Coinneeew Review – The Name Is As Bad As Their Site And Intentions
Coinneeew Review – The Name Is As Bad As Their Site And Intentions

Coinneeew is a completely anonymous, recently established domain meant for pig butchering type of scam.  

The website is clearly meant for mobile use, as it’s overly simplified and lacks any kind of company introduction and conditions. Overall, the structure seems just a skeleton copy of any other similar scam, Coinex being the most famous one of them. 

The website allegedly offers crypto exchange and mining services, but that’s just a lie. Our Coinneeew review is here to expose it.

Regulated by: Not regulated
Is This Company Safe? No! Scam sites shouldn’t be trusted!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2023-02-21
Trading Platforms: None
Maximum Leverage: No leveraged trading available
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Crypto
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Dealing with scam firms is made easier through legal help.

Coinneeew Legal Troubles

As we always like to emphasize, the crypto license is the only verification of a crypto platform, exchange, investment or mining deal to be legit. Previewing the Coinneeew website immediately makes you think that is not what a regulated site looks like. And you have all the rights to think so. 

Coinneeew is so virtually unknown, you cannot manage to dig out a single piece of useful information. All the company details are missing and there’s not even one hint of who runs it. 

Naturally, the license is missing too. We made sure of that by checking major regulators’ registers, like FCA, CONSOB, BaFin, ASIC and FINMA. Apart from that, if this firm was anyhow licensed, they would publish it for everyone to see, not hide behind an incognito domain. 

All this means that Coinneeew doesn’t provide safe conditions for buying and selling of the crypto coins. You should especially beware of the untransparent transfers, general conditions and lacking software. Data and identity theft are painfully common here. In essence, the site is just anonymous and dangerous like ZES Forex.

Who Is Coinneeew’s Objective?

Investors all over the world join crypto platforms for exchanging, investing and mining. It’s no wonder that some unscrupulous sites look for ways to make money from the ongoing crypto fever. 

So the always friendly yet never too personal agents look for any working method to get you to invest. For Coinneeew the most efficient tactic seems to be emotional manipulation. 

Here’s where this scam has been active the most since their opening:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

Whether or not you’re an investor from any of these countries, you should be careful. As soon as you show interest in a platform, you will be pestered to invest. We can help you to take back an investment eaten by the scam machinery.

The Price They Demand You To Pay

Being faithful to their anonymous status, Coinneeew doesn’t publish any of the costs that could reveal their thieving intentions. Even when we looked at the current price chart it seemed like the exchange costs are below profitable for them. It’s obvious the data is purely artificial and serves the purpose of false impressions. 

As expected from such a shallow and cheap website, no legal docs exist. Nothing explains the idea and purpose of the website and how their services work, along with the costs. 

Coinneeew Tools And Features

Coinneeew practically hasn’t equipped their site with a functional platform. Since without an account we couldn’t maneuver past the homepage, we can’t tell if there’s more to the software. However, from what is visible, Coinneeew plans to do the entire investing and mining through a simple terminal, which is just insane. 

How exactly did this con plan on inspiring trust in their capabilities when their software doesn’t exist? Crypto mining demands exceptional technological conditions and resources, and Coinneeew definitely doesn’t have them. So do not expect to make money here. Just how you can’t with scams like Trustpac.

Digital Currencies Supported

As a crypto platform, Coinneeew doesn’t have leveraged trading available. So you can’t expect a variety of instruments. Instead, they have placed their focus on crypto currencies and exchange. 

The key feature is buying a virtual coin using USDT. The list shows but a few digital currencies available for buying: BTC, EHT, DOGE, TRX, EOS, XAUT, LTC, FIL, ADA, BCH.

As a crypto exchange, you’d expect at least about a hundred available coins. Alas, Coinneeew fails even in that sense.

Is There A Choice Of Account Types?

Forget what you’ve seen on reputable service providers websites. Several types of customized account types for every type of investor do not exist at Coinneeew. As a matter of fact, not even the single available package is described. Investors do not even know what they’re buying when they join and what options the account features.

What worse, you can’t even open an account without an Invitation Code. Unless a scam representative gives you a pass, you cannot otherwise join. Perhaps better for everyone. 

Coinneeew Withdrawals – Do They Work?

Withdrawing money from suspicious websites has always been a persisting problem for most traders. That’s why it’s so important for your site of choice to be fully transparent about all the conditions. We’ve already made it painfully clear that Coinneeew isn’t. 

Crypto being the center of their operation would imply that all the payments are processed via this channel. It is already well known how dangerous and untrustworthy all crypto transfers are. 

Not only because the wallet owners remain anonymous, but also because these payments are definite. Without acquiring legal support, you simply cannot manage your withdrawal to go through. Scammers earn off it, so they have no reason to allow it to work for you.

Customer Support – Does It Even Exist?

The Coinneeew homepage has a button named ”Online Service”. Just when we thought to get help with registration, we were once again disappointed with how Coinneeew acted. 

Clicking the button takes you to a half-empty web page with a picture of a smiling support agent and a message telling you to ask customer service if you have a problem. The area on the page is unclickable, without further instructions on how to contact the Coinneeew staff. It’s as if they do not even exist!

So What Is Coinneeew? Final Thoughts

It must have been evident from our Coinneeew review that this crypto platform is a scam through and through. Without a license and any credibility, this pig butchering scam is ravaging the financial lives of many. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any moment you decide you can’t handle the situation without legal support. Especially when it comes to withdrawing money from these cyber criminals. Do not let them get rich by bringing you financial disdain.

FAQ Section

What is Coinneeew?

Coinneeew is a fake crypto platform for exchange and crypto mining services. It operates without a license.

Is Coinneeew Trustworthy?

No, without a valid crypto license, Coinneeew cannot be considered to be credible and reliable. From what it seems, they’re just scamming people for profit.

How Can I Withdraw My Money From Coinneeew?

It’s unlikely of a swindler to allow withdrawals. So better seek help immediately and before it’s too late. Our legal team is at your service at any time.


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