FinmaxFX Review: Final Verdict and Recommendations
FinmaxFX Review: Final Verdict and Recommendations

Since there are many offshore brokers on the market, we’ve decided to review a couple of them. Here is what we’ve found in our FinmaxFX review so far.

Regulated by: VFSC
Headquarters Country: Vanuatu
Foundation year: 2015
Supported Platforms: MT5, web trader
Minimum Deposit: $250
Types of Assets: FX, stocks, commodities, indicies
Maximum Leverage: 1:200
Demo Account: No

Regulation and Security

FinmaxFX is a brand owned by Max Capital Limited, a company based in Vanuatu. The broker is operating since 2015 and has many clients. Therefore, we’ve decided to check who the broker is, and you can make any profits with it.

According to its website, the broker is making all the payments via Lithuanian-based company Gatelinas UAB. Whenever we see Lithuania, a red alert pops. Why? Because Lithuania is a country well-known for being home to many scam companies and having many money-laundering accusations.

So far, we can tell be aware of FinmaxFX broker.

What countries does the broker operate in?

As per the broker’s website, there are many restricted areas – the European Union, the USA, Canada, and all the other countries where the law prohibits trading. This leaves us with the question – where does the broker operate?

According to many FinmaxFX reviews by clients, the broker provides financial services in the UK, the US, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Spain.

Wherever you are, be aware that FinmaxFX is an offshore broker and potentially running a scheme.

Warnings From Financial Regulators

Warnings From Financial Regulators - FinmaxFX
Warnings From Financial Regulators –

As an offshore broker, FinmaxFX cannot operate legally within the EU. However, the broker does provide financial services in European countries, so we decided to check if any regulatory body noticed this offshore broker. And yes, Spanish CNMV issued a warning against FinmaxFX, saying that the broker is running a scheme in Spain and other EU countries, and everyone should be aware of that.

Can I make money with FinmaxFX?

Realistically, nobody can make money with offshore brokers. Why? Because there is no guarantee for your funds. Especially, if like in FinmaxFX, the funds are held in a country known for scams.

The broker offers trading with MT5 and web traders. However, when we tried to test it, seems that the MT5 was out of function. This leaves us with a web trader, easy to manipulate and change market prices.

Also, the leverage broker is providing is higher than usual, 1:200. This puts your money at higher risk.

Be aware that this offshore broker might scam you.

Scammed by FinmaxFX?

If you were scammed by FinmaxFX, do not worry. There is a possibility of getting your money back. You need to file a dispute and request a chargeback. In order to make it easier, we are at your disposal 24/7.

Contact our support now and book your free consultations. Let’s get your money back ASAP!

Is FinmaxFX a good broker?

FinmaxFX is a broker that operates from an offshore country and has regulatory warnings. It’s not a good broker.

Is FinmaxFX a Scam?

FinmaxFX is an offshore broker with a CNMV warning against it. It looks like it’s running a scheme in Europe.

Is FinmaxFX regulated?

The broker has an offshore VFSC regulation from Vanuatu.

Are Funds Safe with FinmaxFX?

Since FinmaxFX is an offshore broker with regulatory warnings against it, your money is not safe with it.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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