Easy-Trade.uk Review – Promise of Easy Trade Entraps Rookie Investors
Easy-Trade.uk Review – Promise of Easy Trade Entraps Rookie Investors

Money-thirsty criminals behind the Easy-Trade.uk scam actually claim to be one of the leading financial and investment services providers on a global level. By faking affiliation with a regulated conglomerate these miscreants think they can fool the public to believe in their lies about legal incorporation.

We strongly recommend you read this Easy-Trade.uk review so you don’t get financially trapped in a never-ending circle of treachery and deceit.

Regulated by: Unregulated Broker
Is This Company Safe? No, this company has no legal license to operate, so better stay away from them.
Known Websites: easy-trade.uk
Have Warnings from: FSMA, FSC, CONSOB
Registered in: Australia (alleged)
Operating since: 2024
Trading Platforms: None
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $2,500
Deposit Bonus: Up to 100%
Trading Assets: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Indices
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? It is impossible to request a withdrawal from this firm. Contact our team to start a recovery instead.

Not Connected to Regulated Firm

Despite the copied company address and statements that claim this conduct belongs to Saxo Capital Markets, there isn’t a single proof of that. This strictly regulated entity has nothing to do with the false brokerage we’re reviewing. 

Since the legal entity owns several licenses, we tried to check if the connection between these two can be made, but all our efforts were in vain. The Australian business also holds a FCA license besides ASIC, but among their official websites, easy-trade.uk isn’t listed.

If there’s anything known at all about this company, those are several blacklists, posted by FSMA, FSC, and CONSOB.

How Fake Brokers Operate

The scam brokerage has been in operation since March 2024, when their easy-trade.uk was first launched. It mostly targets the people from the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • China
  • United States

Fake forex services like this one or TradeSimple usually operate as scam call centers, otherwise known as boiler rooms. These employ numerous agents, who pester people by phone and ask for investments.

They pitch the idea of easy riches and favorable trading conditions. Allegedly, anyone can earn exceedingly high profits, as if the company were some kind of a charity. The absence of any Easy-Trade.uk reviews keeps the potential marks in uncertainty.

Unfortunately, many traders notice that something is wrong only when their money is already lining the fraudsters’ pockets. It is possible to recover these funds, so contact our legal team for more information.

Infamous Cost-Hiding Tactics

To create an illusion about being a generous service, this website claims that they charge no fees for any of the features available. That is definitely not possible or realistic, considering that no one sells their products for free. Therefore, hidden fees are probably this thief’s favorite tools for money extortion.

What’s even more concerning is the fact that none of Easy-Trade.uk trading terms and parameters is disclosed on the website. That means that users don’t know what leverage is offered or what’s the value of spreads. It is a common strategy encountered with other swindlers like AF Group for instance.

100% Bonuses

The higher the amount of cash you decide to burn the higher the bonus you’re promised. The rate of bonus cash ranges from 15% up to astonishing 100% on a million dollars deposit. How great does that sound? Well, let us tell you immediately that the whole scheme is snake oil and these bonuses are virtual only.

Notable Trading Features? None!

There isn’t a single innovative option offered by the Easy-Trade.uk broker. None of the bogus services we found on the site could even be called essentially functional. Nothing is a better proof than that about how ill-intentioned this firm is. 

No Proof of Trading

Exploring and testing the Easy-Trade.uk platform and its functionality was not possible at the time of writing this review. You see, when we tried to click on the platform page, the button was not responsive and it apparently led nowhere. 

Therefore, we tried to register for an account in order to access the terminal from the user panel. Unfortunately, that too turned out to be impossible. In short, we doubt any kind of trading even happens on this server.

1200+ Instruments Available?

Once we determined that there’s no sign of the allegedly superior trading software, we were pretty much sure that the claims about the number of available assets were also false. 

Nonetheless, these are some of the asset groups the cons claim to allow access to:

  • Indices – CAC 40, DAX 30, FTSE 100
  • Commodities – Cotton, Sugar, Gold
  • Cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, BNB

Customized Accounts Horribly Expensive

Everything that could possibly help you become a professional investor overnight is found in the account types advertised on this shady site. There’s attractive features like free trades, daily signals, bonuses and guaranteed returns. 

All of that is not exactly realistic or possible in reality at all. What these swindlers have done is present unrealistic features in order to increase the deposit requirements to: 

  • Starting – $2.500
  • Basic – $5.000
  • Standard – $10.000
  • Bronze – $25.000
  • Silver – $50.000
  • Gold – $250.000
  • Platinum – $500.000
  • Palladium – $1.000.000

Absence of Withdrawal Info

What these swindlers allegedly pride on is transparent and high-quality transfers, as well as premium payout conditions. Whatever that meant, we weren’t able to determine due to the absence of any and all legal documents from the site. 

Also, the fact that we couldn’t acquire a Easy-Trade.uk login made things go from bad to worse, as we couldn’t even explore the withdrawal page and options.

Who Answers Complaints?

The simplest answer would be no one, as that’s the most probable outcome. With only one email and non-functional phone, there’s no chance to get in touch with the client support office. Fraudulent businesses are not known for being the most helpful or responsive towards their clients, anyway.

Got Defrauded? We Can Help You!

Online forex brokerages are strictly regulated companies that must adhere to tight legal constraints in order to provide a reliable service. This firm is not only unlicensed, it has been issued numerous regulatory warnings for illicit conduct. We cannot recommend investing with such firms, as they are likely to steal your deposit.

Our company excels in forex fraud recovery. You may book a free first consultation with our experts at any time by using the live chat option on our site.

FAQ Section

What is Easy-Trade.uk?

It is an online scam disguised as a forex broker in order to more effectively steal from their victims.

Is Easy-Trade.uk Legit?

No, the company is completely illegal. It is a known scam entity blacklisted in numerous nations.

How to Get Money Back From My Easy-Trade.uk Account?

These con artists will not willingly release your assets. Contact our legal team as soon as possible to start a recovery procedure.


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