approached by a suspiciously friendly sales agent. They may turn out to be financial cyber criminals. If you find yourself in such a situation, feel free to contact us for help recovering your stolen funds.

Check These Traders’ Reviews

The CapitalBMarket claimed profile at TrustPilot seems to show all the things the scammers want you to see. Judging by the majority of the reviews, customers appear to be fully content with the quality level of the service received. Sadly, when you find a company profile with excessively positive reviews, yet not enough of them to be trusted, know that something is off. 

Such cases usually revolve around paid reviews, like many fraudulent schemes do, only to fake-boost their credibility online. CapitalBMarket is no exception. However, the negative reviews are starting to come in, as well. Take a look at the most detailed one that we fully agree with:

“Beware of positive reviews. is 100% SCAM.. They are not regulated by any authority. And the website is too new (created in April 2023). I have been scammed. My funds are blocked and unable to get them to transfer them back to this point. They are requesting me to pay some fees (more SCAM) in order to release my funds.”

Services the Platform Offers

With CapitalBmarket you can allegedly trade FX and various different CFDs. Even some Cryptocurrencies are included in the offer. This broker also allows leveraged trading of various assets, with leverage of up to 1:1000 on some of them.

Unfortunately, this is not something you’d call a deal of a lifetime. As you will see later in our CapitalBmarket Review, none of these offers are anything but smoke and mirrors. All the trading conditions are made to seem like a lucrative opportunity, but in fact it’s questionable if trading through this bogus broker is even possible.

Available Trading Platforms

When it comes to Trading Platforms, what CapitalBmarket advertises on their website has no connection to reality. They claim to offer the industry standard MT5, but it’s nowhere to be found.

Truth be told, you can find a link that redirects you to another website that handles the MT5 Trading Platform, but it is not a version of software that works with CapitalBmarket. Instead, you download a Demo MT5 directly from MetaQuotes, the developer of this app.

Now, you might think that this is good because you get a Free Demo, but it would be stretching the truth as well. The MT5 Demo does not reflect the specific trading conditions you will find at CapitalBmarket, so it’s not very useful when it comes to trading with this broker in particular.

The application that you, as a client, do get access to, is the Web Trader. And it’s not a good one at that. The software is clunky, unresponsive, with unusually long wait times for even the simplest commands. One thing that really puts a smile on our face is that you can Buy and Sell assets you don’t even own, with money you don’t have on your account.

This is still an improvement over the DeCapitals trading scam, which doesn’t have any trading application to speak of. Jokes aside, we’d like to remind our readers that the Web Trader is the most common weapon in the scammers’ arsenal. It’s easy to manipulate the outcome of a client’s speculation with the Web Trader, and swindlers use it to quickly drain the victims’ finances.

App for Mobile Trading

Although the MT5 trading application is compatible with nearly all computer operating systems and mobile devices, as we’ve already mentioned – it can’t be used with CapitalBmarket. The Web Trader only relies on a Web Browser to run, however, and it can be accessed through any computer or mobile.

This is not something you should consider as a good point, unfortunately. It just means that the scammers have made sure that no matter where you are, or what you do, you can still access their Web Trader and lose money.

Types of Accounts 

One of the telltale signs of a scam is with the CapitalBmarket Trading Accounts. These are known as Tiered accounts, and are only distinguished by different costs of initial deposits. In theory, you would get various benefits the more money you spend with the broker.

More expensive include larger bonuses, and higher leverage. CapitalBmarket also alleges deposit bonuses and automatic trading solutions for more expensive accounts, just to make the deal seem more attractive.

This is what the CapitalBmarket accounts cost:

  • Entry – $500, leverage 1:100
  • Basic – $5 000, leverage 1:200, 10% bonus
  • Silver – $25 000, leverage 1:200, 20% bonus
  • Gold – $100 000, leverage 1:400, 30% bonus
  • Platinum – $250 000, leverage 1:1000, 50% bonus

Although you can use the MT5 Demo Application, it’s not something that is tied to how this particular would-be broker offers. You can easily manage this same Demo from MetaQuotes without a CapitalBmarket Login.

Deposit & Withdrawals 

Legal document that should inform traders how deposits and withdrawals work isn’t overly helpful. All CapitalBmarket does in their Deposit and Withdrawal Policy is assure traders that all the transactions are swift and the safest they could be. All that while offering no real proof of their legitimacy in the form of an actual license or regulation. 

If you register an account with this con, you will quickly learn from the client area that you can’t perform any transactions without contacting your account manager. Although the user panel supposedly offers wire transfers, the only functional method of depositing cash is crypto. 

We won’t bother you with the entire story of how dangerous and unreliable crypto investments are. Just keep in mind to always choose a safer method, like credit cards, as they allow chargeback. Crypto payments are fully anonymous and, in most cases, definite. Since they’re hardly trackable and basically irreversible, the chances of you getting your funds back are close to zero, unless you ask for legal help. 

Summary Of CapitalBmarket Broker

CapitalBmarket is a newly registered scam broker with an anonymous owning company behind them. The scam website doesn’t have any kind of regulation and operates without legal authorization by any Tier 1 entity. We made sure of that after going through several Tier 1 databases and not finding CapitalBmarket anywhere. 

For all the reasons listed in this brutally honest CapitalBmarket review, we would not recommend this shady company for any kind of cooperation. Although, if you’ve already made the mistake of investing here, fear not. There’s still a chance for you to take back what is rightfully yours. Only if you make haste and contact us in time. Use our online chat to get in touch with the first available agent, and you can book your free consultation!


What Does CapitalBmarket Do?

CapitalBmarket is a dangerous Forex trading scam. Stealing money is what these people do best. The company doesn’t have any valid trading license, and uses lies and deception to attract clients to their website.

Should I Invest Money in CapitalBmarket?

CapitalBmarket is a dangerous fraudulent entity. They lack any authorization to provide their services to anybody. With all the false advertising and deceptive Terms and Conditions, we do not recommend investing any funds with CapitalBmarket.

Does CapitalBmarket Have a Demo Account?

CapitalBmarket does not have a demo account of their own. Instead, the MT5 Demo application CapitalBmarkerts direct their clients to, is operated by the authors of the application instead. This Demo does not reflect the actual trading conditions on CapitalBmarket, and thus does not provide an insight in the broker’s trading features.

How Can I Get a Chargeback From CapitalBmarket?

Charging back money from fraudulent companies like CapitalBmarket is nigh impossible without aid from a legal professional. Luckily, our dedicated team of experts has ample experience with scammers just like CapitalBmarket. Contact our staff via the Live Chat, and book a free consultation today.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

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