DT-Index Review: Insights from Real Traders
DT-Index Review: Insights from Real Traders

Another suspect on our list of shady brokerages is DT-Index. A company that didn’t bother to provide traders with legitimate information about its owner or headquarters somehow gathered thousands of clients. Moreover, the same owner has another scam brand, DTNET.

Read our DT-Index review and check why we believe you can only be scammed and cannot make money with this illicit operation.

Broker status: Offshore Broker
Regulated by: Unregulated brokerage
Scammers Websites: www.dt-index.com (inactive)
Owned by: DingTian International Co. Ltd
Headquarters Country: N/A
Foundation year: N/A
Supported Platforms: MT5
Minimum Deposit: $100
Cryptocurrencies: Yes
Types of Assets: FX, commodities, indices, shares, cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage: 1:400
Free Demo Account: No
Accepts US clients: Yes
Site grid: www.dtnet365.com

DT-Index Regulations and Security

As mentioned, this broker didn’t try too hard to be transparent. Allegedly, the operation is owned by DingTian International Co. Ltd, from an unknown country. According to our sources, this fraudulent Chinese company has been based offshore to avoid any kind of financial regulations.

There is an alleged regulator, EFISO, that provided the broker with a financial license. However, such an authority body doesn’t exist, and it’s yet another sad attempt of the company to defraud clients.DT-Index broker’s website has been shut down due to too many scam activities, as you can see yourself if you check www.dt-index.com. However, the other website of the same owner is still active, so we advise you to be aware of the DT-Index scam.

Fund Withdrawal Issues

Since the broker’s website was shut down, everyone who invested any money automatically lost their funds. On the other hand, before going offline, this broker didn’t allow clients to withdraw their money anyways. According to DT-Index reviews, after investing an initial deposit of $100, clients were approached for more and more money. Once they ask for a payout, they’re simply blocked.

If something similar happens to you and you cannot access your funds with DT-Index, contact us immediately.

Traders Opinion

According to DT-Index reviews by investors, none of them has a high opinion about the brokerage. After the website went down, employees of the company haven’t even tried to contact clients and explain to them the situation. Everyone was left unanswered, with thousands of dollars lost.

Besides, no investor ever got a withdrawal, which is another significant issue showing us that the company’s goal was to scam as much money as possible and disappear.

Beware of DT-Index scam and similar brokers such as FinmaxRaxTrade, and Hive Markets.

DT-Index reviews

How Does Online Trading Scam Work?

Many companies, such as DT-Index forex broker, are hiding their real owners and headquarters. Their goal isn’t to establish a long-term business and have satisfied clients. Instead, they prefer to scam as many people as possible and vanish. And that’s precisely what happened. Clients were asked for more money after signing up for a trading advertisement and investing an initial deposit. Once this illegal brokerage decided they had raised enough funds before getting caught, they blocked the entire website and left clients without money or explanation.

Scammed by DT-Index?

If you have been scammed by DT-Index, you should know you’re not the only victim. And yes, there is a way to get your money back – through a chargeback procedure.

But what is a chargeback?

 It’s a way for your bank to reverse the transaction and get your money back from the merchant. For further details and assistance, please contact our customer support via online chat.

What is DT-Index?

DT-Index is an illegal online trading brokerage that shut down due to fraud.

Is DT-Index a scam?

DT-Index is not regulated, and the website was shut down once they stole enough funds.

Is DT-Index regulated?

No, DT-Index is not regulated and doesn’t have any permission to provide financial services.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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