GoldenrodFX Review: A Comparative Analysis of Competitors
GoldenrodFX Review: A Comparative Analysis of Competitors

Read our detailed Goldenrod FX review and find out why you should not trust this offshore broker. Like many brokers with no regulation, this one also has many complaints. Let’s dive into the review and see what is wrong with GoldenroxFX.

Regulated by: None
Headquarters Country: Seychelles
Foundation year: 2020
Supported Platforms: Web trader
Minimum Deposit: $250
Types of Assets: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Demo Account: No

GoldenrodFX Regulation and Security

GoldenrodFX is a brand owned by SANTI Goldenrod Ltd based in Seychelles. The company has no regulation whatsoever. This leads us to conclude that this broker is not safe to trade with, and you should not waste your time or money. When there is no regulation, there is no security of funds or data security.

When deciding to open a trading account, always choose a broker with tier-one regulation such as FCA or ASIC.

What countries does the broker operate in?

Since the broker has no regulation and could not find GoldenrodFX or SANTI Goldenrod LTD anywhere in the FSA register, the broker has no legal permission to operate anywhere.

However, it seems that the favorite places of GoldenrodFX scam are the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia. The only restricted area, according to is the USA.

GoldenrodFX is the same scammer as SafeTrade365 / FxxTrader / Limeberg and others.

Can I make money with GoldenrodFX?

Can you make money with an unregulated offshore broker? No. You cannot make money simply because the broker will not allow you.

GoldenrodFX is so shady that you cannot see assets, fees, commissions, leverage. The broker does not expose anything. So, what makes you think that you will earn any money? And even worse, that you will be able to withdraw that money back to your bank.

When it comes to the unregulated broker, you have absolutely no guarantees. The broker is using web trader, which is another tool to steal your money. How? By changing market prices and manipulating your trades.

The minimum deposit with the broker is $250. Many brokers are offering you to start with as low as $100. So why would you risk $250 with a broker that you’ve never heard of? No reason.

To conclude this story, you have absolutely no chance to make money with GoldenrodFX. Even if you make it, it’ll be long gone before any withdrawals.

GoldenrodFX Reviews

Scammed by GoldenrodFX?

What to do if you are scammed by GoldenrodFX? First of all, do not panic. There is a solution. There is a way to get your hard-earned money back. You need to request a chargeback.

But what is a chargeback?

It’s a way of refunding your card in case you were a victim of an online scam. In order for you to start the procedure, contact our support team via chat!

Do not let the scam broker go away for free!

Is GoldenrodFX a good broker?

GoldenrodFX is a broker operating from Seychelles with no regulation. Therefore, it’s not a good broker.

Is GoldenrodFX a Scam?

GoldenrodFX is a broker with no regulation operating from Seychelles. It has no regulatory body behind it, and it’s terrible to work with such a broker.

Is GoldenrodFX regulated?

GoldenrodFX is a broker not regulated by any authority body.

Are Funds Safe with GoldenrodFX?

GoldenrodFX is a broker with no regulation. The funds with this broker are not safe at all.


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