Finap Limited Review – No Limits or Shame to the Treacherous Tactics
Finap Limited Review – No Limits or Shame to the Treacherous Tactics

The Finap Limited scam invites you to take a leap into the unknown and invest in their shady services for the alleged sake of your financial future. Impeccable reputation and worldwide recognition is what this brokerage brand is supposed to show off with, but none of that is true. 

The reason we’re writing this Finap Limited review is to debunk all of their silly claims about being so great and powerful. In reality, they’re nothing but a textbook scam and we’re here to expose them.

Regulated by: Unregulated Broker
Is This Company Safe? This company is proven to be prone to scam, so they’re not even close to being safe!
Known Websites:

Have Warnings from: CBR, LB
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 09.08.2023
Trading Platforms: MT5
Maximum Leverage: 1:100
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: Hinted but undisclosed
Trading Assets: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities, Indices
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Don’t rely on these deceivers to give you back your money! Contact our expert team for help.

CBR and LB Issue Warnings

There’s so many issues with the Finap Limited regulation that we aren’t even certain where to start. The company operating the domain doesn’t exist in a single legal register, just like FCTrading. Since the website shares no concrete corporate information to base our investigation on, we turned to the legal papers. 

Now, in the T&C document, Polish courts are claimed to have exclusive jurisdiction over the company’s activities, which is quite strange, as the firm doesn’t own a KNF license. Speaking of which, the firm was never regulated by any financial entity at all, including FCA, ASIC, CySEC and BaFin. 

While shuffling through the registers of prominent regulators, however, we did find something – an official warning issued by CBR (Central Bank of Russia) and LB. That implies that trading is done on a compromised platform, without segregated funds, compensation plans or negative balance insurance.

Where Do These Swindlers Operate?

With the launch of the site in August 2023, the cheats set their targets on people living in these nations:

  • Lithuania
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Austria

The company’s boiler room agents work mostly by phone or online chat services. There, they pester potential victims to invest money using any method at their disposal.

Their strategies range from deception, persuasion, threats, blackmail, you name it. Remote access software like Teamviewer and Anydesk makes sure they get to access personal information on your computer as well.

There is virtually no customer feedback or any Finap Limited reviews to be found on the web, which makes it easier for the rookies to stumble into this financial trap. In the case you need help with recovering your money from these scammers, or FusionTrade for instance, contact our legal experts.

No Costs Revealed

Increasing your capital on shadowy online trading servers is far from guaranteed or easy. Oftentimes it is completely impossible, taking into consideration all the hidden costs and absurdly high leverage. 

After gaining access to the user area, we found out that the starting leverage ratio is 1:100, with the tendency to increase depending on the package chosen. 

Other costs or fees are not mentioned, although all legal docs suggest that they exist and are directly deducted from the trader’s total account balance. 

Undisclosed Bonus With Strings Attached

Although the broker doesn’t clarify if they offer bonuses and what amounts of them, we see hints about them existing everywhere. All over legal papers you will find clarifications on withdrawals of bonuses. 

These non-deposited funds are only available for withdrawal after a minimum trading volume is reached. The requirement is equal to (bonus amount + Deposit) x25.

Features aren’t Lucrative

Nothing we’ve encountered on the site had anyhow driven our attention or made us think about investing here. There’s no specialized account types with impressive features, no concrete trading tools and exotic instruments or anything else for that matter. All you’ll be left with is false advertising at its best.

MT5 Fame Misused

The Finap Limited Forex trading is claimed to be conducted on the most widely preferred and loved MT5 software. This terminal is advertised as available for all devices and it’s well known that its impeccable features are a great companion and support on the global markets. 

However, the problem here is that we never got the login credentials from our Forex dealer. Therefore, the misused MT5 is completely useless in this case.

Advertised Selection of Instruments

What we know about the trading assets is that which is already advertised on the website. With no valid login information, it was impossible to check the ads for any discrepancies in the trading app.

Nevertheless, here is what the con artists claim to provide:

  • Cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, SOL, XRP, ADA, DOGE
  • Commodities – S&P 500, US100, Nikkei 225, DAX
  • Stocks – NVDA, META, LLY, MSFT
  • Indices – Brent, Gold, Coffee

Trading Plans

Out of the all necessary account information, only the bare minimum is given to website viewers. By that we mean the minimum deposit requirements:

  • Silver – $250
  • Gold – $2.000
  • Platinum – $10.000

Other than that, nothing else is known about any of the features, tools or range of instruments allowed per bundle.

Making Cash and Withdrawing it

Profit making is an entirely fruitless endeavor on this trading portal. The single aim that these fraudsters have is to force you into depositing by advertising alluring trading conditions and tools. 

Your deposits are immediately stolen, while withdrawals are stalled, prolonged or completely denied. One excuse is certainly the previously mentioned bonus clause. 

There’s still claims about cards, wire transfer and cryptocurrencies being available channels. The withdrawal processing time is allegedly between 4 and 7 business days but we fear it lasts indefinitely. 

Fake Support Around the Clock

Customer service provided by this firm claims to operate around the clock as there’s no time frame for when the clients may need help. That is a complete and utter lie, considering only the online form is enabled as a means of communication. Even testing it was a pain, considering that no one ever bothered to reply to our inquiry.

Fraudsters Stole Your Funds? Call Us Today!

The so-called Finap Limited broker is a financial scam roleplaying as a reliable financial service. The firm is unregulated, and their schemes have already caught the attention of multiple regulatory bodies.

Always make sure to double check your broker and make an informed decision before committing any funds. If you’ve lost money on a forex trading scam, feel free to contact our professionals for help with getting your money back.

FAQ Section

What is Finap Limited?

It is an online forex broker scam. Stay away from this fraudulent firm!

Is Finap Limited a Legit Broker?

No, this company is completely illegal, and has been placed on multiple regulatory blacklists.

Can I Recover Money From a Trading Scammer?

Asset recovery is possible! Contact us at any time via the live chat, and book your first consultation absolutely free!


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