Equitiz Review- Proposes Time-Consuming And Tedious Deals
Equitiz Review- Proposes Time-Consuming And Tedious Deals

The pretentious attitude from the Equitiz claims is evident in the way the blacklisted broker markets their services. While offering nothing of value, this unregulated company has already been detected by the authorities. 

For running their previous unscrupulous domain, Equitiz has already been blacklisted. The second that site went black, the swindler resurfaced with a new one. 

Sadly for them, the newest domain was immediately spotted by FCA. Let’s discuss the particularities and reasons why authorities consider this entity dangerous – keep reading our Equitiz review to find out.

Regulated by: Unregulated Broker
Is This Company Safe? No, as confirmed by regulators, this site isn’t safe!
Known Websites: https://equitiz.co/


Have Warnings from: FCA
Registered in: Switzerland (alleged)
Operating since: 2023-08-30
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: 1:500
Minimum Deposit: €250
Deposit Bonus: Up to 100%
Trading Assets: Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Stocks
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Equitiz won’t allow withdrawals! Contact our legal service asap for help in fund recovery!

Regulatory Warnings On Both Domains

Despite the claims that the website owners make about being a reputable Swiss broker, Equitiz is not known as one to FINMA, the regulatory body in Switzerland. 

Since there’s no other legal information on the site, we had to investigate the matter on our own. After a thorough research all we managed to find was a FCA warning on equitiz.co. That is not all, though. The old scam run on equitiz.com was also blacklisted by CNMV. The alert was later reposted by CONSOB and A-TVP.

That is how Equitiz joined the long list of scam-prone sites that advertise false services, do not use proper fund protection, compensation plans or corresponding AML measures. 2Invest was blacklisted for the same reason.

Interaction With Targets 

Equitiz acts towards potential victims as any other textbook fraudster does. Central Plus Finance is another example.

Everything is peachy while you’re interested in investing. The phone calls occur as long as you’re willing to put your cash into their dangerous propositions.

As soon as you deposit, however, especially if it’s a larger amount, the con artist will immediately vanish. Others might even allow you a small withdrawal, just to motivate you to keep throwing your cash down the grinder. Any bigger payout is never happening.

Poor Reputation Confirms Brokers Intentions

The broker in question is present on Trustpilot with a claimed profile. A generally poor rating is what the company has gotten from their customers so far. Even the Trustpilot website will warn you about the regulatory warning that the brokerage has received. 

Despite trying to surpass the negative reviews, Equitiz wasn’t able to do much with the paid ratings. True objective of the swindlers still shows through. 

Opposing Information On Costs

The financial swindlers behind this site are almost convincing with their attractive conditions, but not entirely. The slip ups like different leverage shown is what gives them away. 

For example, one part of the web presentation claims the maximum leverage available is 1:50, while it’s 1:500 on another page. 

What is even more concerning is the fact that none of the other trading costs and potential taxes and commissions are revealed. 

Welcome Bonus Is Available

Even if you’d otherwise choose not to receive a bonus, the fraudster will add it to your account. This amount goes up to 100% of the deposit, only if you buy more expensive accounts. 

Beware of such traps, as this feature is already banned in strictly supervised zones because brokers use it as an excuse to prevent payouts.

Mediocre Set Of Trading Features

The most important part of the trading process, the platform, is nowhere to be found on the site. Offer of available instrument groups is also far from sufficient. Add overly expensive accounts to that and you’ll realize you never want to invest here. 

Non-existent Trading Software

Every reputable broker will provide their traders with industry standard trading software like MT4, MT5 or cTrader. Equitiz platform is nowhere to be seen on their website, however.

Besides a few pictures about the alleged platform, there is no other info about any app. While it might be available through the client portal, we were prevented from accessing it.

High Cost Trading Accounts

Creating a trading account for Equitiz login is impossible without a promo code. This way, the swindlers prevent website visitors from assessing the actual trading conditions.

There is no demo, only a few tiered accounts. These allegedly grant some benefits like higher bonuses, trading signals, and insurance.

The minimum deposits are not exactly cheap:

  • Basic – €250
  • Silver – €5,000
  • Gold – €50,000
  • Platinum – €100,000
  • VIP – €250,000

Selection Of Trading Assets

Without proper access to the Equitiz platform, we may only rely on advertisements about financial assets. The selection of instruments is always exaggerated with these fraudulent firms, and E8 Funding uses this exact strategy.

The broker claims to offer these instruments:

  • Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC)
  • Commodities (Gold, Silver, Cocoa, Coffee)
  • Stocks (Tesla, Amazon, Meta Platforms)

Withdrawal Methods Left Out

Yet another reason why you shouldn’t trust Equitiz withdrawals to go smoothly, is the omittance of the withdrawal policy and information on the sole process. Not only the missing information concerns the methods of transactions, but the fees, taxes and processing time are also unknown. 

The information is probably kept in the user area, but the lack of official papers is another regulatory breach and a strong excuse why not to get involved with this site. 

Passive Customer Service

Regardless of the several communication channels presented on the website, Equitiz support doesn’t seem responsive. These are the methods to allegedly contact the service provider:

  • Physical Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email
  • Online Form

Just like in any other case of scam, the support agents at equitiz.co will not respond to you or allow contact unless they wish to do so.

Scammed? Get In Touch With Our Pros!

This company only offers promises with nothing to substantiate their claims. Equitiz is an unlicensed brokerage, and is not bound by any law or regulation. Firms like these are known to take the money, but deny any withdrawals.

If you’ve deposited to this blacklisted broker, reach out to our team of experts to find out about your chargeback options. You may book a free consultation at any time via the live chat.

FAQ Section

What Is Equitiz?

This is an unregulated broker with blacklists on both domains they were running.

Is Equitiz Regulated?

No, and financial watchdogs like FCA, CNMV, CONSOB and ATVP confirm that in their public alerts.

What Are The Equitiz’ Platforms?

The brokerage brand doesn’t reveal their platform or provide free access to it without login created via promo code.

Can I withdraw my funds from equitiz.co?

Most likely not. We’d propose contacting our legal experts for a chance for a quick chargeback.


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