Investirex Review – Do Not Trade With Broker
Investirex Review – Do Not Trade With Broker

If you’re considering investing with an Investirex broker, think twice! The financial market is full of shady brokers whose only goal is to take your money. When starting online trading, you want a legal, regulated company, a company that will put your needs first. Also, bear in mind that the market is very competitive, but there is a particular line that shouldn’t be crossed, and that is fraud. 

In this detailed Investirex review, we are exposing a scammer, and if you’ve already come across this broker, keep reading. 

Their website lacks with background information. The only details you can see are a UK phone number and an email address.

Also, we recommend you not to invest in the fraudulent brokers Investery GroupAFX Trade LLC and CoinmasFX.

Broker status: Offshore Broker
Regulated by: Unlicensed Scam Brokerage
Scammers Websites:
Blacklisted as a Scam by: BaFin
Owned by: Castan Holdings Ltd
Headquarters Country: SVG
Foundation year: 2020
Supported Platforms: Webtrader
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Cryptocurrencies: Yes
Types of Assets: Forex, crypto, indices, shares, commodities
Maximum Leverage: 1:30
Free Demo Account: Yes
Accepts US clients: No


Is Investirex a Licensed Broker?

The broker is owned by Castan Holdings Ltd, a company registered in 2020 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Since it’s a well-known fact that SVG has no financial regulator, and brokers should opt for a license in the country of service, we’ve checked Tier1 authorities.

The brokerage is not regulated by FCA, ASIC, BaFin, CONSOB, or any other major regulation provider.

How Safe Is An Unlicensed Broker?

The measures that licensed brokers are obligated to take are enormous, unlike non-legit companies. For example, all licensed brokers have to prove that they are financially stable, and that is possible by maintaining a minimum operational capital. For the FCA-regulated brokers, that amount is €730 000, and $1 million AUD for ASIC-regulated firms. 

Companies are also obligated to participate in the compensation schemes, meaning that if the company goes bankrupt, each of their clients would be entitled to a specific compensation amount. You will never get this option with Investirex.

How Reliable Is Investirex Broker?

Investirex is an offshore broker based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The firm is not licensed and not supervised, meaning that your funds are at risk.

Investirex Warnings From Financial Regulators 

Investirex Warning from Bafin

Investirex and its owner have been blacklisted by the German regulator BaFin. According to this warning, “Investirex platform is being used to conduct banking business and/or provide financial services in Germany without the required authorization.”

Now you have an official confirmation and a reason more to avoid the scheme. You may end up without money.

Investirex Broker – Countries Of Service

Investirex is mainly scamming traders from:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Greece 
  • Netherlands 
  • Australia
  • Sweden

Traders’ Experiences With Investirex 

Things don’t look good in the comment section as well. If you look for some reviews from the client’s perspective, you will find the following:

“This is a scammer’s paradise, easy to deposit, impossible to make withdrawals. When I contact support, they will redirect me in an attempt to make me give up my request for getting my money back.”

– Trustpilot Customer

Investirex Offers Meta Trader4 and Webtrader

Investirex Trading Software

Investirex claims to offer MetaTrader4, a web-based and mobile trader, but that is not quite the truth. If you open an account, you will be provided with a decent, generic-looking web-based platform. 

Overall, the platform is not too bad and functional, but it is nowhere near MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. If you want to try out the MT4, register with licensed brokers. This software revolutionized the world of trading in 2005 when it was first introduced. The MT5 is an upgraded version, but if you are a newbie, MetaTrader4 might be slightly more accessible because it allows advanced charting, customization opportunities, and many more.

Mobile Trader

The company also has an option of a mobile trader. Investirex claims that the mobile version provides three types of charts: bars, Japanese candlesticks, and broken line and 9 time frames: from one minutes to one month.The mobile trader is only available for Android and not for iOS.

All About Investirex Accounts 

The company offers three account types: 

  • Standard 
  • Premium 
  • VIP

Investirex Offers Demo Account

Investirex is offering a demo account but beware. This is another lucrative trick that scammers are using! Shady brokers can often lure their clients by offering them this option because they can manually set their software so that the client would always be winning. But what happens when real money is invested? Clients will lose their’ luck,’ and the money will disappear.

Investirex Range of Trading Instruments & Markets

Investirex broker offers the following instruments:

  • Stocks – Apple, Google, Amazon
  • Commodities – Gold, Oil, Gas
  • Indices – S&P 500, NASDAQ
  • Cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, XRP

Also remember the names of the Trader PowersDGTL Trade and FiboTraders trading scams and avoid them at all costs! Moreover, always check the background of online trading companies before investing!

Customer Support – Communication Channels

In the beginning, the broker will try to contact you via phone; they can also try to reach you via your social accounts, mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

The employees will be very polite, and they will offer to help. Things will change when you deposit and start investing in your account. They will be very pushy, and  will go silent when you decide to withdraw the money.

It’s the scammers’ routine, and Investirex trading is not any different.

Security Methods – SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

“Secure sockets layer (SSL) is a networking protocol designed for securing connections between web clients and web servers over an insecure network, such as the internet.”

But scammers are misusing this information as well as your trust, and it is almost impossible to tell a fake site from the real one. Be careful because the company will ask for your personal details.

What Trading Terms Investirex Provide?

The broker offers an extensive Terms and Conditions preview, but they didn’t mention anything about the commissions they charge. They are also hiding the information about the minimum investments for the accounts and leverage ratios. Overall this is not very trustworthy!

Minimum Investment Amount

The minimum amount for the deposit is not displayed anywhere on the website; there are only a few details on the accounts. The broker is not taking commission only for premium and VIP packages, and the base currency that you can make your deposit with is EUR and GBP.

About Leverage 

The leverage is only shown for the basic account, and that is 1:30. However, for the premium and VIP accounts, there is the following information: can be raised depending on the ability to invest. 

Remember that all legit brokers are not allowing a leverage ratio larger than 1:30.

Investirex Deposit, Withdrawal Methods, And High Fees

Investirex failed to mention anything about deposit methods. The only information we got when we tried to make the payment was that we should contact the account manager via mail or phone. 

The broker imposes a few fees. For example, if you want to withdraw the money and you have not traded since the last deposit, you will be charged a fee of 3% of the total withdrawal amount. There is also a hefty dormant account fee, which means that after six months of no trading activity, the client will be charged a $40 activity fee and an additional $20 maintenance fee.

Educational Features – Free Education for Customers

On their website, you will find the following education on the market and its dictionary:

  • Forex Glossary
  • Trading School

While this is a sad attempt of pretending to be a legit broker, Investirex will teach you only one thing – how to lose your funds quickly.

Bonus Program – A Fraudulent Methods

Before we dig any deeper, remember that bonuses are banned from legal companies. Investirex is offering bonuses, but it is not specified under what circumstances. Please be extremely careful with this because bonuses in scamming companies always come with strings attached. You will never be able to withdraw that money because you can never reach their requests.

Scammed by Investirex Broker? – Let Us Hear Your Story

If this broker scammed you, don’t wait a minute more and report this! Let us know and book your free consultation today! Don’t let scammers go free with your hard-earned money. Our well-experienced team will be there to provide you with all the help you need to recover your funds and file a dispute for a chargeback!

What Is Investirex?

Investirex is an offshore broker that is based in SVG and operates unregulated.

Is Investirex a Scam Broker?

The broker is an unlicensed trading scam blacklisted by the German BaFin.

Is Investirex Available in the United States or the UK?

The broker operates in the UK, but doesn’t serve US citizens.

Does Investirex Offer a Demo Account?

Yes, but we’ve already explained how scammers use the demo account option.


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