Gain Trade Review – Is This Broker Just Another Hoax?
Gain Trade Review – Is This Broker Just Another Hoax?

Right off the bat, we’ve noticed that this shady broker is incredibly vague. Key facts were omitted and there’s no legal documentation available. This prompted us to do the Gain Trade Review in order to outline this fraud and prevent the scammer from gaining anything. Keep reading to find out more about this terrible scheme.

In addition to the above, we strongly advise you not to invest in�Forex Treasures,�Fin Art Media�and�Perlybit�fraudulent brokers.

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:Unlicensed Scam Broker
Blacklisted as a Scam by:N/A
Headquarters Country:Jakarta
Foundation year:2022
Supported Platforms:Web
Minimum Deposit:N/A
Types of Assets:Forex, Indices, Stocks, Energies, Crypto, Products
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Free Demo Account:No
Accepts US clients:Yes

Is Gain Trade Internationally Regulated?

Gain Trade Regulation

Let’s take a look at the first irregularity we encountered. Upon entering the “Contacts” section, we were treated with two addresses, one in Indonesia and one in Australia. This anomaly can easily be solved by checking what the two countries’ financial market regulators have to say about Gain Trade.

As you may have guessed, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Indonesian Commodities and Futures Trading Regulatory Authority (BAPPEBTI) got nothing on the illicit broker, nada. Therefore, we hereby pronounce the broker “unregulated” and dangerous.

Why Is Trading On a Licensed Broker’s Platform Preferable?

To further touch on the previous statement, Gain Trade is an outrageous scammer. It is unregulated because we were unable to find anything on the broker or company by that name on the websites of top-tier regulators such as the ASIC, CySEC, and FCA. So, kiss goodbye to any money you invest.

How Reliable Is Gain Trade Broker?

Gain Trade is an unregulated financial services provider allegedly based in Jakarta. Negative reviews indicate that it cannot be trusted.

What Platforms Does Gain Trade Offer? – Available Trade Software

Gain Trade Trading Software

Apart from key aspects about your broker that interest you such as the license and payments, you cannot neglect the trading platform. When a provider claims it has superb status and a world-class trading platform available, your expectations are naturally going to be great. However, we’re sorry to inform you that you will be disappointed.

This phony broker says it offers a simple browser-based platform known as WebTrader. The software itself is pretty lackluster, which will affect your experience.�

Mobile Trader – Mobile Terminal From UTIP

This was clever, we got to give it to Gain Trade. The scammer mentioned a legit software for mobile trading produced by UTIP. But, this platform can be downloaded directly from UTIP’s website so why would you trust a shady, unlicensed broker? Nice one, Gain Trade, but you got to do better than that.

Gain Trade – Countries Of Service�

We did some research and found out who are the targets of this financial swindler. Namely, Gain Trade targets people from

  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • the UK.

Also, the website has no English version but has one in Russian. Thus, Russians could also be potential victims of this vile scheme.

What Do Traders Think Of Gain Trade?

Unfortunately, our fears came true. We mentioned that Russians could be the targets and we were right. We found the following comments in Russian and translated them. These claims back up everything we said in the review.

“Do not fall for Gain Trade persuasion. Scammers do not allow you to work normally on their platform. Trading conditions are constantly changing, I am already silent regarding the withdrawal of funds.”


“Gain Trade is a scam. The company does not match its description and deliberately introduces the client to fraudulent schemes. By investing money in this platform, you will 100% lose your savings.”


Gain Trade Trade Range of Trading Markets

Gain Trade simply listed the financial asset classes it allegedly offers. These include:

  • Forex;
  • Crypto;
  • Indices;
  • Stocks;
  • Energies;
  • Products.

There’s not much else to it. A reliable broker would be kind enough to give insight into which currency pairs or cryptocurrencies it offers. This, however, is not the case with Gain Trade. ������

What Do We Know About Gain Trade Account Types?

Судя по всему, Gain Trade не предлагает никаких типов счетов. Почему вы можете спросить. Что ж, ответ прост. В этом нет необходимости. Как только Gain Trade зафиксирует ничего не подозревающую жертву, мошенник предоставит реквизиты для оплаты, чтобы заключить сделку, а затем исчезнет в воздухе.

Minimum Deposit, Withdrawal Terms and Fees

We are completely left in the dark here, which is never a good sign. Isn’t this the most obvious question you would ask a broker? What’s the point of trading if you don’t know whether and how you’ll get paid? Again, this information was omitted on purpose due to the scammer’s way of operating. The fraudster will first contact you and then reveal how much it wants you to pay, so be careful.

Also, remember the names of the�VintageMarkets,�RevolutExpert�and�Gamma Capitals�trading scams and avoid them at all costs! Moreover, always check the background of online trading companies before investing!

Bonuses – Terms & Conditions

Gain Trade did not even bother doing this by the book. There’s no legal section on the website. Hence, there’s nothing on bonuses even though they are the preferred weapons of most scammers. However, it matters not since the T&C and Privacy Policy weren’t included. Major red flag, folks.

Scammed by Gain Trade Broker? – Let Us Hear Your Story

It’s unfortunate and we feel for you. Let’s try to fix it. Since we don’t know how this broker gets money, we’ll simply explain the three basic methods most brokers accept and the possible ways to get a refund. Enter the chargeback, recall, and crypto tracing. A Chargeback, A Recall, And Crypto Tracing?

A chargeback is a process of reversing credit/debit card transactions. It is performed by the issuing bank within 540 days. A recall is the same thing for wire transfers. However, for it to work, the transaction must not be completed. Crypto trading allows you to track transactions to a wallet within an exchange. Afterward, request a refund from the exchange.

What Is Gain Trade?

Gain Trade claims to be a long-standing, internationally licensed broker.

Is Gain Trade a Scam Broker?

Gain Trade is an outright scam broker that’s completely anonymous and unregulated.

Is Gain Trade Available in the United States or the UK?

Broker is available in the United Kingdom, we know that for sure. But, we’re not quite certain about the United States.

Does Gain Trade Offer a Demo Account?

Gain Trade does not offer a demo account. It offers only a live account used to scam people.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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