Immediate Edge Review – Fraudster with Many Faces and Warnings
Immediate Edge Review – Fraudster with Many Faces and Warnings

Every now and then we come by a broker dealer that stands out in comparison to the scam we usually review. Today, that’s the case with Immediate Edge. This fully incognito financial services provider describes itself as a stable and reliable earning platform.�

However, the warnings we found prove they are anything but a lucrative investment chance. Leading regulators from all around the world have them marked as a scam that runs their business without a license or authorization. So read the following Immediate Edge review carefully, if you do not wish to be swindled by this con artist.

Broker status:Unregulated Exchange Platform
Regulated by:No regulation
Blacklisted as a Scam by:FCA, OSC, FSMA, FMA, AFM, CNMV, DFSA
Owned by:N/A
Headquarters Country:N/A
Foundation year:2020
Supported Platforms:N/A
Minimum Deposit:$250
Cryptocurrencies:Yes (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP)
Types of Assets:Crypto, Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Free Demo Account:Not available
Accepts US clients:US clients are not accepted

What Is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is allegedly developed by Edwin James. This fictional character was an amateur trader that supposedly made billions with Immediate Edge. Yeah, right.

Immediate Edge is a faulty exchange platform that supposedly uses automated trading systems instead of human engagement. The idea behind it is to have a bot place trades in exactly the right moment so every single price speculation is successful.

By constantly keeping track of the market, the automation system examines the circumstances and creates an algorithm used to predict the price movement. Everytime the bot judges it’s the right moment to invest, it would open a position and then close it in time, so every single trade brings profit. All the human participants have to do is invest a certain amount of money. In this case, Immediate Edge asks for an initial deposit of $250.

An alternative is to provide signals so the investor would place the trade themselves if they wish. Generally, the whole process is based on relying on the algorithm used by the mentioned bot.�

All of that would be great if it wasn’t just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo and lies used by Immediate Edge scammers in an attempt to get traders to invest.�

Immediate Edge Regulation

Immediate Edge is, in essence, just an anonymous entity that offers questionable services. The regulatory warnings point out the fact that this scam is an ongoing project with more than just one attempt. Every single warning issued on Immediate Edge has several more of their websites mentioned. So the scam doesn’t just run on one domain – there’s a few of them.�

Being as secretive as they are about their company information, Immediate Edge doesn’t allow you to get in touch with them any other way but through an online form. Without a valid physical address, we didn’t have a starting point for our investigation.�

So we started checking all the major databases of the leading regulators. None of them has ever granted Immediate Edge a permission to run their fraudulent campaign. These financial watchdogs have only ever issued warnings against Immediate Edge. We’ll list them all soon so you can take notice of how widespread this charade is.

Our current task is to just remind you what is most important about a regulation. Tier 1 license ensures your safety as a trader in several ways. First are segregated bank accounts used for safe-keeping of all your investments.�

Secondly, the mentioned license prevents the broker from slapping a sky-high leverage to make you lose quick. They also have to provide negative balance protection to reduce the risk of you losing. In the end, a compensation fund also protects you in the cases of brokers not being able to allow you cash-outs.�

Immediate Edge, as a highly risky investment platform without regulation and only warnings associated with their service, is not a reliable financial services provider!

Warnings Issued Against Immediate Edge

Warnings Issued Against Immediate Edge

All the public alerts issued against this fake broker speak about the dangers of investing with an unregulated broker dealer. The fact that they have multiple regulators breathing down their neck has made Immediate Edge a highly untrustworthy place. From Canada and across the world to New Zealand, authorities warn traders of this sham. Some were first published by one regulator and then reposted by other authorities.�

So please read carefully the following warnings we found on this con:�

Countries of Service

As the warnings above have proven, Immediate Edge runs wild in a number of countries. The most concerning of all things related to this cybercriminal is the fact they are still conducting business, even after all the public alerts. We certainly hope the reign of this fake company doesn’t last much longer, as the number of victims also increases at a concerning rate. Here are the countries most hit by their wrongdoing:

  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

How Does Immediate Edge Scam Work?

The exchange market is overflowing with financial swindlers and unscrupulous services providers. Each one of them plans their own strategy on how to attract victims. Immediate Edge, undoubtedly, has designed a scheme that seems beyond alluring. Especially if you’re a newbie trader without much knowledge on the popular forms of scam.

Immediate Edge employs a bunch of eloquent and well-trained agents that approach their targets with a certain attitude. It is based on their ability to earn their victims’ trust in as friendly a manner as possible.�

Their wild card is the idea on which Immediate Edge is built – automated trading performed by the unmistakable robot. After all, who wouldn’t like to just put money into a machine that will spill out amounts ten and more times bigger than the deposit?!�

Of course, unsuspecting victims are rushed by these convictions to invest into the sham. Little do they know, Immediate Edge doesn’t allow withdrawals of the profit because it was all fake and the whole purpose was to snatch your capital.

Immediate Edge Platform Services

Immediate Edge likes to present their platform as an ultimate, fully automated terminal that will change your life for the better. The purpose of it is to be used by the flawless bot that will make all your investments highly profitable. Entire scheme is mostly oriented on crypto trading. That’s pretty much all the info we managed to get on the Immediate Edge platform. There’s nothing convincing we’ve seen to make us believe any of it, though.�

The platform itself is inaccessible at the moment. Immediate Edge only allows existing users to log into the platform and get to their client panel. We could neither make an account or preview the platform. So all the talk about revolutionary software is as good as fake in our eyes!

FoxNewsTrade is another outrageous scammer that advertises their dastardly platform and scheme in a similar manner.

Demo Trading Account

Nothing on the Immediate Edge website tells us anything about the possibility of opening a Demo account. We couldn’t even open a live trading account at the moment of writing this review. So, the circumstances turn out to be the same for a Demo one, as well.

If the broker was honest about it, we’d be given an immediate answer to this question. For example, VerifyFX didn’t waste our time with false promises and immediately revealed in the FAQs they do not utilize a Demo account.

Withdrawing Profits

Not many clues exist on the Immediate Edge website about how withdrawals work. We could only find the promises of the payouts being free for all users.�

Actually, Immediate Edge claims they are nothing like other brokers that charge platform usage, transactions and fees. All their services are supposedly free and your payouts are 100% yours. What you earn is what you cash out. The truth is much further away from the rubbish this fraudster presents.�

As any other cyber thief, Immediate Edge feeds off of the deposits you invest in their platform. And they are never satisfied with just that. They will charge you all the way to the payouts and then not allow you to withdraw a single penny!�

Their capacity for thinking of reasons to deny your payouts is extreme. Be it in the form of additional docs, fees and conditions, Immediate Edge has every excuse under the sun to deny your withdrawal attempt.�

I Was a Victim of Immediate Edge Scam, What Should I Do?

Again, we will try to emphasize how important it is to act on time. The swindler won’t wait. They’re already getting away as we speak. That’s why we need you to react as soon as you’ve found out about the scam. You don’t have a single reason to be afraid or ashamed. Scams happen to anyone and on a daily basis.�

So contact our experienced team and they will provide free advice for you. It will relieve your stress and point you in the right direction to look for help. Feel free to contact us anytime and share with us your knowledge and experience with this, or any other scammer you’re familiar with.

Is Immediate Edge Legit or Scam?

Immediate Edge is a scam through and through. They’ve been blacklisted as such by multiple financial authorities and they engage in unscrupulous activities of stealing investments.

Is Immediate Edge trustworthy?

No, the website is not trustworthy as they represent a scamming project that defrauds all the customers that invest on this platform.

Does Immediate Edge Offer a Demo Account?

The broker at the time being doesn’t offer a live or a Demo account at all. Only existing customers can sign in. New users have to contact the website owners to apply.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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