CRG Investec Review

Investing, trading, wealth management and investment advisory are just some of the services this allegedly acclaimed financial portal provides. Aside from the problem of not knowing the exact name of their company even, the website is a complex web of lies and empty promises of quick profit. 

Although the conduct should be legally incorporated under the financial laws of the US and the UK, they do not appear in any legal register. Read about our perspective on this fraud in the following CRG Investec review.

Regulated by: Unregulated Investment Firm
Is This Company Safe? No, the lies about a license do not make a firm legit!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: UK/US (alleged)
Operating since: 2023-03-10
Trading Platforms: None
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $200
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Payouts aren’t possible without proper legal support – contact us for such help!

Lies Instead Legal Info

One forged certificate of incorporation with the UK Companies House doesn’t make this sham any more legit. Also, there’s a bunch of statements which urge you to believe that they’re a proud NFA member, regulated by the strict CFTC. 

There’s also a NZ address but FMA has no data on this firm either. In any case, after investigating the claimed connections we came up with zero results, as evident.

This suspicious conduct also doesn’t own a valid license for their financial services by any Tier 1 authority, such as FCA, CySEC, ASIC or BaFin. It is painfully obvious that the website is an investment trap that operates under the radar and without proper supervision.

Investments in such schemes are risky, funds aren’t protected by segregated accounts and no compensation plan allows you a chance for reimbursement in case the company fails. Laxsson runs a somewhat similar fraudulent scheme and you should practice caution when choosing a reliable trading platform. 

Just How Old Is This Firm?

You’ll find a few different pieces of information pertaining to when the company was established. One part of the site says 2006, the other 2012, and the copyright dates back to 2022.

This is all complete hogwash – as you can see from the WhoIs register, the domain did not exist prior to March 2023. Looking into our web analysis tool, we learned that the victims are most numerous in the following nations:

  • Turkiye
  • Nigeria

Getting new clients to join the platform is done through boiler room agents, similarly to the StargazeCapital scheme. The swindlers call them “account managers”, but we know it’s their job to squeeze the money out of victims as efficiently as possible.

After they get their dirty paws in your wallet, getting your cash back can prove difficult without legal help.

Services Bear Hidden Costs

Despite claiming to enforce transparency, this Forex dealer remains silent in terms of service costs. While on one side you will be greeted with claims about the trading service being nothing but utterly respectful of the regulatory standards, the reality is different. 

No legal papers explain how the services are charged. Additionally, although a variety of services should be available, you won’t know under which conditions they’re offered.

Referral Program

As a part of the strategy to expand their shady business, the platform owners lie about commissions available from being a company affiliate. If you bring in more people to buy these services, you could allegedly build your own passive income. However, exact terms of this option aren’t given anywhere.

Trading Features In Name Only

Nearly all trading aspects with this firm are either falsely advertised on the site, or completely fabricated. There’s a lot of deceit involved every step of the way.

One of the examples is that on one page, the firm claims complete freedom with trading and investments. On the other page, however, you will see that it is required to strictly adhere to the guidance of your account manager.

No Actual Platform

After seeing all of the awards and adverts, you’d think that the firm has some cutting edge platform to offer. In fact, there is none.

The entire fraud revolves around investment plans with hefty price tags, but there are no tools the clients may use to track where their money is going.

Zero Available Assets

As there is no trading application, it’s clear that no trading is possible with this company. This did not stop the fraudsters from advertising trading Forex, Stocks, Indices, Bonds and ETFs as their trading instruments.

Outside of some fake claims about hundreds of different assets, there is no insight into the individual instruments. So much for “investing with confidence”.

Incredible ROI Plans

The firm pairs their CRG Investec account types under the same umbrella as the investment plans. The idea is, you may freely use your deposit both for trading, or purchasing investment plans. These are all tiered, but do not offer much in the way of benefits other than inflated ROI.

Here’s an overview:

  • BASIC PLAN – $20; 15% ROI after 24 hours
  • STANDARD PLAN – $500; 30% ROI after 24 hours
  • PROFESSIONAL PLAN – $1,000; 70% ROI after 48 hours
  • EXPERT PLAN – $5,000; 100% ROI after 72 hours
  • VIP PLAN – $10,000 + ; 200% ROI after 1 week

Crypto Transfers Forced

The only accepted funding method is digital currencies. From the user area, you can reveal which exact crypto tokens are supported as a means of fund transfer. Both deposits and withdrawals are only conducted in Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Due to the absence of any legal documentation, it isn’t clear what processing time is needed for payouts. It is also left unsaid what fees are included in these processes. It’s been made clear that there’s an abundance of mandatory fees, but not a single one is defined. 

Site Lacks Live Support

It’s impossible to connect with a customer support agent at all. The live chat is everything but, as it doesn’t even have a chatbot, only a text that says “Send us a message”. Other than that, there’s the phone that never gets connected, and an email. If you have an urgent issue that requires a quick resolution, you’re on your own.

Lost Your Investment? Get In Touch Today!

This is an investment firm in name only, as the company is not regulated anywhere in the world. All of the information you see on the site is made to instill a feeling of confidence, albeit not through tangible data but through weasel words and hollow promises.

The entire website is just a trap to get potential victims to deposit funds. With cryptocurrency transfers as the only payment option, it becomes difficult to track where your funds are going to. Getting money back from these miscreants is nigh impossible without legal help, so get in touch with our experts today and start your chargeback!

FAQ Section

What is CRG Investec?

The web layout suggests a reputable US company, but that’s just an illusion - this is a proven fraud!

Can I Trust CRG-Investec with My Money?

No, this anonymous Forex dealer will drain your funds and rob you blind, better stay away.

What to do If I Was Scammed Online?

Your best bet is to contact our legal experts - we provide useful legal support if you wish to recover stolen funds.

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