Elviva Invest Review – Scam Firm Never Earned Proper Regulation
Elviva Invest Review – Scam Firm Never Earned Proper Regulation

Elviva Invest describes their mission as being focused on providing traders access to the world’s largest and most liquid financial markets. Along with that, their clients should be able to experience the most lucrative and fastest trading environment. Elviva Invest boasts on equipping clients with an award-winning trading platform and other services of the highest standards.

Truth be told, all these advertisements would have weight if the company was at least a portion of what they’re claiming they are. Unfortunately, Elviva Invest is a petty offshore scammer, blacklisted by a Tier 1 regulator and licensed by none. Read through our Elviva Invest review to see why it is so.

Regulated by: Unregulated Forex Broker
Is This Company Safe? No, unlicensed companies are extremely dangerous for your funds!
Known Websites: https://elvivainvest.com/
Have Warnings from: AMF
Registered in: UK
Operating since: 2023-03-02
Trading Platforms: Web Platform
Maximum Leverage: 1:200
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Crypto
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Withdrawals are improbable without proper legal support!

Full Blown Scammers

It is unclear if Elviva Invest is indeed the firm that they’re listing on their website. The thing is, in the UK Companies House, there is a firm under this name and the same address posted on elvivainvest.com. This firm was incorporated in 1986 and exists to this day as a financial services holding company. 

There’s no concrete proof that this company is anyhow related to elvivainvest.com. It’s probably that whoever is behind the site is misusing this firm’s info. 

Elviva Invest isn’t one of the FCA regulated brokers, as the regulator’s database shows. What’s more, website legal docs declare Saint Vincent and the Grenadines laws to govern the operations of this broker. However, SVGFSA also doesn’t have this firm registered. 

While shuffling through the major financial authorities databases, we stumbled upon a warning issued against Elviva Invest by AMF. After that, it was quite obvious this broker is an illicit entity without proper fund protection, risk-reducing measures and key AML measures implemented. 

How Victims are Found

Newly registered scammers tend to cover as many countries as they can – the only prerogative is to earn a quick buck through deception. The fact that the French regulator has blacklisted them suggests that Elviva Invest preys on the traders in that area mostly. 

However, there’s other victims, too. Here’s the list of the countries with the most traders scammed by this concrete fraudster:

  • France
  • Lebanon
  • Switzerland

In order to quickly get a potential target interested in investing, Elviva Invest uses advertising on social networks and boiler room agents to constantly call and message traders. You should be aware that the trading conditions and profitable trading promises are lies that lead into your financial doom. 

Avoid these attractive deals and contact us for legal support in case of dispute.

Negative Reputation Arising 

Elviva Invest has been operating for several months only. Their scam victims have yet to speak up and warn the others about their horrible experience. So far their Trustpilot page has only several ratings, but the average rating and general impression is already bad. This honest customer review says it all:

“I was also scammed by theses scammers from Elvivainvest , I was showed how easy it is to earn profit here, in a spit of their effort to win trust by making untrue promises, I was persuaded in depositing hefty amount of money and after some profit making I asked for a withdrawal, they kept on rejecting my withdrawal request.”

Unattractive Trading Conditions

Starting leverage at Elviva Invest is 1:200, which would never be allowed by FCA if this fraudster was regulated in the UK. Since they aren’t, they have the freedom to lie and present utterly unprofitable and expensive trading conditions and costs, while putting their customers under huge risk of loss.

For example, the site is completely omitting all the crucial information about the costs. However, the simplistic web trader shows the starting leverage on EUR/USD is unbelievable 27 pips, which is just insane. Trustpac is also known to apply astronomical prices to their every single offer or service.

Unresponsive and Useless Trading Tools

There isn’t one element of the entire Elviva Invest offer we could single out as good or useful. The Elviva Invest trading platform is unresponsive without prior deposits. Account types do not reveal anything, yet ask for ridiculous investments to be unlocked. Available trading assets are boring to say the least and useless anyway without a proper regulation and a functional trading software.

Compromised Platform

The kind of platform that Elviva Invest employs is the one you should avoid. Simplistic and of little use, it contains not a single advanced tool, add-on and function of the much preferred industry leaders – MT4 and MT5. 

We suspect the broker to be mendling with this useless software as a way of artificially boosting traders’ will to invest more money while losing their cash to unreal trades. Just like ZES Forex, this broker also tends to misuse the platform to deceive traders and extort more money.

Choice of Assets 

There’s no better way to describe the Elviva Invest instruments choice than boring. The asset previews are provided by Tradingview widgets that do not reflect the real prices at ElvivaInvest. These are the basic and most commonly found financial products groups:

  • Commodities (Gold, Crude Oil, Natural Gas)
  • Shares (Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, Boeing)
  • Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, XRP, ZEC, NEO)
  • Indices (S&P 500, US 100, Dow 30)

Uninformative Accounts

Elviva Invest account types are just a charade and a miserable try by the broker to sell non-existent services. If you go to the accounts comparison page, you will not find a single useful information. Nothing published there could help motivate a trader to invest. Only the prices are given and they go as follows:

  • Silver Tier – $250
  • Gold Tier – $500-$999
  • Platinum Tier – Special Price

Performing Withdrawals

Being an Elviva Invest client brings only troubles and headaches, especially concerning funding and other transactions. Information about payouts doesn’t exist anywhere on the site or legal documentation, as if it’s forbidden.  

You can’t move a finger without contacting your dedicated account manager or support for instructions. We were unable to clarify which transaction channels were allowed or what fees occur during transactions. This absence of transparency clearly points at swindlers at work!

24/7 Support is a Joke

One of the domains where Elviva Invest claims to be an expert in is dedicated customer support available at any hour and any day. When we tried to explore how good they are at their job, we were disappointed to find only one email being the main communication channel. However, even when we sent an inquiry, the answer never came. 

Watch Out For Scam Signs

No matter how diligent we are with our publications, our warnings can’t reach every single member of our audience. If Elviva Invest has already persuaded you into investing in their services, please cease depositing immediately and seek help. 

If you act instantaneously, you may have a chance to save your funds from this blacklisted con. Our Online Chat feature is always available for you to book a consultation and get properly instructed and legally supported to claim your investment back. 

FAQ Section

What is Elviva Invest?

Elviva Invest is a blacklisted offshore entity that pretends to sell brokerage services while they’re a completely fraudulent scheme that steals funds.

Is Elviva Invest Regulated?

No, this broker is unregulated and blacklisted by AMF at that. If you seek support to recover your investment, we can help you.

How Does Elviva Invest Work?

The broker promises huge returns and guaranteed wins per every trade. But as soon as you invest, your deposit is pocketed by the criminals.


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